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I… didn't get to have any sleep… Saten thought while having her body wrapped around by Yuriko's limbs.

After they had gotten back home, they had to resolve one problem immediately. Sleeping arrangements. Sakugawa Middle School's dorm room consists of a double-decker bed with only one single size mattress located at the top and bottom. Initially, both Last Order and Misaka WORST wanted to share the mattress with Yuriko until the albino couldn't take their quarreling anymore and demanded them, as an order, to share the mattress with each other instead. But as an immediate impromptu way to resolve the fighting, Yuriko failed to notice that it would leave with her and Saten having to share. It was too late when Last Order called on the upper mattress and Misaka WORST begrudgingly followed.

And in the middle of the night…


Saten was woken up by a sudden chill throughout her body. She opened her eyes tiredly and felt extremely cold. Shifting her eyes around slightly, she found that Yuriko had hogged the small blanket meant for only a single person. Saten's eyebrow twitched in irritation and proceeded to grab her share of the blanket back, only to fail in doing so when the still sleeping Yuriko suddenly gripped onto the blanket and tugged it back.

What a troublesome person… Saten thought as she fought hard as well.

The tug of war continued until the blanket was flung over onto the floor.

"A-Ah…" Saten gasped in a hush voice.

Because of Yuriko's tendency to grab anything as a source of warmth whenever her body becomes chilly while she was asleep, her hands shot out towards the closest warmth around her. Saten, to be exact. The black haired girl couldn't possibly react enough when her body was suddenly pulled towards Yuriko's, her head colliding with the other's chest while her body was within the other's limbs. Thank god Yuriko wasn't capable of having her Vector Change ability turned on 24/7.

Yuriko really does have a chest of a male… Saten thought before shaking it out of her head. Wh-What the heck am I thinking?

"Um… Yuriko…?" Saten called out while trying to squirm her way out of her strong grip.

But to no avail when Yuriko remained asleep.

"Th-this can't be happening. H-Hey Yuriko… Wake up, please," Saten pleaded as she tried to shake the other.

The black haired girl tensed up when Yuriko's facial expression turned into a frown. Even though she couldn't activate her ability at the moment, a Level Five wasn't only strong in the ability department. And despite Yuriko's already weakened physical strength, she could still probably slam Saten into the neighboring rooms if she wanted to. Perhaps it was best to stay quiet and try to go to sleep.

End of Flashback

A few seconds later, the alarm clock rang loudly before it went dead silent again. Saten looked in horror when the alarm clock was flung into the wall, resulting in a loud crash which then successfully awoken the sleeping albino and all the occupants in this room. Hopefully, Yuriko hadn't awoken the whole dorm awake. And yes, she was lucky that she didn't scream in her dorm mate's ear to wake her up. That could've been her lying on the floor in little bits.

"What a loud noise…" Yuriko grumbled sleepily and opened her eyes. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"You broke the alarm clock, you idiot," Saten hissed and squirmed in her grip. "And could you please let go of me?"

Yuriko's eyebrows were drawn together until she had comprehend the position they were in and quickly drew back her hands. "Geez, it's not like I wanted to do it."

"You weren't letting go off me no matter what," she pointed out irritably.

"Why the hell are you getting mad at me for?" Yuriko growled.

"I didn't get any sleep because of you!"

"You could've just fallen asleep if you wanted to! Don't tell me you kept staring at me the whole night!" Yuriko shouted back.

"You shoved my face into your chest, moron! You would be the last thing I would want to stare at anyway!"

"Good! Because being stared by you is disturbing!"

"And looking at you for more than three seconds makes my tastebuds bitter!"

With a few more seconds of glaring and snarling, the two stubborn hot-headed girls turned their heads away from each other. That was when Misaka WORST and Last Order poked their heads out from above of their beds.

"You two lovebirds sure love to quarrel early in the morning," Misaka WORST remarked.

"We are NOT LOVEBIRDS!" The two of them shouted.

"Good morning, greets MISAKA although MISAKA is still pouty that MISAKA was awaken by you two."

Yuriko rolled her eyes and got herself off the bed the two were sharing. "Deal with it, you annoying brat. Or just go back to sleep so that I won't have to deal with you too," she grumbled and went to the bathroom to get ready.

"MISAKA is not sleepy anymore! exclaims MISAKA as MISAKA feels fully awaken now~" Last Order jumped down from the bed and landed on her feet perfectly. "MISAKA is hungry! says MISAKA as MISAKA follows you into the bathroom, hoping that you will give MISAKA food!"

"Don't run around in here, you crazy brat! If you want food, go bug the annoying woman!"

"Annoying?" Saten exclaimed.

Misaka WORST yawned and hopped off her bed as well. "She thinks that everyone is annoying so there is nothing to overreact about," she remarked and skipped off into the bathroom as well. "Let's bathe together, shall we~?"

"Waaaah! Why are you throwing your clothes at MISAKA? asks MISAKA in horror as MISAKA tries to get free!"


"SATEN! COME AND JOIN US TOO~" Misaka WORST called out from the bathroom. "WE CAN HAVE A WOMEN BATHE TOGETHER~"

"Waaaah! Why wasn't MISAKA invited? demands MISAKA as MISAKA feels hurt!"

"Sorry, only those who have tits are allowed~! Although I have to say, Yuriko's are not much of a difference from the little brat's."

"STOP. TOUCHING. ME!" Yuriko screamed.

Saten was smart to kept silent and went to the kitchen again, shaking her head and sighing loudly at the loud noises from the bathroom. Living with these guys are bound to give her headaches every morning. Still, Saten couldn't help but felt a wave of excitement flowing through her. It was surely going to be an interesting life with these clowns around here and she felt that she wouldn't have it another way. She giggled to herself and took out some eggs from the fridge.

Oh! Should they have a small shopping trip for Yuriko's feminine clothes?

The school went by without much of a problem save for Yuriko's loud stream curses at the beginning of the day when they were getting ready for homeroom. Yuriko had never liked being touched by anyone or rather, she was not used to having someone touch her at all. For more than the years she could count on her fingers, anyone who tried to touch her would have their limbs dislocated by her Vector Change ability although the situation had changed ever since she didn't have the ability on twenty-four seven.

It was definitely much easier to protect someone like Last order but at the same time, it gave Misaka WORST more access to disturbing physical contacts.

And Misaka WORST just happened to be one of the few people Yuriko would mind turning her power on against. Damn her and her conscience. She really wanted to know how much she had changed ever since that… incident. Ever since that damned Level zero student managed to defeat her in battle. Her animosity towards him had definitely diminished when they had worked together during their business with Birdway. But that didn't mean that she had forgotten everything.

"Hey Yuriko? Are you alright? You look as though you are going to kill the guy in front…" Saten pointed out.

Yuriko blinked before taking notice at the random stranger in front of them, cowering in fear. "Tch." She closed her eyes and turned her head away. "Hey, we are going to shopping, aren't we? So why the heck do we have to babysit the brat and the pervert?" she demanded.

"MISAKA wants to tag along and see Yuriko in pretty clothes, says MISAKA in eagerness!"

"Because I'll make you look much better than yourself," Misaka WORST spoke in a matter-of-fact tone.

Saten smiled nervously at Yuriko's growing rage. "Well, there you go. We can't keep them in the apartment all the time either since the room cleaning service tidies up our room at a certain time in the day. If they found out that we are housing them, we might get into trouble."

"Why not just send them to Yomikawa?" Yuriko demanded.

"She said that it would be best for Last Order to stick around you since you are like a… father to her," Saten replied. "But why father though? Since you are a female and all."

"Because, dear daddy here, is much too violent for a kind, sweet, domestic mother," Misaka WORST explained with a smirk on her lips.

"Don't call me that. It's disturbing to hear it from your mouth," Yuriko barked loudly.

Last Order grinned and hugged one of Yuriko's legs. "Because Yuriko always protects MISAKA like a father would! says MISAKA as MISAKA fake sniffed for the moment."

"You are one hell of an annoying brat, do you know that?"

"There you go again~ Yuriko really have to stop being so tsuntsun-Uwah! Yuriko is making that scary face again! exclaims MISAKA as MISAKA clings onto your leg further, hoping that you won't get too angry!"

Yuriko let out a final sigh before looking out at the window. "Just how much longer will it take for us to get there?"

"A few more minutes. The shopping mall isn't that far from the school," Saten replied.

"Good, I need to get out of here before I start having the urge to crush something."

"WOW~! The city is moving! cries MISAKA in amazement as MISAKA climbs up onto your shoulder!"

"Don't make yourself the first on my list," Yuriko hissed as she pulled Last Order off her shoulder and set her on the ground, ignoring her puff of anger.

Fortunately, within the few minutes, nothing on the train was broken. From what she had heard from Yomikawa, Saten had to give credit to Yuriko for not turning on her collar on the train itself. She was known to have a short fuse but Saten could tell she wouldn't hurt anyone without a valid reason. That doesn't applies to objects around her though. After all, the huge dent on the wall in Yomikawa's home was pretty much still intact.

That was the last thing a train would need.

"Finally," Yuriko exclaimed in huge annoyance. "Oi. Don't wander off far. I am not going to look all over the place for you again if you get lost," Yuriko warned Last order.

"MISAKA would be fine without such intensive care~ assures MISAKA as MISAKA tries to seek permission to be free."

"It won't be a good idea to get lost in here. The train station and the shopping mall would be very crowded and huge," Saten remarked while seemingly in a thought. "Perhaps it would be a good idea to carry Last Order. If we come into a very packed crowd, Last Order might just be pushed away without us knowing."

Misaka WORST held her hands up as a sign of 'no'. "I am not going to carry her. Too much effort."

They turned to Yuriko.

"…Can't you all people see that I semi-crippled?" Yuriko reminded as she held out her crutch in emphasis.

Which leaves…

"Fine. I will do it," Saten groaned and picked Last Order up in her arms. It was her idea so go figures she would be the one to carry it out too. "Let's leave the platform before more people comes in," she suggested.

"Wait," Misaka WORST commanded and skipped in front of them. "Move to your left a little bit," she requested, pointing at Saten with her index finger as an order.

Confused, Saten obliged anyway and did so before stopping beside Yuriko. Yuriko also held the same confused expression but was more of a, 'what-the-hell-are-you-plotting-this-time, you-crazy-woman' kind of look. Misaka WORST leaned forward, narrowing her eyes in inspection as she put her hand on her chin as though in a deep serious thought. Not that Yuriko would believe that Misaka WORST could think seriously at any time of a day.

"Yuriko seems like a father. Saten looks like a mother now," Misaka WORST remarked.

"Hah?" The both of them let out in complete obliviousness.

"Come on! Don't you guys feel like we are like a family now? Yuriko the daddy, Saten the mommy, I as the sexy older sister and Last Order as a baby brat."

"MISAKA is not a baby, corrects MISAKA as MISAKA tries to remind that she is older than you!"

Misaka WORST waved the little one off in dismissal with her hand and smirked. "The two of you do have that… parental air around you now."

"What kind of bullshit are you spouting?" Yuriko inquired, trying to figure out what had invaded Misaka WORST's system this time.

"Don't you agree, Saten?" Misaka WORST questioned, ignoring the albino.

Saten sweatdropped as she tried to think of something to say. Honestly, a mother would be the last thing she would ever imagine herself to be. Even until now, she had been relying on her mother's support and was more of a child than a mother figure to anyone. But perhaps that motherly side of her started to grow ever since she had thought of her own mother more ever since the Level Upper incident, driving her to protect her friends.

"I-I don't know. I am pretty much very young still," she reminded.

"Psh." Misaka WORST rolled her eyes in annoyance. Obviously the two of them wasn't aware of what she was implying at all. Such dense people shouldn't even be standing in front of her well and alive at all! "We would make one hell of a family, that's what I'm saying."

Might as well give those two idiots time. Loads of them, I'm sure. Misaka WORST thought.

"Yeeees. One HELL indeed," Yuriko drew out sarcastically. "Now if you are done with your pointless mumble, can we get a move on?"

"Yes, father," Misaka WORST quipped with the same amount of sarcasm before they started to head off to their destination.

Meanwhile, they were completely oblivious to the figure approaching them.

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