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The Long Way Home

Part 18

Mystery Man

Chapter 2/4

The next morning, Naruto left the room with the intention of joining Yori for breakfast in the dining hall while Sasuke brooded upstairs. Well actually what had happened was that Naruto had woken him this morning only for Sasuke to tell him to 'fuck off' before rolling over and going back to sleep. As far as Sasuke was concerned, this was Naruto's stupidity and left Naruto alone to deal with Yori today.

Walking down the stairs of the house, Naruto was again struck by the lavishness of Yori's residence. And this wasn't even his primary residence since he'd previously told them that he was in fact from Siriannis. Naruto could not even imagine what his house looked like there if this was just where he stayed while on business. The walls, and ceiling for the most part where painted a light warm dusky yellow and floors of pale polished wood. The walls were dotted here and there with colourful paintings and almost all of the light fixtures were small pieces of art with dangling crystal that caught the light and cast tiny little rainbows through the room when the outside sun hit them.

When Naruto entered the dining room, Yori was already seated at the modest table, reading papers as he sipped something out of a steaming cup. When Naruto walked in, Yori looked up and smiled warmly at him, his entire face lighting up with pleasure.

This was a different looking Yori than he had met last night. This Yori didn't look intimidated in the least and completely within his element. But even his eyes reflected his pleased expression so Naruto mentally shrugged it off and wondering and sat down.

"Did you sleep well last night?" Yori asked breaking the top off his hard boiled egg with a spoon.

"Like a log," Naruto replied with a grin as Yori's maid entered and set a similar breakfast in front of him. "Thanks for putting us up for the night."

"Oh really," Yori began dismissively, "I feel bad for Adessa. It was the least I could do."

Naruto could have done without the reminder. Yori was so unlike anything he had imagined it was easy to pretend that he hadn't been the one sitting behind the glass. But these little reminders made him feel a little nervous.

"Don't feel so bad. We agreed to it, we weren't forced," Naruto told him with a forced smile hoping Yori might drop the subject entirely.

"I still feel bad. Actually I was hoping I could make it up to you further. I'm pretty wealthy I wanted to give you-"

"Really, don't, I-"

"Five thousand Rue."

Hearing the amount Naruto almost didn't understand.


"I want to offer you both five thousand Rue for the trouble you went through. I doubt Morio paid you much for your work. It's Siriannis money but this close to the border there are very few traders that wouldn't accept it since Rue is worth a little more than the local money."

Morio had in fact given them nothing but a trip over the border. At the time it was all they had really wanted from him. But hearing that amount Naruto started to wonder just how much Morio had made off them.

"We got what we needed," Naruto told him.

"Well then, allow me to help out. Really, I can afford it. The work I do pays me more than I could ever need and I would feel better if you took it."

"Just like that?" Naruto asked surprised.

"Of course."

Five thousand Rue was a lot of money here. They could buy a lot of supplies. Actually they could probably buy enough supplies to last them over a year and outfit them with more weapons and clothes than they could actually carry. But something seemed off and he wished for once Sasuke's paranoid mind were here to help him spot the catch. Unfortunately Sasuke had chosen to sulk in the room instead.

"You don't want anything for it?"

"By taking the money you would alleviate my guilt. And I insist you both stay here for a few days longer and enjoy my hospitality as well. I would offer you a longer stay but unfortunately I have to move on soon and cannot stay myself. Until then though you will not want for a clean comfortable bed nor anything to eat. What do you think?"

"Um, I better ask Sasuke what he wants to do."

"Of course. But please, the money is yours whether you stay or not. Just think it over."


"No fucking way."

He had wanted to get Sasuke's take on the situation so he'd explained the deal to Sasuke after bringing up some breakfast for him which had been since left to cool on the bedside table forgotten as Naruto had filled him in.

"Seems pretty innocent," Naruto hedged. "And it's a lot of money."

"He doesn't want us as guests," Sasuke argued. "He wants something else and just hasn't come out and asked for it yet."

"Like what?"

"If his fantasy before was to watch us make out, what do you think he'll want us to do for that much money?" Sasuke asked snidely.

"But he didn't," Naruto pointed out.

"He will," Sasuke replied confidently.

"I don't think so. And besides, he told me the money is ours whether we stay or not. Does that sound like someone who wants another show?"

"No, it sounds like someone I didn't give enough credit to before. I think he has picked up on your soft-hearted side. If we took the money you'd insist on staying. You'd never take something without trying to make it benefit everyone involved."

"You say that like it's a bad thing."

"It is! You're way too trusting!"

"Look, even if he does ask, we say no, end of story. Where's the harm?"

Sasuke looked like he could think of about a hundred harmful ways this might backfire but in the end couldn't seem to settle on one in particular.

"I won't know until it happens."

"Besides, this is a pretty good hiding spot," Naruto continued. "No way the Hunters would think to look for us in a huge house like this. I know we weren't keen to stay in the city more than a night but that's when we though we'd be staying in some dinky little Inn. This place is big and behind huge iron gates, nobody is getting in here without Yori's say so."

That at least made Sasuke think a little more. Naruto knew he had a point. Hunters made their name tracking down running targets. If he and Sasuke were to stay here, keep their faces away from prying eyes, it might buy them enough time to get back onto the right timetable to meet Taro at the farm. Especially considering the Hunters hadn't seemed to have any issues tracking them down in the wilderness before. Who knew, they might fare better hiding here for a few days.

"Plus, we've still got almost a week before we were meant to meet up with Taro and the others crossing the border and it's only gonna take us a few days to walk it from here. I think we're better off staying."

Sasuke rolled onto his back, the white sheet wrapping around his waist and pulling it down his chest in the process. Naruto used the extra space created on the side of the bed to sit beside him, leaning back and using Sasuke's leg to prop himself up.

"And what if Yori finds out about my criminal history? How likely do you think it is that he will keep those gates shut, or even his mouth after that?"

"You're ready enough to trust Taro," Naruto pointed out.

"I don't trust Taro. He has offered us the chance to get across the border, that is something we can use and therefore is worth the risk."

"And the money isn't?"

Sasuke paused. "I got a better feeling from Taro."

"Yeah, I bet you did," Naruto grumbled.

For the first time since coming back up from breakfast Naruto saw Sasuke smile at him. It was very smug.

"And here I thought you liked Taro. Tell me you don't feel the same," Sasuke challenged him. "Me saying I get a better feeling about Taro versus Yori doesn't mean I want to be best friends with him. It just means I don't absolutely despise him."

"I do like Taro. And I guess something seems a little off about Yori," Naruto admitted. "I told you though, I don't think Yori's bad."

Naruto watched the smile fade and his brows knit in annoyance. This only caused Naruto to look a little smug himself when he saw it. Naruto sat up and leant over Sasuke, planting a hand beside his hip and grinned at him.

"You don't actually think Yori is really a threat either, do you?"

Sasuke snorted. "If that's really his name this time."

"Look I know you're getting some weird vibe about Yori, but are you really going to pass up the opportunity for money that could set us up for the rest of our trip? Maybe we won't even need to go to the farm if we can bribe the border guards ourselves to get across. I mean if Taro's boss was gonna do it, why can't we do it ourselves?"

Sasuke eyed him critically for a moment.

"Forget for a second that we are not familiar with this country's border crossing procedure. Forget that perhaps the reason the guards are so lenient with Taro's boss is because his employees also have work permits allowing them to cross to begin with and that he also might have a personal relationship with those he deals with. Forget all that, okay?"

Naruto nodded.

Sasuke braced himself up on his elbows, bringing their faces close together and looking Naruto squarely in the eye.

"I do not want to spend another night here. When I envisaged finally getting a few days of downtime before getting to the farm I did not imagine having to spend it wondering if someone was peering through the keyholes every time we fuck. I want to be able to relax."

Obviously Naruto had underestimated how much Sasuke had been looking forward to the end of their forced march toward the farm. He'd mentioned finding somewhere to hole up so not to arrive at the place too early, and Naruto had half expected Sasuke would actually find some semi defensible out in the wilderness place setting traps and all sorts of things and dig in. Hardly what Naruto would have considered relaxing at all. Naruto really did feel safer here than the alternative and he couldn't understand how Sasuke could get so bent out of shape just because he thought their host had some depraved ulterior motive.

"You seemed relaxed enough this morning," Naruto countered.

"That was before he offered us bags of money to apparently do nothing but hang around for a few days. It cannot be that innocent!"

"Alright fine," Naruto said leaning back. "Let's assume your mental paranoid freak brain is right, so what?"


"I mean it teme. So we say no to anything he asks us to do we don't like and don't have sex anymore while we're here then leave with our pockets full of cash. He must be a pretty lonely guy to do what he did in Adessa and to invite us to stay here now, but I don't think he actually means us harm. As if we couldn't fight back even if he did."

"That's very mercenary of you."

"Uh, is that a bad thing?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"For you it's very… different. Did you hear me when I said I wanted to relax?"

"I don't think you'll have to be on your guard or anything," Naruto replied.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and let himself fall back to lie on the bed again.

"Fuck you're stubborn," Sasuke muttered toward the ceiling.

"I'm stubborn? Yeah, 'cause you're the master of compromise," Naruto told him sarcastically. "Wait," Naruto continued, his eyes lighting up, "is this really a sex thing?"

"Grow up," Sasuke mumbled rolling over and away from him.

Naruto grabbed his shoulder and dragged him back. "It's part of it though, isn't it? What, you imagined spending a few days rolling around in the grass or something?" he finished with a grin.

"Fuck off."

"You think it's gonna be more relaxing worrying if the Hunters are gonna sneak up on us?"

"Did I not tell you to fuck off?"

"C'mon Sasuke, at least give it one more night."

Sasuke's eyes bore into his for a few uncomfortable moments before he said a curt, "Fine. But if I get any indication this guy isn't on the level we leave without argument."

"Deal," Naruto said happily. "And if you get that hard up for your relaxation time I'll stuff a pillowcase in the keyhole to protect your precious virtue."

"Don't be a smart ass. And don't assume being in this situation is going to get me in the mood either."

Naruto grinned at him. "Yeah 'cause you resisted so well last night."

Sasuke glared at him.

"Fine, fine, jeez Sasuke loosen up. Look just promise me you aren't going to go looking for problems."

"No deal," Sasuke replied turning over again.

This time Naruto didn't argue knowing enough to take his win and not push his luck.

Sasuke tried and failed to sleep longer after Naruto had told him about Yori's offer. He knew something felt off here but without actual proof there was little dissuading Naruto about staying and continuing to argue had begun to give him a headache.

The problem was that although he felt pretty justified in not trusting Yori, this was a pretty good place to hide out. From a defensive standpoint this was a far better prospect that constantly looking over their shoulders out in the middle of nowhere which was probably why he hadn't ended up pushing the issue more than he had. After all he was fairly certain that if he had announced that he was simply leaving, Naruto's resolve probably would have not stood up to it. And it wasn't a matter of ego that told him so, it was merely because he understood how badly Naruto wanted to keep him out of the hands of the Hunters. And the only way to help to do that was to stay by his side. But he hadn't had to test Naruto's resolve because by the end of the short argument he had decided that the points Naruto had made were worth at least another night here.

Of course if staying one more night meant that Sasuke had a chance to prove a point to Naruto about Yori as well, then, that was all just icing really.

Naruto stayed for a little while after their talk. Sasuke had again rolled over in an attempt to get some more sleep while Naruto had yawned widely and made himself comfortable on the bed. He must have napped for at least twenty minutes, the heat from his arm warming Sasuke's back and the sound of deep even breathing breaking the silence.

After that he'd gotten up and left the room without a word, probably figuring Sasuke was asleep and not wanting to bother him. Sasuke had to assume he was still in the house somewhere though since he wouldn't be stupid enough to explore the city after his rant about them being safe behind solid walls.

Still it was probably better to find out where Naruto had gotten to.

After getting dressed, Sasuke left the room and descended the stairs, carefully listening out for any indication of life in the house. He saw and heard nothing. Strange that a man as apparently wealthy as Yori didn't have more than three servants. You could imagine him having half a dozen more in a place like this but he apparently chose not to surround himself with people and that in turn made his big house seem deserted for the most part. Not that Sasuke minded at all. The lack of people around suited his general view of people plus there were no witnesses to his casual snooping.

Naruto had asked him not to look for problems but Sasuke wasn't about to listen to him for a moment about it. If Naruto was so adamant that there was nothing strange happening here, it shouldn't matter how much Sasuke dug around. The only problem with that was that the house seemed also very devoid of personal belongings. A rich man like Yori should have a house brimming with things. And sure it was decorated just enough to prove someone actually lived here, but nothing really reflected much of a personality other than just plain bland. Which fit with Naruto's view of Yori, but it only served to make Sasuke even more curious. After all, even Sasuke's travelling bag gave off more of his personality that Yori's entire house did and he refused to believe this was all there was to him.

His wandering bought him to an office of sorts with a big expensive and well-crafted dark wooden desk complete with a set of locked drawers. Nothing else in the room spoke much more than the rest of the house and had large bookcases with serious looking books about economics, agriculture and the like and more of those brightly coloured paintings both abstract and landscape, but no portraits or anything more personal.

Sasuke made sure the door was closed and returned to the desk, inspecting the locks carefully. The problem with expensive antiques was that the locks that came with such furniture were old, used and by today's standards, pretty flimsy. So Sasuke grabbed a couple of paperclips from the desk and set to work. Eventually the lock clicked and Sasuke pulled the top drawer open.

Documents, again, how bland. From what Sasuke scanned they looked like reports but on several different subjects covering both Arrei and Adessa. The Adessa ones contained a lot of things about politics, military and law and didn't really tell Sasuke anything he hadn't already worked out just by being in the country for a few weeks. In Adessa the laws and policies were for the most part abhorrent and strict and the military were haphazardly managed but ruthless. The ones about Arrei though were very tame in comparison talking about farming and the economy. Again, there wasn't a lot there that Sasuke hadn't worked out for himself by now.

Unfortunately these documents were pretty much things you'd expect to find in a diplomat's possession so hardly a surprise if you bought into Yori's story. Plus these were hardly state secrets either and strange things to put in a locked drawer unless you were particularly anal. Perhaps Yori really was just that boring.

Sasuke closed that drawer and opened the bigger and deeper one below it. Upon gazing into it Sasuke's eyes widened and then a smug half smile formed.

Well, well, well, this certainly wasn't bland.

As it turned out, Yori was quite a talented artist. Inside the deep drawer Sasuke found loose sheaves of paper along with a few bound books of Yori's sketches and Sasuke didn't have to look through many to realise that they were all basically the same thing. All of the pictures contained nice looking men, all of them in various states of partial or full undress and all of them were titled with a name, date, place and as far as Sasuke could ascertain, whatever sexual position he had either indulged in or fantasised about with said guy.

Okay sure, maybe this was just Yori's fantasy drawer. Maybe he had day-dreams and drew them afterwards. It didn't mean these were even real people or if they were whether Yori had actually done with them what he claimed. It was a kink for sure, but Sasuke was already well aware that Yori had some pretty specific fantasies.

Until of course he got to a very familiar looking picture, which caused him to completely lose his smile. Or rather, a set of pictures. It was almost like looking into the mirror again. There had to be more than a dozen pictures, all drawn from the same point of view but during different stages of the act. Each page was clearly marked with two '?'s instead of names, the date of the night at Morio's and just marked simply as 'watching'. There were almost enough pictures here to make some kind of porn flipbook or something starring himself and Naruto.

Sasuke very much doubted that Yori had taken the time during the show to draw out such, let's face it, really detailed sketches and it was somehow even more disturbing to realise that Yori had memorised that small twenty minute show enough that he could recall it later and draw these.

Sasuke turned one of pages on its side examining it in closer detail before rolling his eyes. Well Yori had sure put a lot of imagination into these drawings that was for sure, not just memory. For a moment it had looked a little too eerie. There was no way two people actually looked like that together. It was hard to describe, but almost like they sort of… fit, kind of like they melded together effortlessly and naturally. But that was just Yori's fantasy. The moment that Yori had drawn from memory had been a while ago now and the most they had done together previous to Morio's was a cheek kiss. He doubted even now that his and Naruto's encounters looked quite so perfect. Yori had obviously seen it a little differently.

By far the last few pages were the most disturbing, close-ups of the last part of their act with Naruto as he leant his head back against Sasuke, naked from the waist down and painstakingly detailed. Those drawings were bad enough, and Sasuke flipped through them not wanting to dwell. But it was the last two that really made him hesitate. Naruto might have been the centre player of the little fantasy but Sasuke had not been left out. His entire face filled the page so closely he could see each individual eyelash picked out clearly. He could even tell when Yori had memorised his expression because of the way his mouth curved up at the side in amusement. It had been the moment Naruto had told him to bite him, just before Sasuke had chosen to take the insult literally and done exactly that. His head was slightly tilted to the side in order to look at the side of Naruto's face. Without factoring in the context of the situation it really looked like he was enjoying himself.

Sasuke scowled at the drawing before putting it and the rest starring Naruto and himself into a pile to the side of the drawer. Well there was no way in hell he was leaving these with Yori that was for sure. The rest of the pictures he put back, carefully closing the drawer and putting everything else back where he had found it. Rolling up his stolen drawings, he tucked them into the back of this waistband under the hang of his shirt in order to hide them and left the office quickly.

So Yori had an overactive imagination and a bigger obsession with that night in Adessa than he had previously let on. However, barring the creep factor, it didn't tell him much more about their host. Truthfully Sasuke had been expecting to find something a little more nefarious in his snooping but pictures, no matter how borderline stalker they were, wasn't exactly the 'bad guy' evidence he wanted.

After leaving the office, Sasuke took his time wandering but nothing else came up and more importantly, Naruto was still nowhere to be found either. He did however find the maid in the kitchen who, after giving him a surprised and slightly frightened look, finally responded to his question about Naruto.

Following the maid's instructions he left the house to enter the gardens at the rear of the residence. The gardens weren't especially huge but they were very pretty and well maintained. Exotic tropical plants featured strongly and were planted densely as though trying to mimic a miniature rainforest. Considering most of the wilderness forest around here consisted of the same kind of plants, the impressive garden seemed to be thriving in this heat. Sasuke stepped into the garden and started to follow a long winding cobble path running through the gardens that the maid had told him about.

Sasuke followed the path till he came across a flat squat building, where he opened the heavy wooden door and walked inside. This place was by far the most interesting of any room he had seen here so far. It was an entire outdoor building devoted to being some sort of bath house though not exactly as Sasuke was used to. Most of the room was taken up by a sunken area completely filled with clear inviting water. Dotted around the huge bath were columns reaching up toward the ceiling made out of the same material as the floor, a kind of buffed stone filled with tiny crystals that occasionally caught the light in interesting ways. The roof itself immediately above the water looked like a darkened glass that seemed to allow the light in but kept a lot of the heat out. All in all it was pretty impressive.

Leaning against the side of the bath, submerged to his waist in water stood Naruto, elbows propped on the floor behind him and head lolling back in complete relaxation.

Already Sasuke could feel the irritation rising. Here they were in some perverts house and Naruto was lazing around naked in a bath where anyone could come across him like he didn't have a worry in the world.

"Usurantonkachi!" Sasuke snapped, striding forward.

Naruto whipped his head up and around, catching sight of Sasuke and grinning widely.

"Hey. Yori told me about this and said I should come take a dip. It's really relaxing, you should try it."

Sasuke stood over him, arms folded across his chest and a highly annoyed look on his face.

"Have you forgotten who he is? Why the fuck are you taking naked baths in the guy's garden?"

Naruto frowned, "I'm not naked, I have my shorts on. And it's not a bath, it's a swimming pool. C'mon Sasuke, it's hot and I think-"

"You don't think!"

Naruto turned in the pool so he could look up at Sasuke properly and Sasuke was surprised to see that Naruto looked pretty annoyed himself.

"I get you don't like being here but just 'cause you're all paranoid doesn't mean you get to be a dick the entire time. If you didn't really agree that we are safer here you would have dragged me out of here first thing this morning no matter how much I argued."

"The lesser of two evils does not make the lesser option good. Less evil is still evil, moron."

"Evil? That's a bit of a stretch. Look for the first time in like five months I've had two solid all I can eat meals in one day and it's only just past lunchtime. Yori might be a bit strange and yeah maybe a bit of a perve as well, but evil? C'mon Sasuke, you're overreacting."

"Really not," Sasuke argued.

"Honestly I don't really get why you care so much. Even if he is some sex-crazed madman or something who cares if he sees me in my shorts? It's not like he's spying anyway, he isn't even here. And even if he was, you are fully clothed so he's not seeing anything of yours."

Sasuke hadn't actually thought about that. Truthfully he was just as infuriated that Yori might see either of them in any pervy way that bugged him. But there was something about Yori that Sasuke didn't trust and he didn't like untrustworthy people like Yori getting anything he might want at all and he was forcefully reminded of the time he'd been angry at the thought of Amaya maybe getting her hands on Naruto when Sasuke felt Amaya didn't deserve getting her way.

With an annoyed sigh, Sasuke sat down by the edge of the pool.

"Don't make it sound like I'm getting protective of you. You shouldn't want a pervert like that seeing you either."

"I'm not exactly putting on a strip show for him," Naruto informed Sasuke, wading over toward him. "And I let you see a hell of a lot more of me."

Sasuke watched with a scowl as Naruto casually reached up and rolled the legs of Sasuke's pants up.

"I'm not a pervert," Sasuke reminded him.

When his pants were rolled up to his knees, Naruto drew his legs into the water allowing him to sit more comfortably on the edge of the pool. When the cool water wrapped around his calves he almost sighed again, though this time in a calmer way. It did actually feel really good after the warmth of the morning air surrounding him outside.

"Sometimes you give me a look that makes me think otherwise."

Sasuke took the opportunity to give him a very different look.

"Okay, bad joke," Naruto allowed. "It's totally not the same thing. But my point is that it's not such a big deal, that's all."

Sasuke could feel Naruto's hands holding loosely onto his ankles under the water.

"What are you doing?" Sasuke asked belatedly.

"You looked like you needed to cool off," Naruto replied with a grin. "Seriously, you were almost okay this morning and now you stalk in here like you caught Yori outside with a pair on binoculars or something."

"Our host is nowhere to be found."

"Yeah, he said he was going into town on business. He should be back soon though. But seriously, what gives?"

Sasuke reached behind him and tugged the papers out of his pants, bringing them around and showing them to Naruto. He watched Naruto's eyes get wider as he showed him page after page of the meticulously drawn replay of their show at Morio's.

"What the…?"

"I found them in his office," Sasuke told him. "Still think the guy is harmless? He's obviously been obsessing over this for months."

"Yori drew these?" Naruto asked bewildered.

"Unless he related every detail to some artist, I have to assume he did. Actually I really do hope he was the one that drew them considering. He has a drawer full of sketches that are either conquests or fantasies of people he wants to sleep with. These ones were actually amongst the tamest but the biggest collection by far."

"Woah," Naruto muttered.

"You probably think this is flattering or something," Sasuke told him, watching his face carefully.

"Actually I'm too creeped out to be flattered," Naruto admitted swallowing thickly. "I don't get what this proves though."

"Other than he is an obsessive pervert?" Sasuke asked with a raised eyebrow.

Naruto shrugged, "Well the obsessive part is new I guess, but still doesn't mean he is dangerous."

Well no, it didn't. That was sort of the problem. Plus he had apparently left them both in his house while he went off into the city as well. That's a pretty trusting thing to do with two strangers he only knew from a brothel.

"I'm guessing you're not rethinking staying here."

"If we didn't have the Hunters possibly on our asses I'd be the first one out the door. But I'm still thinking this is safer. Besides, it's not such a horrible place to be holed up in."

"Even if the host is drooling over you at dinner? I expected you to blow up when you saw these. This blasé attitude of yours is very surprising to say the least."

Naruto stopped grinning. "He isn't gonna drool. And even if he did, it's a small price to pay to make you safe, ya know?"

Sasuke tucked the pages back into his pants, not liking the sound of that one little bit. He had been pretty surprised that Naruto had taken this all as well as he had and now he knew why. He chose to deal with this over the alternative of Sasuke being in possible danger on the road. And the news didn't make him feel better in the least.

"You think that's a good enough reason?"

"I think I'd rather live in luxury and be a little creeped out than worry about the Hunters yeah," Naruto affirmed. "Besides, I've been thinking, Yori's a diplomat from Sirrianis isn't he? Maybe he'll help us get over the border."

"I don't think him knowing how desperate we are to get out of the country is going to work in our favour. Who knows what he might expect in return."

Naruto took a deep breath. "Yeah I thought about that too."

For a moment Sasuke didn't think he'd heard him properly. And even when he knew he had, he still couldn't quite believe Naruto had meant that the way it sounded.

"I know we've pretended whoring twice now, doesn't mean we should do it for real no matter the situation," Sasuke told him sternly.

"Of course not!" Naruto replied hotly before taking a moment to calm himself down again. "He must be pretty important though, and he clearly doesn't have any problems crossing borders. Plus have you noticed the servants bowing all the time?"

"I noticed. Although a maid looked frightened that I was talking to her earlier as well. Of course we are Yori's guests, she might think we are important as well."

"I guess so. I don't really want people bowing and scraping to me though."

"Oh yeah, that sucks," Sasuke muttered sarcastically.

"Well at least you're getting some kind of enjoyment finally even if it is a little mean. Look Sasuke, I know Yori is a bit weird, and okay pretty creepy too, but you have to admit that doesn't add up to dangerous. I'm not gonna go ballistic over some drawings. Instead I'm gonna live in luxury, eat as much as I can and chill the fuck out. You really should do the same."

"Your optimism is really grating sometimes."

Naruto let go of his ankle, placed his palms on the side of the pool and boosted himself half out of the water. Holding himself up with rigid arms, water streaming down straining muscles and soaking Sasuke's pants. He leant his face in close to Sasuke's and gave him a big grin.

"Speaking of optimism, I've been thinking about what you said about getting some time to relax."

"Not this again. I thought you had decided, wisely decided, to forgo sex while we're here."

"Yeah but you didn't decide."

"Perhaps I agreed. Moron, do you mind, you're making water go everywhere."

"Don't change the subject. You're just all pissed 'cause your plan got busted, that's all."

"Actually I think I'm pissed because of the creep drawing intimate pictures and offering us money for our company."

"Okay yeah maybe that too," Naruto allowed with an even larger grin. "But you know you're allowed to look forward to fun right?"

"What's the point when I am only going to be disappointed?" Sasuke asked sourly before realising that he hadn't meant to say that.

"Ah ha! So you were disappointed!"

"Don't assume things," Sasuke told him severely. "Can it surprise you that indulging in some small amount of pleasure is preferable to our usual life?"

"Small amount? C'mon Sasuke, unless you were lying about being a virgin it's the best pleasure you've ever had. I know you like it, I know you were looking forward to getting a few uninterrupted days of it and I know you're disappointed that your plan fell through."

"I think your giving yourself too much unwarranted confidence."

"I think you're full of shit. And I also think we shouldn't care where we are for those few days."

"What?" Sasuke questioned sharply. "Of course it matters. You said yourself we should refrain."

"Yeah but that was before I realised how much you were looking forward to it. I've been thinking about it since then."

"Perhaps I was, before we ran into the obsessive fan. What has gotten into you anyway? You need to prioritise your thinking."

"I'm a teenager," Naruto told him, "Isn't sex supposed to be my first priority?"

"If you were a normal teenager maybe. Not teenagers with Hunters on their ass and holing up in a guy's house who paid us to make out in front of him. Our life is a little more complicated than that."

"Well sure, but the Hunters aren't exactly barging in the front door and we have a private room away from prying eyes. All I'm saying is that our lives are always gonna be complicated Sasuke but I've never ever seen you looking forward to something as normal as fooling around before. I kinda don't want to spoil it for you."

"And the fact that you get laid in this scenario doesn't factor into it at all?" Sasuke asked knowingly.

"The idea doesn't suck. Sex is pretty awesome. And yeah, Yori is creepy but the mere thought of being in his house isn't enough to make me not want sex. I'm just saying that if you want to pretend things are a little less complicated while we're here, alone in our room and away from Yori I'm not gonna fight you off."

Despite being a part of what Sasuke felt was a very stupid conversation he felt the smallest tug at the corner of his mouth.

"A pity, that takes half the fun out of it."

Sasuke hadn't been aware up until this point but Naruto had leant it very close to him. And without thinking, Sasuke had gotten a little closer himself. All he would have to do would be to lean in just a little farther to kiss grinning lips.

Perhaps he was just being a little too melodramatic. After all, Naruto was certainly taking it all in stride…

Of course the moment was shattered when the pair of them heard the door swing open and footsteps approach.

Naruto immediately pushed himself back into the pool and Sasuke looked around to see the face of their intruder walk in, take in a little of the scene and stopping abruptly. Sasuke didn't know if Yori fully realised what he'd almost walked in on but Sasuke didn't miss the tiniest flicker of a smirk before it was hastily covered up again.

"Hello," he greeted pleasantly. "Having fun?"

"Yeah!" Naruto responded enthusiastically. "This pool is amazing."

Sasuke could hear the forced joviality in Naruto's voice as he obviously tried to pretend that nothing strange had just happened but something in Yori's expression told Sasuke that he wasn't completely buying it. Oh sure, Yori was keeping his face pleasant and unassuming, but something about his eyes gave him away. Those dark blue/grey eyes looked highly amused.

"Glad you are enjoying yourselves," Yori replied with a smile.

When Sasuke entered their room after having a shower that night he was surprised to see Naruto laid out on his bed on his stomach, looking over something that Sasuke couldn't see. He didn't look up as Sasuke came into the room even though he must have heard him.

Naruto had his shower earlier but was still dressed only in the towel around his waist and presumably nothing else. The way he had laid down on the bed had tugged the towel down low exposing the barest hint of ass crack to the room. Naruto often laid down like this. He rarely slept on his side preferring instead to sleep on his stomach or back, limbs thrown out any which way. At the moment he was holding himself up by his bent arms, legs straight out behind him and slightly parted. His back looked smooth and unmarked except for the barest change in colouring between the skin on his back and below the waist. It was hardly a horrible sight.

After Yori had joined them this afternoon he had spent a few moments sitting by the pool, a comfortable distance from the pair and chatted a little about the surrounding countryside and some small interesting details regarding his travels through Arrei. Most of it sounded pretty dull and possibly censored if those drawings Sasuke had seen did have any reality to them whatsoever. Naruto had also offered a few details about their own experiences, also censoring the more criminal and adult adventures without Sasuke having to so much as give him a sideways look to remind him.

In any case Sasuke wasn't much into storytelling and soon grew bored and more annoyed the longer the pair of them spoke. Even Naruto, a social person who loved talking and getting to know other people looked a little strained with the conversation. He clearly wasn't all that comfortable around Yori, especially after seeing the pictures. But Sasuke could tell he was trying not to let it bother him and despite everything still seemed eager to give Yori a chance.

Which was more than Sasuke could say for himself. Just when he was about to stand and leave the pool area entirely, saving himself from further annoyance, Yori beat him to it. Their host fluidly rose to his feet and gave them a smile. He excused himself and left the pair with some excuse about catching up on work and left just as quickly as he'd appeared. Sasuke couldn't help but think that Yori had sensed their unease and decided not to push his luck.

A pity.

At least if Yori finally stopped beating around the bush he'd finally have some answers.

But here in the privacy of their room, all thoughts of Yori seemed very far away. Actually right now Sasuke was a little more reminded of something Naruto had said earlier.

Honestly, he hadn't realised how much he'd been looking to a few days of down time. And it wasn't the sex exactly as Naruto had guessed, but what came with it. That sense of mindless relaxation was what he really craved. The moment when his brain switched off and all he had to do was just be and lose himself to sensation. It was just something that his brain could just never do on its own. And recently, with everything else going on, the need to let his brain rest and his body unwind was something he had been greatly looking forward to indulging in.

Naruto was right, Yori wasn't watching them right now, no matter how much he probably really wanted to be. There were no peepholes, no ears to the wall and until Yori got around to showing them his true face, nothing to really do about the situation.

Except of course, let the further thought of him continue to spoil what few days downtime he had.

Now, Naruto had mentioned forgoing sex for the rest of the time they were here and at the time, Sasuke had agreed. And in light of Yori's obsession over them, he should have been feeling pretty turned off. So why was he staring at the glimpse of skin and the gentle arc of a muscled ass hiding underneath a loose towel like it was the most fascinating thing in the world right now?

Probably because he was crazy.

Securing his own towel in place he climbed over the end of the bed, and didn't stop till his knees were planted firmly either side of Naruto's hips. He then lifted his hand, prepared to swipe his fingers across the back of Naruto's neck but stopped when Naruto looked over his shoulder at Sasuke with a curious look on his face. That was when Sasuke saw what Naruto had been looking at. It was the pictures Sasuke had stolen from Yori's desk.

"Why do you have those?" Sasuke asked, his fingers paused a hairs breath from the back of Naruto's neck.

"I didn't get a real good look before," Naruto replied, still with that curious expression. "Ne Sasuke, what's up?"

"You have a strange fascination with drawings on naked men. I was actually going to burn those."

"I get why," Naruto replied looking back toward them. "And this isn't like that book, these are kinda creepy. I mean, is that what we really look like together?"

"I doubt it," Sasuke replied having thought this over earlier. "This is a man's fantasy after all."

"Uh, yeah, sure. He uh, really got a lot of details though, didn't he?"

"I suspect he has a photographic memory or something like that. The scenes might be romanticised but our features are very detailed."

"Yeah, I can see that."

Naruto shoved the current page aside to see the next one. This was the one that mainly had him centred as he faced the mirror.

"That's so weird to look at," Naruto stated uncomfortably. "Do I really look like that?"

"It's a decent representation of your physical appearance," Sasuke told him clinically.

"No I mean, do I look like that when I, well, you know…?"


"No. Remember, you are faking it there of course it isn't the same thing."

"So is it more or less embarrassing?" was Naruto's muttered question.

Of course the question made Sasuke think about it. And although he was already on edge even being here, let alone seeing those pictures again, he was finding his resolve to keep his mind on track being tested as he pictured Naruto's face twisted in pleasure.

"I really don't see either as embarrassing, but real is always better," he remarked, finally letting his fingers trail across the tanned skin just below Naruto's hair line.

"Really, now?" Naruto asked looking back around at him again.

"You always sound so surprised," Sasuke noted. "Are we going to need to have a conversation about it every time?"

"I just didn't think what I said earlier got through to you," Naruto replied honestly before his face twisted in distaste. "You aren't horny 'cause of these pictures are you?"

"Definitely not," Sasuke replied sweeping the pictures onto the floor and leaning down further. "I just refuse to let recent events prevent me from doing what I want."

Sasuke watched both of Naruto's eyebrows shoot up.

"So the pep talk actually worked?"

"A simple yes or no would suffice."

"Did it?" Naruto persevered.

"Not as much as you laying on the bed showing your ass off."

He watched Naruto try to find some sort of insult in there somewhere and decided to set about distracting him instead by letting his lips trail down the side of his neck, warm breath tickling the skin as he went. Of course as the seconds ticked by and he still didn't have an answer Sasuke reverted to sinking his teeth into the yielding flesh instead.

"Fuck," Naruto groaned.

"Forgotten something?"

"What? Oh, yeah, of course. Like I'm gonna say no."

Sasuke leant down, his lips gently brushing against the shell of Naruto's ear.

"I thought I told you not to assume things."

He actually felt Naruto shiver underneath him at the feeling of the breath hitting his ear. This was probably why he did tease the dobe. Such simple things had him on pleasurable edge that it was almost too easy. Actually winding Naruto up was generally a matter of lighter touches and anticipation rather than the deed itself.


"Yes?" Sasuke asked for clarification.

"Yeah. I'm still kinda surprised though."

Well really it had been that stupid towel that had burst Sasuke's already wavering resolve, that hadn't been a lie. Of course that didn't answer why it had been so easy to get his mind running on a different track.

"Unfortunately this is the only way I can stop thinking about anything these days," Sasuke told him, trailing his fingers down from Naruto's neck and rising more goosebumps along his spine as it moved lightly downwards. "It's like some annoying circle of thinking. I get repulsed at the thought of Yori watching us but the only way to get my mind to stop is doing the very same thing I do not want him to see."

Naruto let his head drop forward, obviously enjoying the touch.

"You need a hobby or something," Naruto told him.

Sasuke lowered his mouth to Naruto's back, his lips turning up a little at the half muttered suggestion.

"I have one, but you threatened to shove my flute up my ass if I practised with it again before Taro has a chance to teach me."

"Yeah I was pretty sure you were gonna ignore me anyway."

"So you tell me," Sasuke began, as me moved his mouth further down Naruto's spine, "why do you feel comfortable enough in an obsessive pervert's house to say yes to me?"

"'Cause the door's locked and I uh, guess I kinda feel like maybe I should have been looking forward to those days off as well. And now we don't get them and I – Ah!"

Sasuke kissed him once low on his tailbone before trailing downwards with his tongue till he felt the towel impede him from going further. He'd been so engrossed in tasting skin he hadn't realised where he'd been heading till he'd found the towel and heard Naruto's startled gasp. If he'd kept going, well, Naruto would have made more than a gasping sound.

He dug his fingers into Naruto's hip bones and pulled up, creating a small space between Naruto and the bed in order to tug his towel free and get his hand in between Naruto and the bed.

"Uh," Naruto groaned at the contact, his forehead buried in the bed and his legs tensed and locked holding himself up in order for Sasuke to work.

It was pretty stupid, but it made a sick kind of sense at the same time. Knowing how obsessive Yori had been was a pretty big turn off if he chose to dwell on it. But then Sasuke had only ever found one thing that switched his brain off and thinking about that only made him want to do it even more. At moments like this, locked up in a room by themselves, it was easy to forget someone like Yori. Because no matter how unassuming and nice he looked there was something…

Wait, what?

Sasuke paused for a moment at the random thought. Where the hell had that come from. Yori did not look nice. Well okay he looked nice, maybe even attractive. Plus there was something hidden beneath those unusually coloured eyes that was a little intriguing, kind of like a puzzle Sasuke needed to work out. But that was it, Sasuke was hell bent on proving Yori did have something nefarious to hide, no wonder he was paying such close attention.

"Uh, Sasuke?"

Sasuke blinked at the sound of Naruto's voice, a different set of open bright blue eyes watching him from a face slightly pink with pleasure. His face looked a little tortured actually, as it often did when Sasuke was teasing him. He hadn't actually meant to this time though, he'd simply stalled when he'd had that random thought.

"I'll figure it out," Sasuke told himself more than Naruto.

"Figure what out?" Naruto asked confused.

"Stop talking," Sasuke instructed, tightening his grip with his hand.


Naruto pushed his face forward into his pillow after that little outburst. Obviously he was concerned over making noise and Sasuke let a smirk form at the thought of how little control Naruto knew he had over those sounds in moments like these that he felt the need to muffle himself.

"This won't be as much fun if you suffocate yourself," Sasuke teased.

Naruto said something back that sounded like 'bite me' but was too distorted by the pillow to really understand.

With a grin Sasuke let him go, abruptly leaving the bed. He walked across the room to his bag, the towel around his waist falling loose and dropping to the floor forgotten in the process.

With the loss of contact Naruto raised his head and looked around wildly, apparently taken off guard by the sudden departure. He looked a lot more reassured when Sasuke began walking back, a familiar bottle dangling from his fingertips. When Sasuke climbed back on the bed, Naruto went to roll over but Sasuke stopped him with a hand, forcefully encouraging him to stay where he was.

With two slick fingers trailing down to rub against his hole, Sasuke leant over him and reminded him, "Wasn't this on your list of pages?"

"I uh…"

But Naruto never got to finish, being far more distracted no doubt by the feeling of a slick finger sliding inside him.

"That's what I thought."

Okay so maybe he was a little intense about getting his downtime. Somehow he didn't feel too bad about that though as he worked another finger inside, hooking them forward and listening to the resulting muffled groan as Naruto buried his face into the pillow once more.

He didn't spend too much time teasing Naruto though. As soon as he was ready for more, Sasuke spread a generous amount of lube over himself and crawled over Naruto, setting his length against Naruto's ass and leant over him to run his lips over the quivering muscles on Naruto's back.

"You'll undo all my good work if you don't relax," Sasuke advised him.

He snaked his hand between Naruto and the bed to grasp him once more noting with satisfaction that Naruto had still enjoyed the teasing despite some nerves.

"You're the one winding me up," Naruto told him in annoyance, lifting his head enough to snipe back at Sasuke.

"Regretting telling me I should try and enjoy myself?" Sasuke asked mockingly, working his hand painstaking slowly over Naruto's erection.

"Not exactly. Just…"

Whether Naruto realised it or not he'd been pushing back against Sasuke just slightly. Enough to compel Sasuke to push forward, easing himself into that unforgettable heat and losing himself to that sensation almost entirely.

Just exactly what he needed.


Notes: Yeah I cut the sex off. Can't spoil you too much ;) Okay so maybe I can but it felt like a good way to end and the chapter was getting pretty long as it was for such a slow chapter without much happening. Initially I was just going to have Sasuke tease him as a payback thing but that position cried out for more so there you are. Plus it wasn't really much of a special moment either. The shower scene of the last one though had to be done since it is a reoccurring Dash moment of shower smut lol.

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