Chapter 2 The Warning

The sound of his cell phone vibrating woke Arthur up. Instinctively, his hand reached out and fumbled a bit trying to grab his phone to answer it. It was when he had actually grabbed it that he remembered that his cell phone was in pieces in the living room.

England sat up straight in bed, now fully awake, and he stared incredulously at his cell phone, all put together, in his hand. Trying not to panic, he flipped it open to see who had called or texted him. He frowned as he saw that the alarm had been set to wake him at midnight.

"What the bloody hell…" He mumbled. Despite the mystery of how his cell phone had gotten back to his bedroom in one piece, England decided to just write the whole thing off as one of his fairy friends messing around and go back to sleep. His frown deepened as he remembered that it was now that day.

"You know if you continue to look like that, your face will get stuck like that."

Arthur nearly jumped out of his skin as he realized that someone was in his room and was speaking to him. He quickly turned on the lamp next to his bed, and blinked as light filled the room. He then looked over the intruder.

The intruder looked a lot like the Italy brothers, but he appeared to be older than them and he wore a tunic. The stranger smiled at him. "Hello, little England, how are you?"

"Who the bloody hell are you? And what the dickens are you doing in my room?" England screeched, secretly wishing he kept a gun close to his bedside like a certain American git.

The stranger's face fell a bit. "Ah, how cruel... has the world truly forgotten about me? I even sang for you and your friends during World War Two! How did you forget about me?"

England racked his brain, trying to find an answer, when it hit him. "Y-you're the Ancient Roman Empire! You're supposedly dead!"

Ancient Rome's smile came back in full force. "Ah… so you do remember me! But," his smile faltered a bit, "Please do not call me ancient. After all, Grandpa Rome here can still get with the ladies anytime he wants!"

Arthur made a face at that. I seriously did not want to hear that. However, he quickly recovered. "That still doesn't explain why you are in my bedroom."

"Ah, that's right! I have a message to deliver." Rome moved towards England, making him feel a bit self-conscious in his pajamas.

"What message?" He asked, his irritability rising.

Rome blinked. "Wow, you are just like your mother described you. Irritable little thing, aren't you?"

Arthur took a deep breath, trying to stop himself from attempting to strangle the ancient nation. Generally, it's only the frog and the git who can make me this mad… Thank the Lord the Italy brothers are not as annoying as him… Wait…

"What does my mother have to do with anything?" He asked out loud. "And you didn't answer my question!"

"Well, this all started from her idea!"


"Yes!" Rome nodded to emphasize his point. "You see, your mother's been watching you all these years, and she thinks you're being ridiculous."

"About what…" England's eyes narrowed, while wondering what could have annoyed his mother, Britannia of the British Isles, enough to want to send a message.

"This whole situation with Native America's kid, of course! She can't believe that you can't see what's right in front of you. She is also thoroughly convinced that you are going to regret your actions later."

This is all… about… that American wanker! England couldn't hide his anger any longer. "What the bloody hell! What does she mean I don't get what's right in front of me? She has no right to interfere with how I treat that stupid git! I'm not going to regret a single blasted thing about him!"

"Whoa, calm down." Rome held up his hands in the universal "I surrender" sign. "She told me what's up and it seems that Native America agrees with her, so I decided to help. Just don't blow up at the messenger."

England struggled to control himself. After all, he was a gentleman, and as Rome said, a gentleman would not get mad just because someone told him bad news. He took a deep breath. "Is that all you have to say?"

"Eh? What are you talking about? I haven't even gotten to the message part."

Arthur couldn't stop himself from facepalming. "Then what is the bloody message," he said through gritted teeth.

"Right." Rome leaned in close to England's face, and England couldn't help but lean away from it. "This is a warning. Tonight, starting at the stroke of one, you will be visited by three nations that will show you the errors of your ways."

Arthur blinked. That wasn't what he had been expecting of them all. "… What?" He couldn't help but wonder if he had heard correctly.

"Tonight, you will be visited by three nations to show you the truth, starting at the stroke of one." Rome said again. "I think it's pretty clear."

"… What the hell? Why does this sound so familiar?" England said as he processed what he heard. "Wait, I'm going to have nations breaking into my room! I'm not going to let that happen!"

Rome shrugged. "Britannia came up with this plan while talking to some strange guy up there. Then she used her magic to make it work. She said something about not having any ghosts willing to work for her, so she's forcing some nations to do her dirty work for her." He looked off into the distance. "It's just like old times…"

"Well, tell my mother that it's not any of her bloody business! I don't regret anything about dealing with that wanker, and she should call everything off!" Arthur said tersely. "I don't care what she thinks I should do, it doesn't matter."

Rome raised an eyebrow. "Eh, don't you get it?"

It was Arthur's turn to raise an eyebrow. "Get what?"

"It's too late to stop this! So expect the first nation when the clock strikes one!" Rome started grinning. "And now I'm free to go bug Germania's grandson and see cute little Veneziano! Ciao!"

"Wait! Wha-?" England spluttered and blinked, but Rome was already gone. He had vanished as mysteriously as he had come.

Arthur's eyebrows scrunched together as he tried to wrap his mind around what had just happened. I must be dreaming. He concluded. Yes, this is all just a strange dream. After all, what would my mother think I would regret about America? Why would she even care? And who the bloody hell is Native America?

Arthur sighed, and then he noticed that he still held his cell phone in his hand. He frowned at it, wondering at how it could have gotten there. Still, he set it back down on his nightstand and turned off the light.

"Who cares? This is just a bloody dream, anyway…" England mumbled this as he drifted off back asleep, not caring about the Ancient Roman Empire's warning of what was about to happen.