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"I don't need to be protected!" Kensi shouted. "I've taken care of myself for years and I think I'm doing okay!"

"You're right," Deeks said throwing his hands up in mock defeat. "You can take care of yourself, but you are far from okay." Putting his hands in his pockets, he sidled over to Kensi's desk and sat on the edge. "Talk."

"Oh, my God!" Kensi threw down the file in her hands. "You don't know when to drop it, do you?" She pushed her chair away from the desk and stomped off into the hall between the gym and the bullpen. With her back against the wall, she let out a long, frustrated sigh and ran her hands through her hair.

Once he was sure she had calmed down some, Deeks sauntered after her and rested on the opposite wall. "Again, you're right. I don't know when to drop it. It's another one of my charming albeit annoying qualities."

A few moments passed as the two of them stood silently in the dimly lit hallway. Finally, Kensi spoke up.

"I'm fine, Deeks," she said in a low voice.

Deeks left his wall and joined Kensi on hers leaning his shoulder against the wall. "Liar," he said flatly.

Turning to face him, Kensi said, "Maybe I'm not fine, but it's none of your business. I don't need anyone to protect me, especially you."

"Ouch," Deeks said faking a hurt tone.

"You know what I mean." Kensi crossed her arms and put on a serious face. "I don't need you to protect me."

"Yeah, you said that already, but how much truth is there in that? You may appear tough, hell you are tough. But you really are very vulnerable and you know what? That's okay."

"Seriously?" Kensi's anger was beginning to resurface and the volume of her voice was rising. "You're impossible, you know that? How about I put it this way: you can't always protect me."

"I can try," Deeks said maintaining an even tone.

"You are so infuriating! Nothing I'm saying is penetrating your thick skull! Yes, we're partners. I have your back and you have mine, but you can't be there twenty-four-seven." Kensi was practically shouting now, her face red from a mix of frustration and anger. "I've been held at gunpoint, I've been shot at and shot," Kensi counted off on her fingers. "I have survived multiple explosions, I have been hit by several cars and been in several fights. I've even been taken captive. Every single time I came out in one piece. I don't. Need. Protection." She placed extra emphasis on that last statement.

By now, she was fuming and shaking with anger at the fact that Deeks thought she was incapable of protecting herself, but the truth was that she was scared. She was scared out of her mind and it took everything she had to put on that brave mask. While she did put her life on the line everyday, she had never been in a situation where she was the target and she personally knew the person targeting her and his capabilities. The bottom line: she was in fear for her life and it was wreaking havoc on her emotions.

Deeks firmly gripped both of her trembling shoulders to calm her down. "Just let me help you, Kensi," he said looking her square in the face. "You say you're fine, but you're not. Can you please, just this once, let someone help you?" Kensi's reply was to vehemently shake her head no. She felt tears well up and tried holding them back, but her partner had already seen her eyes become glassy in the dim light of the wall lamps.

Deeks knew all too well that Kensi would never let anyone in OSP see her in this state; she was too prideful so, to avoid the prying eyes of the nosiest agents, he instinctively drew her into a tight hug. "I've got your back, Fern" he whispered. "We've all got your back."

Kensi let her arms fall to her sides and let herself fall into her partner's embrace. As she slowly inhaled and exhaled to regain her composure she couldn't help but notice a distinct mixture of scents: sand, ocean, and sunscreen. She knew that Deeks loved to surf but this smell made her wonder if he actually slept on the beach. The sound of his heartbeat even mimicked the crashing waves he loved to ride.

"Feeling better, Fern?" he asked when he felt her relax under his grip.

"Yeah," Kensi sniffled.

"Are you gonna let me help you?"


"Good choice."

"Hey, Deeks?"


"You can let me go now."

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