Funny how things can start one place and end up in another. The initial idea was to create a series similar to On Occasions by Mad-Hamlet, Kirayoshi and Shyfox.

This series went into limbo, was resurrected and grew a plot. You'd think that a plot would make it feel more sensey, but this plot has turned the story into a series of seemingly random encounters. Each one reads like an emotional challenge. Show me anger, show me grief, show me confusion…and do that within the confines of a scene involving a sexual encounter.

The first three stories are pretty tame. They have a nice linear progression in Season Four, but from there all bets are off. More sensitive readers might want to bow out then.

Whedonist , or 1shinyboat as she's known on LiveJournal, and I are working this project as a team. All of the stories are published here with her blessing.

Table of Contents

1. In Blue Moon's Light by Valyssia

2. Jupiter by Whedonist

3. Capture Theory by Valyssia

4. An Effigy to Aphelion by Whedonist

5. A Keyhole in the Sun by Valyssia

6. Hesperus in Retrograde by Whedonist

7. The Two-Body Problem by Valyssia