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Chapter 3

General POV

"Right, it's about your coursework as the joint curriculum of media studies." Matt frowned as he scanned his desk for the right folder. "Ah, here we go," as he triumphantly pulled out a black ring binder. "It's really good, just wanted to let you know that you've made a mistake on one of your bass clef notes, it's actually an E, not a B." Matt leant forward to show Josh exactly what he was pointing out. The close proximity made Josh shiver slightly, though he tried to contain himself. "Look, you're my best student and I really want you to do well, so…" Matt rooted around on his desk until he found a post-it note. "This is my home and mobile number, if you ever have any questions feel free to give me a call." Josh muttered his thanks, grabbing his folder and the post-it and hurrying out, head down. Matt frowned after him. Maybe the other kids were giving him grief over his sexuality again? He'd have a word with Tom later in the staff room.

"Where is he? He's like Houdini!" Finn complained to Trudi as they walked down the seemingly never-ending corridors to track down Josh.

"We must've crossed paths at some point," Trudi pointed out moodily.

"There!" Finn yelped, pointed down a door with a glass window into the corridor posterior to it.

"Quick. We don't want to lose him." Trudi tugged on Finn's sleeve and they both jogged towards the door. They ran to the top of the stairs, catching themselves by hanging over the banister and stretching to catch the sight of Josh collecting books from his locker. "What are we actually going to say?" Trudi looked at Finn expectantly.

"Don't worry. I'll handle it. I'm your man." Finn set off down the stairs with a cocky grin and slapped Josh on the shoulder like he had earlier. Josh made a snarky reply to Finn's "Hey, man!", which was the last thing Trudi saw before they walked off together.

"Look, mate, you know you can talk to me about anything, right? I was just thinking, I've never really been there for you, and I'm your best mate, so I really should be." Finn paused for breath before plunging on. "Like, anything, even if it's relationship problems or school problems or friend problems – unless it's me, of course – or you've got a crush on someone you shouldn't have." Finn clammed his mouth shut as soon as he'd said it. Nice one, Sharkey boy.

Josh turned to look sideways at him, the worry clear on his face. "What've you heard, Finn?"

"Trudi has a theory that you…have a crush…on a teacher." Finn winced.

"Which teacher?" His voice sounded dull and lifeless.


"Don't be thick." To anyone else's ears, it sounded like a friendly insult. But to Finn's ears, well trained to Josh, he could tell it was a lie.

"Alright, mate. Just remember, anything, right? You can talk to me about anything." Finn smiled awkwardly before mumbling an excuse and hurrying off down a corridor where Trudi greeted him.

He knows. What's going to happen? Has he told Dad? God, what if he has and he's told Wilding?

"So, does he? Doesn't he?" Trudi questioned.

"Yeah, he does." Finn sighed as the truth hit him, face on, full impact.

"Oh, Josh," Trudi muttered.

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