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The sound of tram and people talking fill the man's ears as he sat in his seat waiting to arrive in Tokyo. His friends were going to where their careers that they wanted to peruse. In short they were going to the colleges that they wanted to go. They hadn't graduated yet, this was a program for students who were a year away from graduation. The orange haired man had lost his previous job nearly seventeen months ago. This man was none other than Kurosaki Ichigo, Former Substitute Shinigami. Despite the college visits he didn't really know what to do for a career. He had thought of main things from being a doctor to a police officer, hell maybe even a bouncer at a bar. Ichigo wasn't going to Tokyo for anything involving school or a career. He looked back at what happened and what he was told.

Two weeks Ago

"Onee-chan, Breakfast" Ichigo little sister Yuzu called up from the first floor kitchen. He stirred from his sleep, and then climbed out of his bed. He quickly got dressed putting on a white shirt with black X a crossed his chest, along with a simple pair of jeans. All of his friends where leaving today for the colleges that they applied. Inoue went to a culinary college in France in order to complete her to open a bakery. Ishida was also going to France, but was aiming to be a professional designer. So both Ishida and Inoue were heading mainly to Paris. Tatsuki had picked on Inoue for it because Paris, France was considered the city of love. He still didn't understand what the hell they were taking about, but He decided to chuck it up to a girl thing. Tatsuki was going to Tokyo as well. Mainly cause those who didn't know what they wanted to do for a career were sent there. Chad was going to the United States mainly cause his band that it would be a good place to start. Everyone else personally he was that concerned about; Keigo was going to Hawaii lazy bastard, Mizurio was going with Keigo in order to pick up hula girls, Tatsuki tricked Honsho to go to the Antarctica. Him, he wasn't sure he still had a week left to decided, where he wanted to go. "Onee-chan Breakfast, oh and we have a guest" his sister called up to him again.

A guest, who the hell could be visiting everyone, was gone. Names ran through his head it couldn't be his boss Ikumi she gave him the time off for the College Visit program. "Yuzu, I'm leaving without you if you don't hurry up" His tough little sister Karin announced as she began to walk out the front door. "Don't worry about Ichi-Nii, he can easily reheat his food, His dense not an idiot" She called from the door way.

"I heard that Karin" Ichigo replied to her statement about him. He climbed down the stairs to see not only his dad, but Ukitake-San and Hat & Clogs as while. "Ukitake-san, Urahara-san what are you two doing here?" He was puzzled by the two Shinigami's appearances in his home. Something was up and it involved him even through he last his powers in his battle against Mad man Shinigami known Aizen.

"Ichigo-Kun we have a favor to ask you as well as something to tell you" Ukitake stated while he looked at the Former Substitute. Ichigo sat next to his dad across from Ukitake. "Ichigo-kun, we wish to ask you to assist us with a situation in Tokyo that has caught the our attention" he lock his eyes with Ichigo's and then moved to Kisuke's

Kisuke played a recording on a hand held device, "The Sekirei Plan is coming close to the second stage, and most of the a hundred and eight Sekireis have grown their wings. When only ten remind unwinged that second stage will began. Then the New Age of the gods will start and the battle for Ascension will begin." The recording ended. Kisuke set the device down and turned to Ichigo.

"Kurosaki-san, you can see why the Soul Society is concerned with this bit of information" Urahara watched Ichigo nod his head he knew to the acknowledge the fact this could create another Aizen, "The captains don't want another Sosuke Incident, after all you were the only person that was capable to defeating him at the time" he turned his eyes at Isshin, I highly doubt you father would have any objections with you doing this" He questioned the older man sitting next to his son.

"I want to know why me, why someone for the soul society" Ichigo inquired why it he was pick to do this. He had no powers sure he physical strong, but something told him he'd more than that for this. He looked over the three Shinigami at the dinning room table. This Sekirei Plan didn't make him comfortable. "Also what the hell is a Sekirei" Ichigo had so many questions about this.

"We don't anything else about this other than recording through a phone at a restaurant" Urahara laughed at the fact that this was all the information they had about this so called "Planned". This came to a surprise for Ichigo, the Twelve Division founded couldn't find out anything about this he summed it up to two things. The person behind this plan was either really smart or had some tough security. Ichigo was interrupted by former captain's voices, "We do know it has a connection to the MBI" once he told him this fact he was stunned.

MBI, you mean the company, you fucking me" Ichigo shouted over the table. MBI was big and that was an understatement" this plan was connected to the MBI so it had to be big. It also scratched of one of the reason why they couldn't more info. He knew it was likely that they had tight security. He couldn't say much about the president of the company, he had seen some of his broadcast. He was going to judge that books cover so quickly at least not yet.

"Also an Answer to your question, of why you" Ichigo looked at his old man's answer to his question. "You already know that Shinigami's duty is to protect humans and from what we can assume is that the Sekirei are human, however they have powers" It was true that Soul Reapers that their duty is to protect the living not harm them. Plus since the other were out of Japan is going to be hard to get them here. Now that he thought the college visitation program was new. Isshin saw the look of realization on his son's face, "Yes Ichigo the Soul Society funded the Visitation program for two reasons". He expect Ichigo to be pissed, but all he saw was a vein pop out, "One is that we can't have anyone with powers like Chad or Inoue cause suspicions might arise and two we don't how the MBI is able to identify the Sekirei.

"Other reason why we're sending you and your friends are to get you away from a man" Ichigo turned to Ukitake. Get him away from someone, who? Though was his main question. The white haired man saw through to Ichigo's question. "This man is the first Substitute Shinigami Kugo Ginjo; He's wants to steal your Shinigami powers through a technique called Fullbring" Ukitake voice was filled with not only concern but worry as well. The captain continue "Also I wish to tell more about your badge" Ichigo knew something was with the badge after all the Shinigami take took over Rukia duty in Karakura didn't seem to acknowledge it. "The main badge's real purpose is to watch and retrain your powers: It also absorbs, studies, and controls your reiatsu, Ichigo-Kun" He watches Kurosaki to see he reaction. Ichigo understood why they would do that, plus if they wanted to trick him Ukitake could do a lot better. The captain saw Ichigo's reaction and knew he understood their reasons.

"Ok, all of this aside from that what am I suppose to do, Once I'm in Tokyo" Ichigo wasn't sure what exactly he needed to do in Tokyo. He saw Kisuke reach under the table and pull out a black cell phone with the symbol from his badge on it. The symbol was a plain white so it could stand out against the black coloring. "What the hell is this phone for, I've already got one incase your not aware" Ichigo knew that this phone had to have a special use for it.

"Kurosaki-san, this phone is for private line to me and Yoruichi, into order for you to give us information on what going on. It also make special orders from us at the store in case you need something special" Kisuke spoke in a quiet as if it was suppose to be a secret from his dad and Ukitake. "Also all the data on you and your Shinigami status is locked up and the only way to open it is with your Badge, so you can share what you want to share with the allies you make during this adventure" Ichigo nodded, confirming that he understood.

Current Time

Ichigo was rudely woken up from his day dream by pain from his leg. He looked up to see Tatsuki in a white tank top and a pair of short jeans with her hair tied back in a pony tail. "Couldn't think of a career either huh Ichigo?" she question through her heavy breath, out of her own curiosity.

"Not really, It's more of a mission than anything else, but I have a question myself" Ichigo answered her question while asking his own. He watched her catch breath either she'd gone jogging or something along those lines. "Why are you wearing something white and jogging" He soon felt Tatsuki's foot planted in his face.

"Shut up Ichigo and when the hell did you become a pervert" Growled Tatsuki while the pushed her foot deeper into her friends face. He would normally fight back, but he was too tried to even try. "And if your so worried give me your damn jacket Ichigo" she only got a muffled reply from her shoe. She guessed the reply was a simple fine. He removed his jacket and handed to her, she snatched it from his grasp and put it on. Once the jacket was on she removed her foot from his face. "So what trouble have you gotten yourself into now Ichigo" she inquired on the job that he was sent on. He handed her his black phone with an audio file highlight on it, ready to be played. Her eyes widened with surprise, her memory was still fresh from the incident seventeen months. She knew what this recording meant in his eyes and the people associated with him. She fell back into the seat across from him. "Why, why can't they deal with this themselves?" She snapped, gaining the few other passengers attention.

He quickly moved to the seat next to her and whispered "Their job is to protect humans not harm, them and Inoue and everyone have powers so it would look suspicious and questions would be raised" Ichigo only watched and the anger in her faced slowly went away. "So as the person with powers and experience in this crap, they choose me to do the job" Ichigo groaned he personally wish she wasn't here. However he may need every bit of help he could get. "And I'm sick of not being able to protect anyone from any "real" threats, plus fighting gangsters is good and all, but their not really a big threat. Also that's more of a cop's job anyway" Ichigo stated while Tatsuki messaged her in temples in frustration.

The tram announced it was approaching its next stop, Tatsuki stood, "Well Ichigo this is my stop and I'm taking an exam at Shinto University today so I'll see later" She mentioned as the tram came to a halt. She stepped off the tram along with others. Only one person got on the car a women with gray hair tied in a ponytail and narrow eyes similar to Ichimaru, with a katana. Part of Ichigo wonders how see got that through security. She was also dressed in a dark leather top with a matching skirt and stocking. She also wore a gray haori and a small bird symbol. He felt a sensation he was all too similar with. She was like a mixture of Kenpachi and Ichimaru into one person. He wasn't aware that he was staring her down. He quickly snapped out of his stare and watched that she sat next to him.

"Why were you staring at me so intently" The women had caught him red handed. He really wasn't sure why he was staring. Maybe it was because of the blood lust she gave off or the face she had that haori on along with that symbol on it. He mainly thought it was the symbol, he had seen a lot of symbols mainly from gangs and business that broadcasted on the TV. His main concern was the blood lust, he may not have power but he could let someone just go killing.

He decided to be honest with the women "I'm not really sure myself, one thing is the blood lust that you give off" He replied. He watched her smile grow wider and her eyes open, filled with excitement. "The other is that symbol on your haori, I haven't seen a symbol like that and I've seen a lot of symbols in my life time." He noted while he pointed to the bird symbol on her person. She laughed at his question, his scowl tighten on his face. Something was up and he wasn't really sure where this was going. "What's so funny" he growled quickly. He didn't really want to piss her off, mainly due to he wanted answer and pissing her off wasn't going to get him any.

"I'm surprised you could sense my lust and to answer your question about the symbol. I'm not allowed to answer that question, cause it suppose to be a secret, but I will say it involves the MBI" She answer which was more than enough for him. Just saying secret and MBI was answer enough for Ichigo to put it together. The symbol was the symbol of the Sekirei or at least the Sekirei Plan. She had information and if show his some of his cards. She might show some of hers.

"Your Involved with the Sekirei plan and that symbol is either the symbol of the Sekirei or at least the Sekirei plan, correct" Ichigo replied to her mysteries reply. He barely dodges her sword by mere inches. He raised his head up to face her. Her excitement had increased she was impressed that he dodged it. She had fought many humans and none of them had been able to dodge a swing at that speed. He knew why she tried to decapitate him; however her swing was faster than any normal human could see. "So I take that attack as that I'm correct" He commented. She then sheathed her sword back into her scabbard.

"Your correct young man, I'm involved in the plan and the little birdie is the sign for the Sekirei. I do wish to ask how you found out about this?" The lady gave him the answer he was looking for and the question wasn't surprising "Information for Information, I give you some and you give me some in return" requested Ichigo as he look at the women. She only nodded giving her answer to his offer. "Fine, I'll go first. The people I use to work for are not visible to normal people and the info they had was cause of your boss shouted it out off of a building" Ichigo grunted. She only laughed knowing that the head of MBI was a big mouth. Now it was her turn to share info and what she tells was a mystery to him.

"Since you know about the Sekirei Plan, I'll tell you I'm a Sekirei. Number four, Karasuba" She stated her number, name and the fact that she was a Sekirei. Ichigo was surprised by the fact Sekirei had numbers. He wondered were their number related to their strength or just their birth. He'd have to ask some other time because the car came to a stopped and she got up and began to get off. However she turned back to him and laughed "Don't worry about giving me your name, I'll find it out soon enough" She then got off the tram and the vehicle began to move again. He really hoped she wouldn't become one of his enemies otherwise the number four was his unlucky number.

Once the tram reached his destination, He got off and when he walked out of the station he was met by to men in black suits and limo. " your presence has been requested by the game master" said the man. Ichigo decided to go with them and find out what this was about. He walked to the limo and watched the guard open the door for him. Ichigo entered the limo and was met by a silver haired woman. He sat across from her. She was dressed in a simple lab coat.

"I assume you're the so called Game Master? Ms.?" Ichigo asked as he sat a crossed for her with his arms folded a crossed his chest. She shook her head in repose to his curiosity. He heard the door shut. The vehicle began to move. He wondered where they going and who this Game Master was if it wasn't her.

"I'm Sahashi Takami, Head researcher of the MBI. I'm also in charge in of the Sekirei Plan. I know how you found out and I know who you are. However I don't know who you really are." knew that special phenomenon seem to surround Ichigo and his family. She watched him raise his eyebrow at her in confused. "I know that about seventeen months ago Karakura went dark. No one could contact anyone in the town and that transportation to it was shut down. There was also damage in a small section of the town She toss a open folder with the images of the damages that was caused by battle between The Thirteen court guard squads and the Arrancar forces. "I also know that several people died, No bodies, no burn marks, and no blood. I also know about your deaths and sudden revivals as well as your sudden disappearances" He knew about the death those were cause by Aizen just walking by. His deaths and disappearances, she had record of all, the things involving his Shinigami activates. "I also know about your leg strength and Dissociative identity disorder you suffer" Leg Strength and multi personalities, Kon was going to burn for this. Through he could really say anything about him. "I know a lot of phenomenon seems to surround you Ichigo" He wasn't like where this was going, plus it was likely the Game Master might know about these things as well. "I want to know what really goes on at Karakura town and if you want secrecy. Then I this meeting will between us and only us" she seemed to be offer him some level of secrecy, however the driver and his buddy didn't seem to assure that. "Unfortunately, we are here. I contact you again Kurosaki, but I want you to think about what I said" The car to a stop and the door was opened by one of the guys in suits. Ichigo and both got out and got in the elevator and see push the button for the top floor. "Before you we're going to see the Director of the MBI also known as the Game Master." she sound annoyed she probably didn't like the director or at least thought he was an idiot. The elevator came to a stop and both of them got out to see a white haired man wearing a cape standing near the edge of the roof top.

"Kurosaki Ichigo, I Minaka Hiroto welcome you to Tokyo. I wish to know who exactly you are and the secrets that you bring to the Sekirei Plan. So share the mysteries of Karakura town" Minaka call out. Ichigo always heard Minaka was a genius. It had to be bull shit this guy was no different from his old man.

"NO, not happening. I'm here for educational purposes only. Plus I don't trust you anymore then my old man, so again HELL NO" Ichigo growled. This guy was either going to spill his guts about the Soul Society and his occupation as a Shinigami or get the Shinigami involved with this damn plan. Ichigo walked closer to the nut job of a director. "Plus I don't your dumb enough to black mail me. Especially after knowing what I'm capable of, so in short back off" Ichigo grabbed Hiroto by his collar and pulled him to meet to his face. Ichigo walked back to the elevator and pushed the down button. "Remember if you black mail me in any way, I'll make sure your funeral is a closed casket" The elevator doors opened and he enter and pushed the button for the main floor. After going down several floors the door again opened. Two women were standing and waiting at the door way, one woman had gray hair and was sporting the grim reaper look, the other women had sakura colored hair and had a pair of red combat gloves. The pink haired women put her hand on the elevator door. It was obvious they were there to punish him.

He pushed the forced close button "Sorry Carrot top, but you aren't going any OUCH" The pink haired crying out in pain as the door crushed her hand. The door closed on her hand causing her to pull her hand out of the door. her grim reaper looking partner. He pushed the button to open the door again. Ichigo then pushed the button for the main floor again. Ichigo began laughing at the girl. She was planning to do him harm and instead was harmed instead. The as the door finally shut and began to descend. Ichigo quickly calmed down. He realized that the girls were both wearing black Kimono's that had the Sekirei emblem. He guesses that they were associated with Karasuba. Well so much for not making enemies. The elevator came to a stop and the door opens. Ichigo step out of the build and started walking wondering what adventures he'd have here.

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