Ender glanced up from his spot on the floor as he heard a knock on the door, wondering who would want to talk to him. After all, what was there left for him to do or say? They'd won the war against the buggers and had all accepted the Locke Proposal. After a few more moments of waiting, the door slowly slid open and Mazer walked in.

"Alright Ender, I'll say this straight. They've made the decision to send you back home. I'd reckon you've spent enough time out among the stars, so you ought to be happy." Mazer stated calmly, leaning against the doorframe as he stared at Ender, waiting for the boy's reaction.

Ender did open his mouth to say something at first, but then he thought better of himself and quickly closed it. So he was going back home… home where Peter and Val were, where he was simply a normal Third, not a twelve year old boy who'd exploded the bugger's planet without even knowing it at the time. Though… he wasn't too sad about seeing Valentine again; she had always been so nice to him when he would get bullied or harassed by Peter.

While Ender was deep in thought, Mazer simply stared at him and waited for him to at least say something, but of course knowing him, the boy would probably just nod and agree to whatever they wanted to do to him.

"Your shuttle leaves at 1630, so don't be late." The commander simply said before stalking out of the room without bothering to shut the door behind him.

Ender watched him go before standing up and looking around the tiny space that had been his for the past however long he'd been here. Simple white walls, his bed. Not really much for him to take home. So he turned and walked out of the room without another thought.

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