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Gajeel is pissed.

And not in the 'I'm-going-to-kill-you-type', The jealousy monster was biting his ass and he didn't like it. Recently, a new book came out and it had most bookworms around the world, has it and not takes their eyes off it. Even bunny girl has it and he could practically smell Natsu's anger from where he was sitting, and he was on the other side of the guild. Levy wouldn't move her spot, unless if it was the bathroom and Gajeel actually thought of getting rid of the damn book before she could return. But then again, those big olive orbs were gleaming up and most of the books makes her blush intensify, he didn't mind seeing that, but…

"You know if you want her attention just bring her a drink and start up a conversation or something..." Lily trailed off, sipping on his favorite mug. Maybe Gajeel doesn't even know it, but Lily could tell he and Salamander was really having a hard time. So he really didn't want to deal with Gajeel's constant scowling.

"She'll just take the glass and thank me for it, not even looking at me." The Iron dragon slayer sighed, then stood up, walking outside of the Guild.

"Where are you going?"

"Outside!" Smash! The guild doors smashed together rather roughly, surprising everyone, including Levy. She looked surprised at the direction where Gajeel walked away, then softly asked Mira, "Is there something wrong with him, Mirajane?"

"Jeez, he gets jealous over the weirdest things."She smiled oh so innocently, and walked to the back of the bar, to attend and serve other orders.

That sentence alone made one of the guild's smartest girls; believe she was stupid because she couldn't figure out Gajeel at all. He seemed scary, but ever since he joined the guild he's slowly changing. She had forgiven him long time ago for the tree incident, though her teammates might not have, at least she want for Jet and Droy to understand. She couldn't hide the fact… that well, to most people he looked scary, and you know all the black long hair and piercings even though at first she was afraid of him. But when he saved her from Laxus lightning, she thought more differently of him, maybe even more appealing than she thought.

She groaned and covered her face with this new book, it's about a vampire man and a human girl, fall in love, fight other creatures and all that stuff. It was most interesting to her but as much as she retorted she couldn't stop from her imagining she was the main character and Gajeel…. As the vampire. Cheeks burned even darker.

"Tch, what's up with Shrimp, ignoring everyone for a stupid book!" He kicked a pebble, as he walked to aimlessly, just kicking the pebble, until it flew to the pond of a park. Wanting to recollect his thoughts, he sat down on one of the benches, glaring at the happy couples and happy animal couples. That was until he felt the bench support more weight than him.

"Damn Twilight…" A white haired spiky boy said, cursing to himself and was looking slightly tired. "I hate you Black*Star…" That was until the teenager realized he wasn't the only one sitting on this bench, looked at Gajeel, who was crossing his arms, glaring at the floor. Soul grunted out, "Hey…"

Gajeel gave a grunt of response, kind of surprised he wasn't afraid because most people classify him terrifying. "If you're here scowling, I'm guessing, either you lost a fight-"

The Iron dragon slayer laughed, "Hah, yeah right! The hell I would lose to anyone right now, like Salamander and Stripper could never beat me." The boy continued,

"- or a girl is troubling you." Silence…. Was Gajeel reply, looking straight at the ground, scowling. The boy smirked, showing his shark-like teeth, then continue to pester him, "Seems like I'm right old man."

"You do realize I'm eighteen."

"I know, but you're older than me, so want to tell me your problems?"

"Why the fuck should I tell you?"

The boy simply shrugged, "Don't you want to get it off your chest?"

'He had a point' the black haired man said, Gajeel sighed, started talking to the strange teenager.

"She's the bookworm of our guild; her and her best friend bought this new book, some weird romantic very popular book. A-"

"Wait a minute! Famous romantic book right, my partner bought one and she hasn't kept her eyes off it! Is it called Twilight?"

Gajeel crossed his arms stubbornly, "Dunno, don't care." The boy smirked, "But it bothers the hell outta you."

"Honestly I wanted to rip it in pieces while she was in the bathroom, but-"

"She blushes when she reads some parts of the guild, big green eyes get excited and you like seeing that"

"Yeah th- Wait, How do you know she has green eyes!"

"Honestly, I guessed that, my partner is a blonde with green eyes, stupid love for books…" White haired boy cursed, pouting.

"Well, she isn't my partner… but we have a complicated past, to sum it up I was 'bad' before I could join Fairy Tail, since I was 'bad' I damaged certain people, like pinning her and her team mates in a tree." Gajeel frowned, remembering his past.

"Ouch, the worst I've done to her is calling her flat chested, and then she hit me with a freaking encyclopedia in the head! Then she says I have bad grades and I blame her for brain damage!"

Gajeel snickered, "Gijiji, seems like we are on same terms kid. What's your name?"

"Soul. Soul Evans" Gajeel could see him flinch at the mention of his second name, but let it past, "Gajeel Redfox. "

"Cool name." Soul said, resting his back on the bench, "Though we both have the same problem, our bookworms won't come out of their apples, any ideas Gajeel?"

"Hmmm, my cat gave me a good idea before.."


I'm really surprised no one thought about this, it just entered me today, please post some ideas on how to get Soul and Gajeel's bookworms their attention!