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"Damn it Tsukiumi how many times do I need to repeat myself WE ARE NOT MARRIED" Ichigo had been trying to get the idea of them being married out of her head since breakfast. "There was no ceremony and there no damn ring on either your finger or mine" He was on his last nerve and need to get some air to cool down.

"Such trivial things do matter, not I'm your Sekirei and Wife" Ichigo's grip tighten on a unopened can. "You accepted the proposal as well" She remained of his biggest mistake in his life.

"Your age also matter not nor does the number concubines"

"I'm not building a harem this is a team dammit" Ichigo knew this was pretty much a harem which didn't sit to right with him. It felt like all his morals were being smashed by this whole thing, he was pretty much a hypocrite in his eyes. In the long run through what Seo had said was right He was just one person he couldn't do this all by himself if he still had his power it could have been a breeze. However why did have to wing so many or better yet why him. It just pissed him off to no end and he need some to cool down and he wasn't able to do that here.

Ichigo go up and started to head toward the stairs "I'll be back, I'm going to take a walk and when Tatsuki gets here your going with her Tsukiumi whether you like it or not. If your going to continue to call yourself my wife at least dress a little more appropriate" He went up stairs and got his sword just in case he was attacked

Ichigo came back down and meet Uzume waiting at the staircase "Ichigo, Since the thing with Tsukiumi is over can we go on that date now" She wanted to go on the date he had promise however she didn't want to push it especially since Tsukiumi had been pissing him off with the whole marriage thing.

Ichigo gave what Uzume had said some thought "If nothing happens within the next 24 hours then we'll go tomorrow and if you get Tsukiumi to go shopping with Tatsuki and she doesn't rag on my ass when you two get back" He didn't need to her Tatsuki rag on him for Tsukiumi calling her a concubine or the idea of Tsukiumi calling herself his wife. He knew Tatsuki would chew him out for Tsukiumi claims through he guessed that she wouldn't because she was also involved in this crazy thing. "If Tatsuki doesn't bitch at me then I'll pay for everything during the date" He saw Uzume's eyes light up when he said that.

"I don't approve of this" Ichigo and Uzume turned to see Tsukiumi standing nearby in the hall way with her arms crossed under her bust "As your legal wife, I don't approve of such a agreement and such a action without my permission" Tsukiumi didn't like the idea of Ichigo and Uzume going out with out her permission and since she hadn't even on a date with him either.

"I promised Uzume I would take her on a date if she gave me information, through she didn't get a chance to tell what it was. Anyway your making a responsibility for your winging and calling me your husband which I'm not" Ichigo watched a Tsukiumi recoiled from him snapping at her. Dispite him snapping but more of using the whole concept of keeping a promise. She was making keep his promise to her so she couldn't fight back the idea of Ichigo keeping his promise to Uzume. Ichigo opened the door and was about to head out but not until saying one last thing. "and if we were married then I WANT A FUCKING DIVORCE" Ichigo slammed the door causing the two Sekirei to flinch.

"Ouch I've never seen him that pissed off" Uzume turned to see Tsukiumi in shock at the word divorced. "Umm, Ichigo is really pissed you kinda pushed the whole your his wife without letting him have a say a little to hard" She tried to soft the heavy blow from Ichigo. She felt bad for the blond Sekirei she knew how it felt in a way.

"Ichigo isn't use too this type of fight" Uzume and Tsukiumi looked to see Kon in Kuu's arm's. "What Ichigo wants me to watch over her" Kon had kept the little green thumbed girl busy. "His use to fighting physical not emotionally"

"But the way he acts around us is pretty hostile, I guess he prefers we get to know him first before we try anything" Uzume could tell Tsukiumi was giving it some thought or at least it appeared that she was.

"very well, I shall approach the matter differently" Tsukiumi decided to try things more differently and would take things slower so Ichigo could adjust to their marriage. She figured she might be pushing too hard and may have cause Ichigo to snap. However a divorce was not going to happen she wouldn't allow it.

Tsukiumi and Uzume heard the phone start ringing, Tsukiumi went toward the phone to answer it. "Uzume-chan" Uzume looked down to the plush lion in Kuu's arm. "Have you finished what I ask for" he ask.

"I've started on it but I ran out of materials for it" Kon had asked Uzume for a larger body. He could really do much in his small body. Normally he didn't really care about helping out, but he figured that he'd give Ichigo a break. Through that wouldn't stop him from his usually antics. Uzume saw Tsukiumi hang up the phone "Who was that"

"Ichigo's Father, his coming over tomorrow too meet us" Tsukiumi saw Uzume and Kon faces. Uzume had turned pale and Kon was biting his stuffed hands.

"Did you tell him your were his wife" Kon asked and chew on his paws nervously praying to god that she didn't.

"No, He only ask me if I was a woman and I told him that I was. He also asked how many females were in the house I told him that their was seven and he said he be over tomorrow" Tsukiumi answer she folded her arms under her chest. "He hung up before I could tell him that I was he daughter in law"

"Ichigo's going to either A: He going to chew the every the hell out of us for letting this happen or B: He going to beat the every loving shit out of our bodies" Uzume hugged herself thinking about what Ichigo would say and do when he got back.

With Ichigo

Ichigo walked through the streets for a while. he had cooled down quiet a bit since he left with Tsukiumi just declaring herself his wife and him losing his cool which wasn't too surprising. However he figured his day couldn't get any worse. He'd figured he'd apologized when he got back he was a little to harsh. Sekirei were use to that type of idea of a relationship between them and their Ashikabi. Through he couldn't really put all the blame on Tsukiumi that whole thing had be eating on his nerves.

Ichigo had continued walking for a while until he heard some shouting in a near by alley way. "Maybe beating some thugs might be a stress reliever" He went down the alley way the shouts started to get louder as he got closer to them. The shouts were mainly insults at what he guess was a woman, but he didn't hear anyone reply at first until he got close. When the two people came into view Ichigo saw a young man standing over a woman with bruises on her. The way the woman was dressed he guess she was a Sekirei.

"Damn it your useless" Ichigo watched as the Ashikabi grabbed the Sekirei's hair and lift her up only to slap her. Ichigo wanted to beat the shit out the guy just for how he was treating her.

Just before the man could slap the Sekirei again Ichigo caught his hand. "Knock it asshole"

"Screw you, mind your business" He tried to pull his arm from Ichigo grasp but was unable to because of the tight grip. "Let go idiot" before he could try again Ichigo tossed him aside.

"Don't do that or I'll make so you can't walk again" Ichigo knew the difference between abuse and self defense or defending other.

"Yashima, kill this asshole" Ichigo saw the area turned dark by a massive shadow. He should figured he'd have his Sekirei try and take him out. He grabbed the guy and put him in front of him. The Sekirei stopped her attack once she saw her Ashikabi come in front of the hammer. He tossed the Ashikabi at the Sekirei and knocked her down. The hammer hit the ground too and fell on it's side. He figured that beating the guy wouldn't help clear his mind an better.

"I'll see you two later, if I see you beating your Sekirei again I'll kick your ass got it" Ichigo left the alley. He didn't think the guy would chance but he hope the Sekirei would eventually get fed up and knock he down a peg.

At Izumo

"Tsukiumi, Tatsuki-san is here " Tatsuki could hear Uzume calling the Sekirei that Ichigo had ask her to take to her to the department store. She knew why he didn't want to go with the two Sekirei, but he get someone else like Miya to help. Through thinking about it her and Miya were the only choices that he could make if he didn't want a headache. Through she was the one with the headache. She had Mutsu on the look out for the brat in the white car.

Tatsuki saw Uzume come out in one of the outfits that she had brought the last time. "Wheres Tsukiumi" She wondered where the newest member of Ichigo's team.

"She's coming but she isn't too happy about the idea of being order around by one of Ichigo's Concubines" Uzume saw Tatsuki face turn from surprise to rage.

" What did you just call me" Tatsuki's face was cover with pausing veins. Uzume could see how this day may turn out with Tsukiumi around.

"Tsukiumi's words not mine, She kinda declared herself Ichigo real wife and considers us concubines" She didn't want to get hit by Tatsuki for repeating Tsukiumi's words. "Ichigo has been arguing her all day about the whole wife thing" she could Tatsuki had calm down a bit, but was no where near safety levels.

"Well she better not call me that in my face or shes going to have a hard time seeing straight for the next week" Tatsuki snarled as her fist tightened. She then heard the foot step of the blond Sekirei descending the stairs

"Tsukiumi, we're going come on" Uzume informed the blond Sekirei as she finished coming down the flight of stairs.

"I don't see the reason why we need someone to go purchase new clothes" Tsukiumi didn't see why Tatsuki had to go with her to go purchase a new set of clothes.

"We'll Ichigo doesn't trust our choice of clothing" Uzume had several idea of clothing that she had thought of during the last time they went shopping together but Tatsuki had shot them down because she knew Ichigo better than her and Tsukiumi.

"I can see why Ichigo called over to help you pick out clothing" Tatsuki figured out that Ichigo had called to stop Tsukiumi from purchasing clothes that look like her current outfit. with The length of Tsukiumi's skirt look like if someone even sneezed they'd blow up her skirt.

With Ichigo

Ichigo had been walking for a while since his encounter the abusive Ashikabi and his Sekirei. He had been thinking about the relationships between Sekirei and Ashikabi. In a part of his mind he wondered he was being to hard with Tsukiumi and the others. He just wish they'd give him some space and let him think this through.

However the idea of having multiple Sekirei was still on his mind. He saw a couple of peoplw he recognized as he walked. He saw Hibiki and Hikari handing out fliers for something. He wondered if they had an idea on how he should handle this whole thing.

"Hikari, Hibiki, Do have a sec" Ichigo called out. The two Sekirei turned to see Ichigo coming their way. They looked at each other for a brief second in confusion.

"Yeah, but on one condition" Ichigo stop once he reached the two Sekirei. "Buy something here" Ichigo look up the sign at the building the Sekirei had point at. Ichigo saw it was for a local restaurant.

"OK, why through" He wasn't against buying something there but he curious why they didn't ask him to buy them lunch.

"If we get a hundred customers by the end of the month we get a raise" Hibiki explained. Ichigo figured that a raise would last longer than one free meal in the long run.

"Alright fine" Ichigo didn't really care about where he ate. After eating Inoue's food he probably could eat a three week old expired carton of milk and it would still taste better than her recipes. After eating eating a quick meal he waited for the two so he could ask them about the multiple Sekirei think or at least help put his mind at ease. A part of him wished was Rukia was with him and would just smack him upside the head.

"So what do you need us for" Hikari asked, she and Hibiki had taken their short brake and met with Ichigo.

"I want to ask you about this Sekirei and Ashikabi and you two are the only two with experience and common sense that might have an answer or at lest an idea that I could use" Ichigo had had hard time wrapping his mind around the whole thing. Yeah he could ask Kagari aka Homura but he had a bit of a hang over from last night. Plus he left with a hot head so he didn't really think about it till now.

"and what do you want an answer to" Hibiki asked she could see why he wouldn't ask Seo, but despite his personality he probably would have a better answer than them

"with this whole Sekirei thing is it normal for a Sekirei to just up and pick a Ashikabi out the blue and consider them their partner" Ichigo saw the two exchange glances briefly once again. "If figured I could get a better answer from you two" when Ichigo gave it some actual thought he figured Seo might actually give him answer for the whole multiple Sekirei thing more than the lightning twins.

"well is something similar to love at first sight" Hibiki figured. Ichigo guess that it was something like but was a permanent thing. However he'd rather hear from them than just assume it.

"Anything else you want to ask" Hikari asked. She and Hibiki had to get back to work if they want to earn more money so that they wouldn't have to visit the Izumo so soon.

"I do, but I might ask Seo and see if he takes it seriously otherwise I'd go back to asking you two" Ichigo would go back to asking Seo about having Multiple Sekirei and if he didn't a serious he'd either just try asking Minato

"Do even know where we live" Hikari asked

"No" Ichigo didn't know where they lived, today seemed like his off day his brain was everywhere and no where,Whatever that meant. "do mind showing me or should just call him and tell him, I'm eating out and I'm buying"

Hikari and Hibiki figured that Seo would be over there in a flash, plus it might save some money if Kaoru didn't use it on gambling or something else stupid. "fine call him, we'll follow you to the restaurant" Hikari groaned she knew what might do or say, but if he did she'd shock the hell out of him.

Ichigo got his phone out of his pocket, but before he could call Seo he got a call first. Ichigo check the ID and saw it was from Keigo. "What Keigo" he figured he was calling just to bug him.

"Ichigo can I stay with you" Ichigo slap the side of his head to knock out anything blocking his hearing.

"What" Ichigo ask he wanted to be sure he was hearing him right. The twins figured that he might put the plan of meeting Seo on hold.

"Can I move in with you"Asano asked again, Ichigo was already annoyed by the pleading tone in Keigo's voice.

"Wait what happened to your thing in Hawaii" Ichigo wasn't liking where this was going and he already knew his answer.

"I got kick out for not doing anything educational" Ichigo figured he got the boot for something like that. "Please Ichigo let me stay with you" He begged over the phone.

"NO Keigo you can't stay with me go stay with Chad or go back to your Sister" Ichigo snapped he practically drew everyone in the restaurants attention to him nearly yelling over the phone.

"I can't stay with Chad the school remove me from the program and my sister won't let in me come home until the program is over with. Please Ichigo let stay with you" Ichigo could feel his blood pressure rise. He wasn't against letting him stay, but the idea of him interacting with Uzume and the others. Plus he didn't want to put Keigo in danger.

"Fine, but if you don't do anything or say anything to the other attendants and don't go kissing anyone while your here ok" Ichigo figured he could easily let Keigo live on the streets for a while. Plus Keigo ask his old man to let him stay with him. He wasn't going to take that chance.

"Ehh I can't kiss any girls, why" Keigo whined Ichigo's grip on the table where he and the twins were sitting slowly began to crack under his strength.

"Listen here, if your going to live with me your with do what I say or I WILL kick you out got it" Ichigo snarled his was losing his state of mind faster than he had with Tsukiumi. "GOT IT" a piece of the table had snapped off from the strength of Ichigo's grip.

"Yes, Thank you" Keigo whimpered before Ichigo hung up the phone. He went to his phone book and call Tatsuki to tell her Keigo was on his way here.

Ichigo listened to the phone ring several times before it was picked up "Yeah what do need now" She wasn't to please with Ichigo having him ask her for help with ever little Sekirei problem. She felt like a maid.

"Keigo got kick out and I'm letting him stay with me" Ichigo replied he figure Tatsuki was pissed off because Tsukiumi's big mouth again and was spilling that husband and wife shit.

"Figures he'd get the boot so why are you letting him stay with you" Tatsuki figured Ichigo was not doing this just out of the helping a friend part of him. She watched Uzume and Tsukiumi go through clothing. When she thought about it she felt more like a mother than a maid.

"He got the boot from the program and his sister is letting him come home yet. Also if I don't he might go to my old man and that's a nightmare no one wants" Ichigo tried put the piece of the table back where he broke it off and hope it stayed in place. "and I told him not to kiss anyone" He added.

"good idea Keigo is an Idiot not a fighter, Plus Uzume told me your father called and talked to Tsukiumi" Ichigo instantly went pale. "Through she didn't say anything about the wife thing" The color returned to Ichigo slowly. "However his coming to visit" Ichigo turn to a new shade of white. Tatsuki hung up the phone before Ichigo freaked.

Ichigo sat there for several in silence while is his mind for several seconds "GOD DAMN IT NO" Ichigo couldn't believe what was happening first Tsukiumi was claiming to be his wife. Second Keigo was moving in to the Izumo, Thrid was his Old Man was coming to visit. What had he done to deserve this hadn't he saved enough people so that he wouldn't have any bad karma or whatever. If Tsukiumi listened to anything his old man said. She might then ask for children, if she heard his old man's babble about grandchildren. "I'll call you guy's later" Kurosaki go up from his sit and ran out the door. He had to call Karin and tell him to delay the old man as much as possible. Ichigo slowed and realized that there may not be enough room for Keigo if he did move in. "Damn it I didn't think about that"

With Tatsuki, Uzume, and Tsukiumi

Tatsuki sat in one of the chairs in the clothing store. She had watched the two Sekirei for a while they had gotten lunch first before they came here. Uzume hadn't picked out anything that would give Ichigo a heart attack and at the rate his day was going he was probably get close to one. Tsukiumi surprisingly didn't pick out anything too dirty. She looked at her watch and they had been there for at least a half an hour and they still hadn't picked anything. She never had this much problems getting clothes the only time she did was when she was with Inoue. "Pick something already I'm getting sick of sitting here"

"Sorry, Tsukiumi's trying to pick out something to win Ichigo over" Uzume apologized she had already pick something for the date which she figured would be delayed due to Ichigo's father coming over.

"How dare you insist that I'm doing this for Ichigo" Uzume knew Tsukiumi was trying to protect her pride. Through Uzume was right Tsukiumi was looking for an outfit that would win Ichigo over. That had already gotten her a new dress one with a longer skirt so her underwear wouldn't be seen so easily.

"But shouldn't a wife try her best to look good for her husband" Uzume teased the blond Sekirei about her self given position as Ichigo's wife.

"Well she better not call herself that while his dad around or me might try and kill you instead" Tatsuki figured that Izumo was going to be hell on earth when he came to visit. Hopeful Keigo wouldn't arrive till later. She heard the bell to the door ring as someone entered. She turned to see it was Mutsu.

"The young boy seems to be targeting a Sekirei and a girl" Mutsu sat down next to Tatsuki. She had gotten to know Mutsu at little better over the last couple of days. She still felt bad for Ichigo in a way he had to deal with multiple Sekirei instead of just one.

"We're done Tatsuki" She looked up and saw Tsukiumi and Uzume had paid for the stuff they got. She was glad she didn't have to pay for it through she had the MBI card now. She knew Ichigo probably got rid of Tsukiumi's and maybe Uzume's as well. Mainly because he didn't trust the MBI.

Tatsuki up from her seat along with Mutsu "Well I'll see you two later I'm heading to my apartment" She started on her way home. She knew they could handle themselves on their way home.

"Well let's us return to Izumo" Tsukiumi started on her way to the Inn along with with Uzume. Uzume hoped Ichigo was in a better mood when they got back.

Back at Izumo

After walking a while they reached the Izumo. "We're back" Uzume called out as the two entered the room. She could hear Ichigo talking to someone.

"Delay the Old Goat as long as you can" Uzume and Tsukiumi looked up and saw Ichigo talking on his phone while leaning against the wall. "I don't know, just figured something else or else someone will go insane"

Uzume saw Miya eye come out from the kitchen "Welcome back, you two"

"Who is Ichigo talking to" Uzume asked as Tsukiumi seemed to paying more attention to Ichigo and his conversation.

"Kurosaki-san is talking to one of his younger sister" Miya answered the mentioning of Ichigo's sister had caught Tsukiumi attention. Ichigo had got back just a few minutes ago. When he got back he had told Miya about Keigo and apologized for not taking to her about it first. She was worried about room for their new guest. She had recommend that Ichigo build a small little house for Keigo to stay in. Nothing big but somewhere he could rest or just paying for Keigo room at a hotel.

"Listen his coming here and with all the female attendants he may say something stupid" Ichigo knew Karin could buy him some time to get things ready. He had a plan but he need to mentally prepare the Sekirei for the old goat. "OK thanks and if you can't trick him or whatever go to our plan B" Ichigo hung the phone and saw the Sekirei gathered at the stairs.

"Is your father still coming" Miya asked as she watched Ichigo come down the stairs.

"If Karin goes with plan B than no he won't for a while" Ichigo remember that last time they use plan B for their teachers home visit. The Old Goat was out for almost a whole week. "And by the way Tsukiumi and I'm sorry about yelling at you earlier and the divorce thing. But next time don't push the whole wife thing on me, again I'm only seventeen"

"Your going soft on us Ichigo" Ichigo to see Kagari at the door. "Oh and your appointment can't make it she already too drunk" He informed Ichigo as he walked by.

"Bite me, bird man" Ichigo snapped "There no way I'm going soft" Ichigo follow Kagari in the dinning room slash living area. He still had to figure out what to do with Keigo he could pay for a room for Keigo or maybe even give him the MBI card, but even that didn't sound like a good idea.

"Today been a long day for Kurosaki-san" Ichigo turned to see Miya standing behind him.

"It only going to get longer and crazier at this rate" Ichigo groaned, he rubbed his forehead trying to put everything in his mind back together. Ichigo hear his phone ring again "Yeah, WHAT YOUR COMING OVER TONIGHT" He felt like the world had something against. Before he do anything his eyes shift back to there normal glare "That's not funny, Karin" Karin had actually called to tell him he had till tomorrow afternoon to get ready for the Old Goat. He hung up the phone and shoved back in his pocket.

"Ichigo" Ichigo turned to see Tsukiumi who appeared to be blushing from what he could. She had an idea thanks to Uzume and Ichigo's earlier conversation. "When your father comes here, I won't mention me being your legal wife" Ichigo knew she had something in mind as a reward for doing that. "If you go on a date with me"

"Ok, deal then" Ichigo figured she'd ask for something like that but he wouldn't have been surprised if she had ask for something a bit more like him acting more like her actual husband. "I'll go on a date with you after Uzume's. if you do anything crazy like calling yourself my legal and you don't listen do a damn word his say ok" He didn't want any of his Old Man's madness filling her mind.

"Very well then" Tsukiumi prideful determiner had once again return. Well Ichigo was pretty well set with the agreement. Tsukiumi act like his so called wife, Uzume had give her a talking to later. Akitsu who had had seen from all day wasn't an Issue nor was Miya. He figured he was as good as gold. He figured something might go wrong, but nothing to horrible right?