Here is my very first To aru Majutsu no Index fic! I'm pretty much a huge fan of crack pairings. It would be interesting to have Accelerator being a girl instead of a guy for once and plus, I love to create scenarios whereby it didn't happen in canon. Plus, I love Ruiko a lot.


A thirteen year old girl with blue eyes and long black hair, going by the name of Saten Ruiko, was heading towards the Judgement office to visit her close friend, Uiharu Kazari. She was under a bright blue umbrella, sheltering her from the heavy rain that came upon the city just when she was about to leave the school. Because of the accuracy of the weather forecast of this city, she was already well prepared for this event in the morning.

Ahh… I'm lucky that I woke up early to read the forecast paper this morning. Today must be another lucky day. she thought as she trotted carefully along the wet pavement.

After a year of the Poltergeist attack, she was promoted to second year of Sakugawa Middle School along with Uiharu who went to the same class as her. As far as she knows, there wasn't any abnormalities that occurred within the city. However, she visited the internet daily to check out the latest rumors and found out that they had been increasing with more ridiculous stories. Not that Saten would deem them as ridiculous more than it having the possibility of being a reality.

Her thoughts were put on an halt when the sound of a screeching car coming towards her resounded throughout the area. Before she knew it, she was drenched in water by the huge splash caused by the impact of the car and the nearby huge puddle laying right on the road.

What is the point of having an umbrella now? Saten shouted in her own thoughts.

"My bad, my bad!" A familiar older woman with long blue hair tied into a low ponytail stepped out of the car after breaking it not far away from her.

"A-Ahhh…" Saten murmured at her own misfortune before looking up at her 'splasher'. It's that scary teacher!

"Oi, are you alright?" The teacher called out again, breaking Saten from yet another train of thoughts. "My bad. I took a wrong turn just now and tried to swerve my car away before it hits you," she explained.

Saten let out a small sneeze afterwards, still holding onto her umbrella but at her sides this time. "H-Haaah… I see-Ahchoo!"

"This is bad. You are going to catch a cold at this rate. My place is just nearby so you could take a shower before it gets worse at least."

Before Saten could turn down the offer, the woman had already took her by the arm towards her car and ushered her into it. Not only she had nearly killed the middle school student, she also felt responsible for bringing her into this unfortunate wet state. All this time she had also been thinking where she had met this girl before. Although it was common for her to forget about some people due to many she had met, the ones whom she never forgets are the ones who left an impression on her. Then, it clicked.

"Ah, that's right! You were that girl back at the supplementary class, weren't you? What a coincidence, huh? Although I shouldn't be saying that since I was the one who almost ran into you. It was a lucky call out there. By the way, what's your name?"

"S-Saten Ruiko," Saten replied with a hint of shiver in her tone.

"I see. No wonder I felt that I had met you somewhere before. So, do you at least remember who I am?"

Who wouldn't?

Saten nodded mildly in response. "Yomikawa-sensei… right?"

Still focusing her sight in front, she replied, "You got that right! But since I'm not your teacher anymore, you can drop the -sensei suffix. Well, that supplementary class was only a one time deal after all," she pointed out while making a turn on the road. "We better get you to my place fast. I have some clothes you can change into in the meantime."

"I-it's alright. You don't really have to go through the trouble."

"Don't be so polite. It's my fault that you are in this state too after all. After you are done, I'll bring you back to your dorm unless you were initially heading to somewhere else?" she inquired.

"Judgement office. To visit a friend of mine but I don't think I would have the time…" she trailed off.

Yomikawa laughed nervously. "Really sorry about that. I was talking to a colleague of mine but I guess I shouldn't have done that."


When they arrived at Yomikawa's apartment, Saten was struck in awe by the size of the room. It seemed to be too big for one single person to stay but then again, Yomikawa is an adult and an Anti-skill member at that. Plus, the whole huge place seemed cleaner than her usual untidy room. It must be a hassle to clean up this huge place on her own.

"Eh, looks like Kikyou and the brats are not at home."

So she wasn't living alone after all.

"Well, doesn't matter. Here is a towel and some clean clothes," Yomikawa offered after emerging from a room and plopped it into her hands. "There is only one brat here that has almost the same size as you so I guess you'll have to do with that."

"Is it really alright…?" she asked nervously. Neither asked permission from the said 'brat' for the usage of her clothes.

Yomikawa nodded in confirmation and brought Saten to the bathroom, urging her in and only left when she had Saten's school uniform for to wash. The middle school student sighed at her situation and proceeded to lock the door so that she could shower.

At some point during her shower, she heard the front door opening before the place seemed to be crowded with the new level of noises that this house contained. There was a few shouts here and there along with a cheerful, strangely adorable voice which wasn't even enough for Saten to make out what the occupants in the house were shouting about. It wasn't important anyway… until the door to her bathroom opened.

"Ah." An albino 'man' could only utter out when he saw an unfamiliar girl using the bathroom.

Of course, when a male sees a female naked, the latter could only react by…


Even though the male doesn't seem to have any special reaction towards seeing a naked body of a female.

"My bad again! I forgot to tell you that the lock was spoilt," Yomikawa called out as she rushed into the scene.

"Why the hell didn't you get it fixed then?" The albino shouted.

Yomikawa blinked, as though confused at the question. "We are all girls here, aren't we? So I don't think a lock would be important, Yuriko-chan."

"Don't call me that!"

"You don't like it, Accelerator-chan?"

"I'm fine with my name but don't add shit in it!"

And while the considerate occupants of this house are quarreling, a dumbstruck girl stood in the middle of the shower. It's not difficult to see Yuriko as a girl or a boy due to her size and way of speech. But right now, she looks 70% more like a boy with her shoulder length messy white hair, scary looking face while wearing a male's T shirt and long blue jeans. Plus, the so called genderless person has an extremely flat chest.

Saten gave out a sigh of a relief. "So it's a girl…"

That sentence caught the attention of the other two people in the room.

"What? You thought that Yuriko-chan was a male?" Yorikawa asked with a tint of humor in her tone before bursting out laughing. "I don't blame you at all. The times when she walked in on me, Kikyou and the other brat bathing and had no reaction or whatsoever, I thought that the kid still hadn't developed his hormones."

Is that something a teacher should say?

"I told you not to call me by that shit!"

And the person insulted had to chose the wrong part to rebuke.

"But from whichever you see Yuriko-chan now, she seemed to be more like a guy. I told you that you should wear skirts and dresses more often."

"Like hell I'm ever going to put myself in those crap," she snapped.


Hello, someone is still naked in the showers.


It took awhile before Yomikawa and Yuriko to realize their surroundings and promptly left the bathroom with a slam of a door by the latter while still able to hear them arguing with each other even when they are probably not near the area. That was an eventful moment but Saten wasn't sure she would want to experience it again. Yomikawa seemed to be as indecent as Saten initially thought she wouldn't be.

It was then she realized Yomikawa had called the albino 'Accelerator'. That name sounds oddly familiar. A few seconds later, Saten let out a gasp in realization. Accelerator is the name for the No.1 level five Esper in the Academy City. No one has really saw Accelerator in person and even if they did, they wouldn't have known that they had saw the famous No.1 Esper. Apparently not many knew how Accelerator looked like.

In Saten's honest opinion, Accelerator looked like a person who gone out from a hospital. And being a frequent patient at that.

There was not much time for her to ponder more as she finally finished rinsing soap off herself thus ending her shower time. The clothes Yomikawa gave her was of a simple black T-shirt and jeans which Saten had this feeling that it belonged to Yuriko. But it was either she wears it or deck outside naked and give the occupants of this house a round two of her naked figure. The latter doesn't sound appealing at all.

"And I was just saying-Hey, you're done," Yomikawa called out when Saten came into view.

Yuriko's eyebrow twitched at the sight. "Why the hell is she wearing /my/ clothes?"

"Waaaah! MISAKA cried out as MISAKA looks at the stranger in awe." A little girl, not till the age of eleven popped out of her hiding spot from Yuriko's side.

"I told you that I soaked her clothes along the way so I had to find something to fit her in. Kikyou and mine are obviously too big for her and I don't think she could even squeeze into the other brat's clothes," Yomikawa explained. "So, how does it fit?" She asked as if she was expecting a very good answer.

"Um… it's a little tight around the chest but it's alright."

Saten got it right. Yomikawa burst into another round of laughter.


"Yuriko-chan is still a kid after all. Right. I hadn't introduced the both of you, right?" Yomikawa stated although Yuriko doesn't seem like she would care. "This girl is Saten Ruiko. And Saten-chan, this sharp tongued brat is Suzushina Yuriko and the tiny brat is Misaka." It wouldn't be appropriate to reveal Last order's name.

"Misaka? Is she related to Misaka Mikoto? Now that I think about it, she does look alike to her…" Saten trailed off she she stared at the little one.

Last order perked up at that. "MISAKA is Misaka's little sister, MISAKA answered."

"Misaka never told us before," Saten murmured while recalling if there was any time when Misaka talked about her own family. None.

Yomikawa shrugged at that. It was no surprise that Misaka Mikoto didn't inform her friends about the Shift level 6 experiment along with the 20001 clones that was made during the process. 20000 of those who looked like the Railgun herself while 20001 is Last Order obviously. And among those numbers, 10031 of them had ceased to exist. Why Misaka would never dream of telling her friends such an event… was self-explanatory.

Although I have some plans for this story, I am still not confident of how it will turn out yet. I hope that this fic would be enjoyable to all. Reviews are deeply appreciated!