Title: Ghost of You

Summary: A Thousand Years Ago Esther and Ayanna used magic to save Kol from a bear attack allowing him to see ghosts. After Henrik's death, knowing their brother was watching over them was all they really needed.

AN: This is sadder than my other fics, and it's really short. But I hope you enjoy it all the same! :) Only two more exams to go! :)

A thousand years ago a young eight year old was attacked by a bear. His oldest brother carried him home but he was long gone.

Fortunately his mother was a powerful witch who combined her own powers with that of another witch and they brought him back to life.

From that day on the boy could talk to ghosts, people who had died and hadn't moved on. At first it had unnerved everyone but it wasn't dangerous and Kol often stayed silent when he saw one of the deceased spirits hovering around.

But one day, ten years later, the boy's younger brother was killed by werewolves.

The family fell apart.

Kol didn't know what else to do.

It was three days since the terrible accident and the siblings were sitting in their room, no one spoke, no one even made eye contact. It had been that way since Niklaus had carried Henrik home.

Kol glanced over at Rebekah who was sobbing quietly in the corner. "Bekah" He said softly. "Bekah, Henrik is here" He told her.

"What do you mean here?" The girl asked, rubbing her eyes and looking up.

Kol gave her a soft smile. "He's waiting for us" He murmured. "I can see him"

Elijah's eyes widened with understanding. "He's here?" He croaked, speaking for the first time since Henrik's death.

The boy gave a small nod and pointed over to the corner. "He's watching over us" He said quietly.

Klaus breathed shakily. "C-can you talk to him? Tell him I'm sorry?"

Kol shook his head. "You can tell him yourself. He can hear you" He gave a small smile and nodded over to the corner.

He couldn't help but feel the warmth rush over him as he saw his siblings laughing and crying together, professing their love and hugging with delight. "He says he loves us" Kol said quietly. "He says that he'll always be watching over us, that we shouldn't stop living just because he had to" The boy felt tears burning at the back of his eyes. "He says we have to stay together, help each other"

Rebekah nodded tearfully, hugging Niklaus tightly. "We will" She vowed. "Always and forever, Henrik, I promise"

Elijah nodded, tears slipping down his cheeks. "We will never forget you, Henrik. Never"

"I am so sorry Henrik" Klaus murmured. "I'm so sorry for not protecting you" His words were miserable.

Kol paused for a moment. "He forgives you, Nik" He told him softly. "He never blamed you. It wasn't your fault. He loves you Nik, he doesn't want you to blame yourself anymore"

Klaus choked out a tearful laugh. "Always and Forever" He murmured.

"Always and forever" Elijah agreed.

They needed each other in times of darkness. They just didn't know it.

They spent the evening laughing and crying, reminiscing in memories past, Kol telling them everything as he was the only one who could see him. Kol told them that while he wouldn't always be able to communicate he would always be there.

Reluctantly they all said their final farewells. Kol sitting back and telling them Henrik would always miss them.

But he left out one important thing.

Henrik was never there.

AN: Hope you enjoyed it :) this isn't like my other ones as much. It's a bit sadder but I hope you enjoyed it anyways. It's also incredibly short, but I didn't really want to say anything more.