Good morning! Told ya I'd be back...

I've got both Edward's Eternal AND BellaEdwardlover1991 with me this time because I was worried I might be run out of the fandom by an angry mob.

I'm still worried.

You did see that this is tragedy/hurt/comfort...right?

Don't come crying to me...I warned ya as much as I can.

This is based off true events. I'll gladly give you the link to the article if you want...but you might not want it.

We stay completely ambiguous as to who the characters are until chapter 18...I know it's confusing but just try to hold on...cause I'm not even sure who everyone is yet...

Ridgefield High was like any other school nestled in a small town.

Walking the halls were the clicks and the loners.

The jocks and the nerds.

And then there were the power couples.

They were breathtakingly beautiful.

They were rich and smart.

Everyone wanted to be like them.

They ran the school and they didn't even know it.

But they were also the people that were playing a dangerous game.

Life was boring when you lived in a small town on the coast of Maine.

And you needed to find excitement where you could.

Even if it might kill you.

100 word chapters and I'm sticking to it.

One a day...