How She Made Him Feel

By the Alternative Source

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Author's Note: While working on my next bits for my Doctor Who stories I couldn't help but throw these bad boys together. It was originally part of a shuffle but the pieces were so different that I couldn't put them in the same chapter. So this is Part 1 of the SHUFFLE.

"Anyone Else But You" by Michael Cera and Ellen Page

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He held her close as they swayed side to side. Her head rested against his chest. Lifting one hand he laced his fingers through her hair and rested his head on top of hers. She was warm against him. Calm.

He knew how he had gotten here. Knew that they had prepped themselves at the apartment. Him in a suit and her in a dress. Knew that they had come to the dance together. He knew the basics. But sometimes he couldn't get around the fact that they had ended up here. He had run scenario after scenario of their study group and Abed and Annie was never part of it. But here he was. With his part time lover and a full time friend. Dancing with Annie in front of everyone.

There were exceptions to that point though. He knew some things about what had gotten him here. He knew that she grounded him. Made him see things differently. Made him take chances with things he was uncomfortable with. But she also delved into his world as well. Spent hours with him in the Dreamatorium because it was important to him. It had gotten to the point where she had even taken command of some of the simulations in the Dreamatorium.

He felt her warm breath on his neck and he pulled her closer as they swayed steadily to the music.

He loved how she made him feel. That he wasn't a strange man with a strange love for pop culture references and Batman. That he was wonderful and loveable just the way he was. And he couldn't see himself with anyone else because of that. Just her. Just Annie.

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