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Author's Note: The final piece of my Community shuffle. Here's Part 3 of the SHUFFLE!

"No Crying" by Islands

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Tired eyes turned to him as she held the bundle close. Tears streamed down her face. He didn't know if he was supposed to cry. Most men didn't cry at this moment. They acted strong. Smoked a cigar. Patted each other on the back.

'Where's Jeff when I need him?'

She didn't look sad when he leaned forward to kiss her head in a comforting gesture. It was something else. Looking into her eyes he realized that these were tears of joy.

"I won't cry for you because I'm not able too," he murmured as he ran a hand over her forehead. He found her tears a little unnerving as he didn't know how to react. No matter how many scenarios were running in his head.

She gave him a small smile, "I don't mind. Instead think of why."

So he turned his eyes and looked at the bundle. The small thing that they had created. Annie and Abed. This is why she cried. This thing that they had created together had reduced her to tears. He reached out to touch 'his' small hand and 'he' reached up to met Abed's finger half way. Abed's finger was grabbed and dragged into 'his' mouth.

The sweetest sound came from Annie's throat as she gave a small laugh. Abed felt his chest tighten as he looked down at 'him'. 'He' didn't have a name yet. Didn't even have his first moment in front of the camera courtesy of Abed. But Abed knew at that moment that this was the single greatest thing he had ever created.

He felt his eyes water at that realization and he looked over at Annie in surprise as the strong emotions he was feeling at the moment tore through him. Leaning over he kissed Annie soundly. They had surpassed all the odds and done something truly remarkable. Something that he only saw on TV and movies. Something that he had been afraid off and something that he hadn't had in a while.

They had created a family.

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Author's Note: This is by far my favourite shuffle! How do you guys feel about a baby Abed?