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Chapter 2: A Dying World

Yakumo: Usually once every month, three small groups would go to the surface to bring back supplies. Even in this mutation, children; usually ten and younger, would still run around, oblivious to what is happening to this world. I find it sad, that they may never see the sun again. Along with the mutation, came a fog that would effectively block out the suns rays, thus making plant life wilt under the days. One group would be in charge of getting food. Another group would bring water. The last would get anything to amuse others with.

Day 45


"Yakumo! Help us!" Tenma's voice called out under the screeching of the Mutated.

Kurasuma would also be seen in the background firing a weapon. Tenma would run for cover every now and then. A Mutated, not seen before, appeared. Carrying a lantern and a bell, it would ring its bell, causing Tenma and Kurasuma to lower their guard, even with Kurasuma dropping his gun. They fell onto their knees as the Mutated floated towards them, raising its lantern. A stream of light would appear from both Tenma and Kurasuma, after a few minutes of doing this, they began to age quickly. Beyond the age, came dust.

"Tenma!" Yakumo shouted as she sat up quickly from her bed.

Seeing it was just dream, she gave a sigh of relief, but she gathered her blankets around her and held her knees to herself, shivering.

"Another nightmare." She muttered to herself quietly.

A knock came upon the door and it opened, revealing Serah in her nightgown still, "Yakumo?" Serah called out. "I heard you calling out. Are you alright?" She asked.

"Oh Serah. I'm fine. Sorry for waking you." Yakumo apologized, looking at the alarm clock which showed 4:33 am. She then lowered her head.

Serah then walked towards her and sat on her bed, "I can tell your not fine..."

"No, I'm fine, really." Yakumo cutted, looking up to try to show reassurance.

Serah then gave a little laugh, "Your so easy to see through." She commented and cleared her throat, "Look, I know how you hate to be a burden to others, but in this world, your going to want all the help you can get." She pointed out, putting a reassuring hand on Yakumo's. "You really think we don't hear you crying every night?"

Yakumo then looked up puzzled, "We?"

The door then opened in which Akira and Harima walked in. Harima's scar has noticably healed, but still left its mark.

"Harima?" Yakumo called out in surprise, "Shouldn't you be out of bed yet?" She asked.

Harima shrugged his shoulders, "I've been in bed for two weeks straight. About time I move around." He answered.

"It's not only us who hears you. Imadori, Eri, and Fiyuki hears you as well. Your fortunate that Hanai has his room across the chamber, otherwise we'd have to deal with him too." Akira pointed out.

"Look, I know your worried about Tenma. She's the only family you have left in this world." Serah replied, "View it this way, Post-Apocalypse, she was your only sister. Now? We're all family." She implied, raising her arms towards the other two occupants.

Yakumo then gave a little smile, "Thank you."

"Now, tell us. What keeps upsetting you?" Akira asked.

"It's just...I keep on having a dream. Not the same dreams, but all of them has Tenma and Kurasuma calling out for help." Yakumo explained quietly, "The end of the dream usually has them falling victim to a Mutated." She added, starting to hold herself tighter.

"Tenma and Kurasuma?" Harima muttered to himself quietly.

"Your saying you have this every night?" Serah asked, which was answered with a nod, "Now don't call me skeptical, but perhaps it is a message." She added, which caused all eyes in the room to stare at her.

"Maybe they are calling for help." Akira pointed out.

Yakumo stared at her, "Do you really think so?" She asked. She wanted to believe it, but at the same time, it torn her. If the dreams were calling for help, which the dreams would end with their deaths, maybe the messages were arriving late.

"Perhaps, but let's not jump to conclusions." Akira added.

"As of right now, you can come to us for your problems." Serah reminded with a smile.

Harima then stretched his arms, "That's right. As of right now, I'm treating you all like my little sisters." He announced proudly.

Yakumo choked a bit on her own saliva, Akira excused hers with a cough.

Akira then turned, "I'm going back to my room." She announced before leaving.

Yakumo then got up and left her room, "I'm going to the kitchen." She replied before leaving the room.

Serah shook her head amused, "Wrong choice of words, Kenji." She pointed out mockingly before leaving.

Harima scratched the back of his head confused of the sudden departure, "Was it something I said?" He shouted out, but this fell on deaf ears.

Time: 12:00 pm

Yakumo remained in the kitchen all morning with a laptop looking over an article on the internet. Despite being underground, they were able to manage to get a slow internet connection. They use this to try to find more settlements, A month and a half of searching, they weren't able to find any. That came up with two conclusions. One: They are the last settlement and therefore the last humans alive. Two: They hoped that they just weren't able get the connection desired for such a thing.

Just then Harima came in with a tray of food and sat next to Yakumo, "Find anything of interest?" He asked before settling for what could be prison food, although it could be worse.

Yakumo only shifted aside for room and nodded, "Nothing as of yet. I hope that they can't establish a connection rather then them being dead." She answered, still scrolling about through the pages.

Harima only muttered something unintelligent and continued to eat.

"For the last time, I'm not having sex with you just because it's the end of the world." Mikoto's voice occured as she and Akira entered with Yoshidayama and Nara following behind.

"But Miko..." Yoshidayama called out.

Mikoto then backhanded him and he fell back. "Of all the people in the world to survive this and it had to be you." She muttered quietly.

Nara then kneeled down to the young man, "Do you really have to be that desperate?" He questioned curiously.

Akira stared at Yakumo and Harima quietly. She never thought she would feel jealousy, but she envied Yakumo for being able to get so close to Harima with ease. She cursed herself for being so distant at her younger life, but then again, she never counted on the Mutation to change life this drastically. She quietly sat next to Harima and ate without a word.

Mikoto was unaware of Akira's sudden infatuation with the man the whole time, so she didn't find it odd that Akira would sit next to him. She sat down still muttering about Yoshidayama's. "Anything yet?" She asked Yakumo who shook her head silently.

"I may have something to help us determine the location of other settlements." Akira popped up, earning glances from the characters in the room. Seeing all attention on her, she pulled out several papers and on the cover page was a picture of a helicopter.

"Project Cafe?" Harima called out reading the title.

"I was in the coffee room when I came up with this, so Project Cafe." Akira explained snarkly, "Anyways, this thing absorbs air current and converts it into energy that makes it run and power up a camera I've installed in the helm." She explained, handing papers towards Mikoto, Yakumo, and Harima.

In the background, Nara and Yoshidayama was currently fighting over the last donut in the background.

"Anyways," She continued, oblivious the the antics of the two in the background, "With it, we can watch its footage and point out the location of other settlements." She finished up her project summary.

"This is the part where you say but, if, or however, right?" Mikoto pointed out.

Yoshidayama was thrown across the floor as Nara grabbed the donut and attempted a run until Yoshidayama tackled him.

"However" Akira added, with Mikoto making a little sound of satisfaction, "It runs on air, as stated. As such, I need to get up high, where the air is more active and ensure a sure take off." She finished up.

"And your going to ask for help?" Yakumo guessed. With her active ability to read minds of those infatuated by her, she was able to strengthen it and could read almost everyone's minds a little, usually what they were about to say next.

"That's right. I was going to ask for Harima's help." Akira replied.

"Then I'm coming too." Yakumo revealed suddenly, causing the others; Yoshidayama and Nara as exceptions, to stop eating and looking at her.

"You can't even fire a gun. You sure?" Mikoto pointed out.

Yakumo gave a deep sigh, "If it means helping finding the location of my sister, then yes. I'm sure." She answered sternly.

All seriousness of this conversation ended when a donut came landing in the middle of the table. All eyes looked at it for a second before turning their eyes to the source.

Nara and Yoshidayama looked awkwardly as the attention was shifted to them.

"You two coming?" Akira asked.

"Uh, sure." Nara agreed.

"I can't. Tae wants to check on my scar at 3:00." Yoshidayama refused, then looked towards Harima, "Which reminds me, Tae told me to tell you that you have a check up at 2:30." He added.

Harima muttered another unintelligent word at the reveal.

"So Harima, will you help me?" Akira popped in.

"Yeah, sure. Suspended from duty for two weeks, I need some excercise." Harima agreed.

Mikoto then leaned on her elbow, "Might as well count me in too." She included herself in the group.

Akira then stood up, "I'll go prepare everything. We'll leave at 3:00" She replied and left the room.

"I'll go practice at the firing range." Mikoto pointed out, leaving the building.

Harima then brightened, "That's right. I remembered I promised to help you practice firing a gun." He remembered and stood up.

"But I'm..." Yakumo tried to protest, but Harima grabbed her arm and pulled her up.

"No buts, you've been in here all morning." He cutted. Remembering the donut in the middle of the table, he grabbed it, observed and took a bite leaving behind two young men looking quite sad

Firing Range - 1:30pm

Harima and Yakumo stood in the gunnery which had various guns as expected, including Launchers and prototype weapons that could possibly violate many laws just from its creation, but at this time, it was excused. Yakumo kept to herself more so then usual as she felt out of place in the area.

"Now I know how you hate to get up and close so I think long range combat would suit you." Harima pointed out and opened a gun case that had several snipers. "So you should try using a sniper." He added.

Harima stepped aside and let Yakumo choose a sniper. Just standing in front of it made her feel uncomfortable. She looked at the snipers left and right, there she saw a sniper that she thought looked appealing, so she grabbed it and observed it.

Harima then stepped up, "The Dragunov. A single fire weapon with ten rounds in a magazine. The recoil isn't too high and what lacks in power, it has incredible range and potential to two shot enemies of the human brand. Fortunately for you, there's no humans to kill. Unfortunately for you, it may take more then two shots to kill a high leveled Mutated." Harima explained the benefits of the Dragunov and grabbed two extra magazines to train with.

Yakumo still held onto the gun while Harima looked through various equipment and eventually pulled out a scope and a type of blade with a trigger. While Yakumo still held onto the sniper, Harima equipped it with the scope before moving onto the barrell of the sniper and placed the blade in reverse on the gun. Yakumo was no expert in shooting or close combat fighting, but she was certain that the blade was supposed to point away from the user. That is until Harima pulled the trigger and the blade swung open and pointed away from the gun. Harima then pulled the blade back in and placed the trigger back in.

Harima looked at Yakumo again, "The blade is for close combat if Mutated are able to rush in towards you, unless you want to equip an ACOG scope to sacrifice range for favor of close combat." He replied and turned around, "Come on, let's get you to the firing range." He announced and led Yakumo out.

Once outside, they were immediately met by Mikoto, Asou, and Itoko practicing their aiming. Yakumo covered her ears at the loud sound until Harima gave her a set of earmuffs and goggles which she immediately equipped. Harima pointed out to a spot which was specifically designed for snipers, which had a more distant target. When reaching their destination, Harima made Yakumo go prone for better accuracy.

Seeing the new arrivals; Mikoto, Asou, and Itoko stopped their firing to confirm who they were. Seeing them, Mikoto went back to firing, although Asou and Itoko couldn't tear their eyes off the girl they least expect to practice for firing. Although considering the state of the world, they should have expected it to happen sooner or later, but still.

"Okay, your in a position called proning. This is an ideal position for snipers as it can allow them to have better accuracy and a lower chance of being detected!" Harima shouted through the muffs they had on and pointed out towards a target in the distance. "Look into the scope and try to shoot the target!" He added before pulling out binoculars to see her progress.

Listening to his words, Yakumo looked into the scope to see the target Harima pointed out towards. She stared at the target for several seconds not doing anything out of fear of the gun. Taking a deep breath, she pulled the trigger although it didn't move. She kept on trying to pull the trigger down, but it didn't move a budge.

Although Harima kept looking through the binoculars waiting for either a hole to appear or a cloud of dust, Itoko came sitting on the opposite side of Yakumo and placed her finger on a lever and moved it, presumably taking off the safety. "Kenji didn't tell you of the safety mechanism?" She worded out, which Yakumo faintly looked down then back into the scope.

Not noticing her actions, Harima continued to stare into the binoculars.

Now with the safety removed, Yakumo pulled the trigger. Although the safety was taken off, she still had difficulty pulling it. Never the less, the bullet escaped the sniper and missed its target? She then wondered how she missed when she knew that she was aiming exactly at it.

Harima then spoke up, "It was the sway! Even though your lying perfectly still, unless you have a steady hand, you will sway and shooting a target would be difficult!" He continued to shout, now taking a moments glance of seeing Itoko watching with a smile. He then shook his head and placed an arm over Yakumo; which Itoko easily noticed her tensing up, and placed his hand over hers on the trigger. He then noticed that the gun was at an angle, which affected her aiming, which he proceeded to look near the scope and shift the gun at the right angle. "It is a common tatic for snipers to hold their breaths when aiming in a scope. Take a deep breath and shoot at the target." He adviced and removed his arm from her and went back to looking through the binoculars. Itoko laughed at the sight, although it was muffled through Mikoto's and Asou's gunfiring.

Finally feeling relieved if not disappointed, Yakumo took his advice in and took a deep breath and aimed at the target again. After a few seconds of holding her breath in and aiming, she pulled the trigger, which successfully shot the target in the middle. Seeing the accomplishment, she let out her breath in a deep sigh and continued to breath heavily for air.

Harima let out a smile, "Nice one, now let's see if you can empty the clip without missing." He challenged, which Yakumo took a moment to think and shrugged her shoulders and took another deep breath.

Combat Room - 2:15 pm

Yakumo still held onto the Dragunov in the middle of a two-floor room while Itoko was on the second floor and Harima around the sides. "Umm, what are we doing here?" She asked.

"Testing your reflexes." Harima answered simply.

" reflexes?" She called out, but without another thought, Harima pulled a lever which caused a sandbag to launch towards her. Taken by suprise, the sandbag hit her and sent her onto the floor with the sandbag on her.

Walking towards her, Harima moved the sandbag off and helped her up. "Yes. Your reflexes." He finally answered.

"I wasn't expecting that." She answered as she got onto her feet.

"And the Mutated will take advantage of that. More so for the ones that can leap at you or swing down at you. You might want to put the blade to use." He explained and walked away.

Looking at the blade attachment, she pulled the trigger and the blade swung out with a click.

At that, Itoko pushed down a sandbag attached to a rope that swung at her. Another suprise attack, but she moved the blade at the sandbag and it ripped through, although the momentum sent her stumbling back, losing her grip and dropping the gun which still held onto the sandbag.

Harima walked out with another smile, "Good. Although you might want to strengthen your grip so you don't drop it. Even if you successfully stab a Mutated, its momentum may still knock you down. More so if they are Jumping Wolves or Blind Assassin's." He explained, grabbing the sniper out of the sandbag.

Itoko then decided to have fun and threw another sandbag down which hit Harima in the back of the head and caused him to fall face first. "You want me to shoot you?" He threatened as he shot back onto his feet.

"You couldn't snipe me even if I was three feet in front of you." Itoko called back.

Before Harima could respond, Yoshidayama walked in, "Ah, there you are. Tae wants to see you now." He mentioned.

Harima then grimaced and tossed him the Dragunov before leaving the room.

Medical Room - 2:45

"Alright Hario. You can button up your shirt now, I'm done." Tae replied.

"Already?" He called out, starting to button his shirt. He then got up and proceeded to leave.

Tae then looked at him, "So I hear you were training Yakumo to battle the Mutated." She called out, putting her supplies away.

Harima then put on his jacket and paused a while, "Surprising, isn't it? Given the state of the world, well we should have seen it coming." He answered simply.

"Let me ask you something." She called out and motioned Harima to sit down, "Now it's been a couple of years already, but how do you feel about Yakumo?" She asked straightforward.

Harima then looked in deep thought after taking a seat, "Honestly? I feel safe around her. Even standing or thinking about her, I still believe that hope still exists in this world." He answered honestly.

Tae gave a little smile, "I know what you mean. Even with the state of the world, she still pertains her innocence." She replied, "Then let me ask you this, what do you think she thinks about you?" She asked.

"What she thinks about me?" Harima wondered. He never even thought about that, but then again, he didn't really have time to think of anything given on how often he's called into missions. "All I know about that is what she told me." He answered.

"And what is that?"

"That I remind her of Tenma." He added.

Tae then gave another little laugh, "I wonder why?" She pointed out sarcastically. In more ways then one would be the best way to describe what Yakumo meant of that statement.

Nara then poked his head in the room, "There you are. Akira's wondering if your ready to go." He mentioned.

Tae really wanted to ask more about his relationship with Yakumo, but didn't feel like persisting in the matter, "Then I guess I'll see you again after your mission." She stated.

"What? You think I'm going to get myself injured again?" Harima asked in sarcasm.

"Wouldn't be an understatement." Tae mocked again.

"I'll show you." Harima answered before leaving the room.

Tae gave another little laugh, "We've come so far." She replied to herself pulling out a photo of Class 1-D from a few years back with the lights flickering on and off.

Elevator - 3:00pm

The team consisting of Akira, Harima, Yakumo, Mikoto, and Nara stood on the elevators readying their weapons as they rose to the surface. Being just two; give or take months, the facilty being built underground was a last ditch attempt on survival and surprisingly going well. Every few hours the lights would be flickering on and off with some equipment having technical difficulties, but they assumed that it is just because they are underground.

Mikoto adjusted the strap on her FAD and removed the safety, "Hey Akira. Before we go, is there anything else you should tell us?" She asked.

Akira adjusted the bag holding Project Cafe on her back, "Just that there is a good chance that we'll be facing entirely new Mutated." She answered simply.

"Such as?" Harima asked over his back.

"We discovered two Mutated that targets specific genders, so we shouldn't split up." She added in her simple tone.

"Specific genders? You don't mean that creepy child we encountered last month?" Harima added and immediately noticed Akira tensing up, in which he just looked ahead and adjusted himself, "Guess that answers that." He added quietly.

"Answers what?" Nara asked.

"Earlier in the Mutation, me nad Akira were assigned nightwatch. While rather boring with mainly commons attacking, we did encounter one Mutated. I don't understand much of it and I don't think Akira would want to talk about it. Just don't let it catch you unguarded." Harima explained quickly.

Nara then looked ahead, noticably distressed.

"We're near the surface. Get ready." Akira popped in.

At that, everyone adjusted their guns.


Kenji Harima: Next time on Cry of the Planet

The team exitted the chamber and into the dead and destroyed streets of Tokyo.

Yakumo raised a hand to her mouth, "The Mutated did this in just the span of two months?"

"Hard to believe, isn't it?" Nara answered and continued to walk.

"Which building are we going to climb?" Mikoto asked.

"How about that Manga Building you used to submit your manga before?" Akira asked.

"You drew manga?" Mikoto and Nara asked somewhat astonished.

"Maybe we should. But it's most likely home to Mutated now." Harima answered.

As they walked within the building, they were immediately attacked by canine-like creatures.

"What are those?" Yakumo asked.

"The ones that are black as night. We call them Nightblade Pumas." Akira answered as Harima blocked a strike from its sword-like wrist with his own blade. Just then he was hit by a blast of fire, "The white ones, we call Albino Lobos. They developed the ability to breath fire and other such things." Akira answered as Harima got up and dodged out of the way as an ice shard passed by.

For the first time in a long while, Akira finally had fear struck in her eyes as her hand was grabbed by a child with dark hair, "Are you my mother?" The child asked as a portal behind it opened up.

Yakumo shoved a corpse of her with a couple of shots, "That has to kill you." She replied frusterated as the Mutated laid dead.


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