Here is the vague sequel to Bow Tie, though it can be read on its own. Some mature references though and I apologize in advance about the Oc-ness or mutilated behaviours of the characters. It just seemed to flow with the story.

Dedicated to those who need a little light in their life during dark times. But as good old Kilgharrah said, "The darkest hour is just before the dawn."

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Summer Rain – Part 1

Song played: Trycolour by The Jezabels

Morgana rested her head against the bus window, allowing the cool plane of glass to relax her even though she hit her head everytime the bus ran over a bump. The soothing feeling was better than nothing at least, taking her mind away from the irritating heat wave London was experiencing and her itchy, cotton dress of a uniform she wore at the clothes factory.

Life was very different from what it was sixteen years ago. In 1922 her life was one of luxury and of freedom. She spent her time traveling, dancing and smoking. It was fun and exciting. But not entirely fulfilling.

Not until she met Merlin Emrys at The Green Knight bar. In short she fell in love with him the minute they first met in that empty bar. Six months later after a whirlwind of a romance they were married. Ohhh Morgana could clearly remember the day when her half brother Arthur found out that his best friend and sister were dating.


Morgana made herself comfortable in the leather armchair, just wriggling herself around into a different and hopefully more sexy pose. Of course she was sexy, wearing nothing but her undergarments and sitting in her Merlin's leather chair behind his mahogany desk.

She had managed to sneak into Merlin's office at the Camelot Herald, ready to pleasantly surprise the unsuspecting man ( she found much amusement in his shocked expressions). Morgana looked around his desk, observing the little metal plaque engraved with Merlin Emrys and the various pieces of stationary strewn across the table. It was slightly messy and mainly impersonal if it weren't the dragon shaped paper holder.

Morgana lifted her black stiletto enclosed feet on the table, resting them there. She reached out for an edition of The Camelot Herald and began to read it while waiting for Merlin.

Just as she turned the second page she could here the door knob being fiddled with and unlocked. Morgana peeked over the newspaper and saw the door open, Merlin entering, rubbing his shoulder and talking to himself. Totally unaware that there was somebody sitting in his chair.

"Stupid Arthur, stupid article, stupid stapler with stupid good aim," he muttered. Merlin closed the door behind him.

Morgana decided to make her presence known. "You're late Mr. Emrys," she said sternly whilst she pretended to read the paper.

She heard him freeze. Morgana put the newspaper down on the side the table, revealing her half dressed form in its creamy glory and lacy black lingerie. She smiled wickedly at Merlin's very surprised face. His full mouth forming a little 'o' and eyes wide, shining with what may have been shock or anticipation. Nonetheless, he was frozen like a deer caught in the headlights, unable to even utter a sound much less a word.

"You know I do not like to be kept waiting Mr. Emrys."

"What are you doing here Morgana?" Merlin managed to enunciate even though he was very much turned on to see Morgana dressed in next to nothing in his office. It was obvious what she wanted yet some stupid part of his mind had to remind him to be sensible, Arthur was only a few doors away. But seriously, wasn't this part of every guy's secret fantasy?

"Working of course," she replied, like it was a perfectly appropriate answer. Her eyes glinted in amusement. She admired what Merlin was currently wearing; his red driving jacket, a skin tight blue cardigan and corduroy pants. She especially eyed the pants.

Morgana motioned him to come to the table. Merlin obeyed, though in his opinion not fully to his will. It was like Morgana had some gravity force around her and it was drawing him in.

He made it to his desk, leaning against it, his mind still trying to process everything. "Really? But Arthur's only a few offices down, what happens if we're caught?" There was really no use trying to ask this, it even sounded hopeless to him too, and looking at Morgana shift those ridiculously long and sexy legs, it was impossible to resist.

"I don't really care. I want you right here and right now." Morgana got off the chair and clambered on to the desk, pushing off the stationary. She appeared like a slinking cat.

"But we just saw each other last night," mumbled Merlin against her soft and very persuasive lips. It was utterly futile to convince himself now. His hands were already sliding against her bare sides.

"But I want you again," she murmured seductively, wrapping her legs against his lithe frame, pulling him closer and almost pushing her flat against his desk.

Morgana pushed off his red jacket and began to pull off the delightful blue top of his, whilst he was feasting on her neck, until they heard a commotion outside the office door and it opening.

It was too late to untangle themselves when Arthur barged in yelling, "Where are you Merlin? It does not take more than ten minutes to retrieve one stupid article!"

Arthur froze at the scene before him, shocked. "What in the nine levels of hell is going on here?"

His idiotic personal assistant Merlin was leaning on his desk (hair looking quite mussed and jacket carelessly thrown on the floor) with a pair of long, feminine legs wrapped against his waist and what appeared to be well manicured hands around his neck too.

In that split second the lovers tried to untangle themselves. It was then that Arthur realised that the feminine limbs belonged to a raven haired girl. Merlin shifted off her, revealing his half-sister Morgana, now currently being despoiled by Merlin.

"You two faced bastard! I'm going to kill you!" Arthur grabbed Merlin by his already stapler bruised shoulder, yanking him off Morgana.

Arthur was about to smash Merlin's face in if it weren't for the searing slap delivered by Morgana to his cheek.

"Arthur! Stop manhandling my boyfriend!" ordered Morgana.

Arthur immediately let go of Merlin, his hand flew to his face, trying to soothe his currently burning cheek. He could already imagine the red, hand shaped mark blossoming across his cheek.

Merlin took a few steps away from Morgana's angry brother, gasping for air. Morgana glided towards him like a mother bird, "Are you alright Merlin? He didn't hurt you too much?" she cooed.

He shook his head a little,"Only a bit, nothing I can't handle." He winced as she patted his shoulder.

Arthur stared at the scene incredulously, he was being totally ignored. "Hey what about me? And for god sakes cover yourself Morgana."

"Who cares about you Arthur?" retorted Morgana. She felt the velvety, red jacket slip onto her shoulders. Morgana turned around smiled sweetly at the personal assistant before she slid her arms into the sleeves, wrapping herself in the Merlin scented jacket.

"A lot of people of course. But that is beside the point. You and Merlin?" he gestured at the couple.

"What about me and Merlin?"

"He's your boyfriend? Since when? And you didn't tell me anything."

"I'm your boyfriend?" asked Merlin groggily.

"He's my uhh..." Morgana realised that she did indeed call Merlin her boyfriend. What was he if he wasn't her boyfriend? She was no longer looking for dalliances or such. The whole entire reason she came back to London was to settle down.

"Yes he is my boyfriend," she replied confidently. Morgana snatched the document Merlin just retrieved from the drawers and gave them to Arthur before hastily guiding him out of the office. "Now that you know all is well. I think you have some articles to edit. So shoo!" She pushed Arthur out of the room (and apparently he wanted to get out too) and locked the door.

Morgana turned around to see a disheveled Merlin looking a tad overwhelmed.

"I'm your boyfriend?"

"Yes you are my boyfriend. What did you think we were doing the past month? Wait don't answer that."

Merlin's open mouth shut but opened again as Morgana stalked towards him letting the jacket fall off her body.

"So where were we again?" she wrapped her ivory arms around his neck.

"Somewhere around here," he grinned before capturing her lips.


Morgana smiled fondly at the memory, blushing a bit for what happened afterward.

Author's Notes

Needed to get stuff out of my mind and escape reality for the moment with another short story. Review?