Brown eyes met blue, each with a passionate spark.

"Der-ek!" ripped through the air like the crack of a whip. A smirk appeared on the mentioned boy's face, the sound bringing the familiar ring of victory to his ears.

Derek loved hearing his name torn and broken. Every time he heard his name ripped apart, like that, like the way only Casey could say it, something stirred inside him. Something white hot and powerful, an emotion so strong and fulfilling it very nearly made him dizzy. Sometimes it did.

When he hears it in a setting like this, in the living room, surrounded by family, over something he doesn't even remember he did, he goes weak at the knees. He got to her. He sparked an emotion so strong in Casey it would take anyone else years to build up to, but Derek knows he did it in a matter of minutes. And he knows what's coming later because of it.

If he was being honest he would tell you it wasn't the anger behind it that Derek craved, it was the fact that nobody else could push Casey where he could. Nobody. She knew that, he knew that, everyone within 10 miles of them knew that, but Derek craved the reminder, the scream so loud and heated it made his ears ring. "Der-ek!"

He pretended, for everyone else sake, that it didn't mean so much to him. He'd pretend that it wasn't the fuel to the fire that burned in him every day, all the time. They didn't know that, but Casey did. She knew what really caused him to aggravate her. She knew that he knew what was coming later because of it. Hell, she found ways to invoke the same response in him, to get her what would come later because of it.

Casey saw the change in him when she screamed his name, she saw the way a new spark entered his eyes and his body seemed to become electrically charged. She pretended not to, in this setting, but she knew. Her body reacted to his own reaction, but nobody else knew that.

There was only one other setting when Derek was blessed with hearing his name like that.

It was in a setting that came later, with only Derek and Casey and the dark room around them. Sure, his broken name didn't come out angry here, it wasn't said so forcefully, and it definitely wasn't as loud. It was way more fulfilling though, but nobody else knew that.

Occasionally it was whispered in frustration with his breath ghosting across her thigh, when he just wouldn't give what she wanted now, and she had to do something to spur him into action. "Der-ek..."

Sometimes it was moaned, her breath catching between syllables, when she was so close, so close, she just needed one more thrust to push her over the edge. "Der-ek."

Once in a while it was breathed out, a satisfied sigh breaking it in half, when her head fell against his shoulder and he finally pushed in, giving her what she wanted after a long night of teasing. "Der-ek..."

But always, always, it was groaned out, the two syllables separate sounds as her pleasure started then grew, when she was at the peak of pleasure and she couldn't even think straight, but somehow managed a satisfied "Der-ek!"

That's when it was most fulfilling, that's when it came with a burning emotion that bubbled up so deep in his belly threatening to make him explode: when he knew she couldn't possibly think of anything, but for some crazy reason she was able to remember him. That's when it was rewarded with words he never spoke, but she always knew he felt, that's when Casey got what caused a white hot pleasure within herself, that's when Derek breathed "I love you."

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