Forever on My Mind

By: Hurdygurdygirl

Pairing: Miranda/Andrea

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to "The Devil Wears Prada". Just having a bit of fun


Small gasps and a few quiet moans escaped Andrea's mouth. The teasing fingers that had been lightly caressing her skin for what seemed like hours were driving her mad. She was laying on a soft bed her hands grasping the wrought iron bars of the headboard; her eyes blindfolded making her skin much more sensitive. Fingers were gently running all over naked body, from the soft undersides of her arm down to the swell of her breasts, circling her erect nipples. Nails lightly dragged down her abdomen and the fronts of her thighs. Andrea's legs parted on their own, silently asking for the hands to move to where she wanted most. Slow deliberate circles were drawn up her inner thighs causing her hips to move on their own. After what seemed like an eternity one finger was gently dragged through her moisture to circle her sensitive clit causing a moan to escape her lips only to turn into a groan of frustration as the finger was replaced with a hand lightly cupping her mound. The hint of a familiar scent hit her senses but before she could place it a warm mouth enveloped her left nipple. Gentle suction turned into teeth and her back arched forcing her breast further into her unknown lover's mouth. Each flick of the tongue caused a wave of moisture between her legs. The hand cupping her started to press rhythmically in sync with the mouth on her breast. Andrea's hands tightened on the bars and hips tried desperately to increase the pressure on her clit.

"Please," Andrea whispered, "I can't take much more."

The hand between her legs took pity on her and a finger dipped lower, gathering some of her copious moisture dragging it the length of her slit. A gasp escaped her lips as another finger joined the first and finally circled her clit. Hips moved on their own forcing the fingers to apply the pressure she needed. Her heart started to pound and moisture started to drip down her legs as she felt her orgasm approaching. Again the touch left her but before she could howl her frustration two fingered swiftly entered her. A deep and quick pace was set and Andrea's hips bucked trying to deepen the penetration even more. When a third finger entered her she felt a slight burn and before she could get accustomed to the addition a fourth entered her roughly. The slight forward pressure hit a very sensitive spot causing her to groan. With this encouragement her lover began to thrust faster, again Andrea felt her orgasm building even bigger than before. The mouth left her now hyper sensitive nipple and soft hair tickled her cheek. Breath tickled her ear as her lover commanded, "Come for me Andrea." The blindfold was ripped off and blue eyes met brown, "And I want to hear you." Just as the orgasm started ripping through her body she was jolted awake.

Andrea woke up panting, still shaking with the effects of her dream. Miranda, of all people, why did it have to be her? She felt between her legs to her aching center and her fingers were coated in an almost embarrassing amount of liquid.

"Oh for fuck's sake." murmured Andrea