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For Her

All the people from his past came to argue their different points, Kutner, Amber, Stacy, Cameron. He wondered why them. To him what they had to say meant nothing. He hadn't listened to the real ones why would he listen to the hallucinations either?

He was ready to die. He was tired, he was done. What stopped him what made him realize that he could change was her. Her face appeared in his head. She always believed in him. She was the only one who ever got him. She was the only one he loved.

Stacy had said that he could still have that, that family. She had suggested Dominika. She was right but she was wrong about the women.

"I can change." He got up. He got up for her.

He made it to the front door when he found Wilson standing there. That was when the roof collapsed. He was sure he was dead but somehow it collapsed around him leaving him unharmed. He looked around trying to find another way out. He couldn't see it.

"I'm sorry Thirteen," he whispered out.

He wouldn't make it out. He wouldn't see her again. They wouldn't be a family. That's when he saw it. A path. He maneuvered his way through it and somehow made it out the back door. He was alive. He would keep living for her. Until she was gone. Then he could revisit the whole suicide thing. But for now he had to figure out what the hell to do.

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