Ilyasviel looked at the paper slip in her hand, the house number, and the slip again, no, despite her wishes on the contrary, it wasn't a mistake.

Straightening her dress, she sighed and after sharing a look of encouragement in the gaze of her companion, knocked on the door. And again, and again.

The boy who opened was a redhead, taller than her and seemed very thin, but his voice was surprisingly gruff: "whatever you selling, I'm not buying, now go away".

She was so shocked by the surprising comment, that didn't noticed the closing of the door.

Though someone else, namely her companion, did.

"Excuse me; are you Shirou Hiro, from the Fuyuki Orphanage? Oh sorry, its Hiro Shirou in japan." The calm and regal voice of her companion asked, while her daintly hand holding the door from closing with now visible effort, despite the youth on the other side resisting her grasp, trying to close it.

"Who's asking? You're not social services, are you?"

Collecting her thoughts, Illya tried again, "I am Illyasviel Von Einzbern, a representative of the Emiya fund for victims of the Fuyuki Fire that happened ten years ago, we…" and was interrupted "what?" "We are sorry for the delay, but we are her now and we wish to help", her companion continued, the boy closed his eyes, muttered something and asked, with anger. "You're telling you're late! You're freaking late! You don't have any shame do you? Take the little girl and leave my home, before I do something you might regret."

Just as she was about to scold that rude boy, her companion, after a moment of staring into his eyes, nodded once, and grabbing her hand, left, pulling her along.

"Alright, saber, what was this? You nearly pulled my arm in your haste" she quarried, as they reached and entered their car.

"He was upset upon learning our purpose and would refuse anything, remaining there at this time would be fruitless. We should learn more about him, the reason for his reaction, and the suitable amount of compensation he deserves, So that we may properly assist him, as well as resume the search."

"Yes, you are right once again, and we will start the investigation tomorrow morning at the arcade, right after I try out all the games there! And maybe we will find some other survivors, there must be others, nice ones, he can't be the only one, it's not fair to give daddy's legacy to someone so grumpy. "

The woman now revealed as saber wasn't certain, she still felt uncomfortable due to the gaze of the angry child who lost much due to her actions. She had no idea just how much, or how angry.

The arcade proved to be of little use, in either goal, as most in the right age kids didn't know Hiro Shirou, and the few who did were unhelpful saying things like: "I heard he died in a gang war" "I hear he is a delinquent, skips school and goes home to a yakuza parent who lives rich on extortion money" which was ridiculous, as she saw the house he lived in, she didn't think any self-respecting criminal would live there. She did learn the name of his school, and decided to check it, and her father's contact…

Right after ice-cream.