Ladies and gentlemen, Iiiiiiiit's sequel time! Yes, I finally got off my rear and wrote a new story, following on from my 30-odd chapter saga, Ratchet and Clank Future:The Homecoming.

Hopefully this one will be enjoyed as much as the last one, with action, intrigue and a few surprises...

Orbit around Fastoon.

"This the planet, ma'am?" the Blarg asked.

The robed figure nodded.

"You have your co-ordinates?"

"Yep. All my boys got 'em."

"Cloaking devices? It's vital we aren't seen."

"Up and running. Girl ain't gonna know what hit her."

"Make sure you strike fast. I designed her to be a fighter. Get her down while she's confused."

"Yes' ma'am. Want the rest of the family?"

"Oh yes...I have quite a bone to pick with them..."

The Blarg left quickly, radioing his team mates. The cowled form turned back to the window. Hate boiled in her mind. A bone to pick? Oh, yes indeed! Ratchet would soon regret the day he was whelped...