Levy walked slowly towards her house, trying her best to enjoy on her day off, though she was finding it very difficult to do so. She swore to the Dragons and Greek Gods and every mystical being she read that the pain was worsening by the minute. It didn't help that this particular season was summer and she felt her clothes stick to her body. Plus, her fever was not helping at all either. So, she tried to think of other things to keep her occupied from the pain, even if it was still there but the thinking lessened her for a bit.

'Come to think of it, I haven't seen Gajeel today…' She felt the corners of her mouth frown slightly. He seemed to cheer her up in his weirdest ways. She smiled as she thought about how they have been growing a lot closer to each other. But she feared she's the only one who noticed… 'Yeah…. Who would notice me? I'm too short, boring and plain for anyone to notice me...' Her frowned returned. She hated her one-sided love for him, she hated the feelings she grew for the metal-head. Though she did not regret them.

Not one bit…


Oh look, Fairy Hills is just ten minutes away.

"Maka! I'm home!" He closed the door behind him and looked around the apartment. Soul searched around for his miester, but she was nowhere to be soon. Kitchen, nope. Living room, nope. Bathroom, knocked first THEN entered, nope. Bedroom?

He stood nervously on her bedroom, trying to keep his cool then scraped his knuckles softly on the wood. "Maka?"

The only response he got was a slight, pained moaned. He entered the room rather quickly then saw her on the bed, and kneeled next to her. "The hell happened?"

The blond smiled softly at him, "I was at –cough- School then Stein said I –cough cough- passed out in the middle of class. When he brought me to the nurse, he said he found some weird magic on me and got worried" At the end of her little speech she coughed and her body racked uncontrollably. Soul quickly pulled her out of her bed and wrapped his arms on her slender frame.

"Baka! What are you –cough- doing?!" Maka's protest was not listened as she felt Soul's warm presence. "Stupid, you need to rest, you're shivering like hell, and lying here with no blankets and your uniform is not helping." She stayed quiet after that. Soul pushed her away a little so that he could see her face, "I'm going to make some soup, can you manage changing by your own?" She gave a small nod, Soul grinned.

"K then, I'll be right back." He slowly got out of her embrace and left to make her some chicken noodle soup.

Curled up in a small ball, breathing and sweating heavily was Levy. She slowly sat up from her bed and looked towards her window, staring at space deep in thought. 'What happened to me? I was completely fine yesterday…'

Looking for a possible solution, Levy stood up and rummaged through her towers of books, trying to find a specific book to keep her mind occupied. She smiled brightly, even with her headache, and laid down on her stomach to reread her favorite part from the book again. Her eyes skimmed over read words, but after minutes of doing so her headache worsened.

"Aaah, Ite ite…"

Knock, knock.

'I thought Mira told them I was sick…' she thought. Then it came louder.

Knock, knock knock..

She stumbled a bit but stood up again and opened the door slightly so only she could lean in and tell the person she was sick.

Only that the words caught in her mouth as she saw the Iron dragon slayer at her door, with Lily of course. Her nerves went overdrive and her cheeks blushed slightly at the sight of him.

"G-Gajeel? .. Ho- How did you manage to break the spell?" She saw him visibly shudder.

" I didn't, so I had to ask Demon- Barmaid for it.." He could not get the creepy smile off his mind, it scarred him. He didn't even want to ask her in the first place, but Lily butted in.

"Oh…. Um…. Not to be rude but… why are you here?"

"Can I see that book you bought a couple of months ago?" Levy gave him a confused stare but then opened the door for both of them. As Gajeel and Lily entered Levy disappeared in the towers of books.

"Miss Levy sure does seem to have a lot of books..." Lily thought out loud as he crossed his arms. Gajeel made a gesture as in, 'Noooo, Really?'. Then he made himself comfortable on Levy's couch and waited for the small bookworm to come back with the devil book. He wanted to make a list of how many ways he could destroy it, a sadistic grin came upon his pierced face

Minutes later a blue bob appeared with the requested item and handed it to the dragon slayer. She sat next to him on the couch, but kept her distance, still nervous from his appearance to her dorm.

Gajeel flipped the book over, and then handed it to Lily, "This book is enchanted with a spell." The dragon slayer observed how her eyes widened, then looked around frantically when she notice he was watching her reaction. 'Cute….' was his first thought.

"Enchanted?!" she grabbed the book from Lily and looked at it over, "This looks like a normal book to me Gajeel.." He scoffed and crossed his arms, "Then tell me why the sudden headache."

Levy's eyes widened, 'H-He noticed, that quickly? I mean, He's barely at the guild anymore… much less socializing with me anymore...'

Levy slowly looked up to him, then down at the book, then slowly at him again. He hasn't given a reason for her to think he's lying, and the sudden headache could be true but at the same time the headache could be something natural and he was teasing her again.

The small bookworm pouted, "How do I know this headache could be natural and you're just teasing me..?" Lily snickered, wondering how Gajeel is going to prove this one.

Gajeel rolled his eyes then stared at Levy hard, "Do you really think I would come all this way to annoy you?" Levy thought for a minute then responded.

"Out of your boredom, yes."

He groaned, face-palming himself. He picked the book up and gave it to her, watching as her face scrunched up in small pain. He would hate himself right now from bringing her in more pain but this was for a test. Then he snatched it and threw it behind his shoulder, observing how she returned to normal.

"See midget? This only happens when you're close to the book's spell." Levy looked down for a second, then sighed and did something unexpected.

She hug him.

"I'm sorry for not trusting you..."

He stiffened, then searched Lily for help, but as he look above, the black exceed was already gone. 'Damn that cat! The fuck am I supposed to do now?!' He looked back at the small girl, and then awkwardly placed his hand around her. Gajeel really didn't know what to do; he wasn't the type of romantic guy, much less knowing how to be in these types of positions.

But he really wanted to hug her back really hard, he was just afraid of how she would react to his feelings.

Levy released him with a red-beat face. "….Um... W-We should tell Lu-chan about this…" He stretched his arms then relaxed more on the couch, "Both Salamander and I know about the book thing. He should be at Bunny Girl's house by now."

Levy nodded, unsure of what should we blurt out and folded her hands neatly on her lap, admiring her shoes. Gajeel on the other hand stared above at the ceiling, as if almost pleading on what the fuck he should do now.

Said dragon slayer peeked at her and stiffened when she peeked back. Both look away at the same time.

Levy gathered her courage and spoke, "G-Gajeel…?"

"Hnn?" He grunted in response.

"Well… t-there's s-s-something I want-t to tell y-yo-you…" She can't believe how bad she was stuttering, Jesus, she just wanted to escape this situation. But, if she does she's never be this close or private with Gajeel again… She had to take the risk before it's too late.


"I-… I well I umm…" She was tongue tied. The bluenette really didn't know what to say! Just blurting out 'Hey Gajeel I love you.' is not that easy. Levy racked her brain trying to search for the proper words to confess to him but it all got jumbled in her head, she groaned out load.

"Jesus, Bookworm. It can't be that hard to say." He chuckled at her stressed red face, but stopped when she frowned.

"Gee, I'm sorry, if you're in a hurry you can leave ya know..." Her eyes narrowed, he was teasing with her, again. He really could leave and save her the trouble. She could imagine the rest of her dies hiding her feelings and being just his friend, or more less his tease toy.

He rolled his eyes and grabbed her chin, jerking her towards him gently, a faint of pink crossed his cheeks that went unnoticed by Levy, "Listen, I may not be Bunny Girl or your oh so stylish teammates but you can tell me whatever you want." His words rolled out of his mouth before he could think them. Gajeel let go of Levy's chin and crossed his arms, looking towards the side and grumbled, "I don't want you feeling uncomfortable around me..."

Levy starred at him at shock but smiled, then giggled, gaining attention from him.

"The hell's so funny?" He turned towards her.

"I'm never uncomfortable around you, Gajeel, On the contrary. It's just- "She looked straight at his eyes, gaining the faint pink of his cheeks again. She felt her confidence build up, and smiled at her own bravery.

"It's kind of nerve-wracking telling someone you love them."


He stayed quiet, staring at her with shocked eyes, mouth agape and his heart pounding like a mad man. After for what it seemed like hours, mind you it was only three minutes, he whispered, "Y-You love me…?" He watched as she turned red, but she never tore her gaze away from him. He chuckled, which made her confused and a little disappointed.

"Me? A selfless bastard with a dark past and attitude to boot. Me? As dark and antisocial I am to even talk to people, except my own damn cat. A person who doesn't have the greatest looks, smiles, much less charming? Someone who should be jailed for life for what they've done to an innocent angle like you? That the only reason the Magic Council isn't looking for my head because I'm with a guild. A family I don't deserve at all…" He looked down, the shadow covered his eyes, "Someone who scarred you, pinned you to a tree and marked their blood on your stomach… whose guilt I've been carrying on the rest of my life..?"

He turned to her, not glaring, not surprised. Just a blank face, "Who could you love me?" Then he shrugged, "Is there even a possible way?"


A handprint formed on his cheek. He touched the red spot, and then looked back at her. She was standing on the ground, over him, almost as if she was towering with her delicate frame.

"Don't say such things!" She held her tears, though her face was blinded with anger. How dare he say such things about himself?

"How dare you say such things about yourself Gajeel!? That's the past! All of it, I know it's not hard to forget, but you have regretted for your actions and redeemed yourself. Isn't that what matters! Without this family, nor what happened, you would have never changed. You'd still be the cold heartless bastard as you were, have you ever given a thought about that?!"

Levy took a deep breath, to compose herself, "I-I would have never get to see the real you… you have helped a lot in the guild, you are accepted. Sure, at first, it was bumpy but we've mended. You're our nakama Gajeel…" She looked up to him again.

"S-So please, don't ever think about that stuff about you again, that was the old you. It's all in the past, and I still love you eve- Waa!" Large arms wrapped themselves around her tiny little frame, pulling her close to a well-built body. He placed his head above her's, nuzzling into her hair while inhaling her scent.

"G-Gaje-"He shushed her, "Shut up for a minute.". Levy obliged with red cheeks and remained motionless, meanwhile her thoughts were running wild.

'W-What has gotten into him? …This is a very nice way to tell me to shut up but STILL! … Maybe he lo- I mean, likes me back? I love this side he's showing and I love that fact he's showing it to me…' Levy closed her eyes and smiled, snuggling closer to his warmth.

"I'm back," Soul came inside with a small smile gracing over his features. He set the soup at Maka's table, and turned towards her, noticing that she changed into some warmer, comfortable sleepwear. She was looking down with a blush on her cheeks but it was not from the cold. She stole a glance from Soul but immediately looked back down. Soul stuffed his hands on his pockets and stood there for what seemed for hours but it was only a couple of minutes until Maka broke the silence.

"How did you know about my fever so quickly Soul?" Soul chuckled.

"Maybe cause when I came, you were sick in bed. " Maka pouted and crossed her arms.

"Baka, I meant the moment I started to have this fever was the moment you came. Like you knew something was going to happen to me soon." Her upper body turned towards him and slightly stared him down.

Soul sighed, "Well, I.. kinda met this friend who may had my same problem… We thought your and his 'friend' addictiveness for Twilight," He paused for a shudder but continued, "So yeah, we kinda asked Blair for help.. then she discovered that the book was laced with an Addictiveness spell. Basically that's what had you rereading the book for like a thousand times."

Maka was surprised but it didn't reach her face. "And what problem be that you guys were sharing?" Soul gulped, and his pockets were starting to feel warmer by the second.

The albino debated, 'Is this the right time? When she's sick in bed and completely suspicious?" Well… she does look very cute when she's serious but. Shit I'm shuffling. I CANNOT lose my cool now. Especially now.'

"I… I Um…" His red orbs scattered around the room, and then found his socks very interesting at the moment as he refused to look up to her emerald eyes. Maka sighed and moved to get her bowl of soup, brushing past Soul.

"It's alright if it's personal. I'm n-"She got cut off when Soul spun around and grabbed her arm before it could reach the soup, "Please… Don't Maka-Chop me till I'm done…"

Her cheeks were adorned as red as Soul's eyes and she composed herself and faced him.

"The… 'problem' we both had… was a feeling called jealousy. We, both were jealous of you and his friend getting so distracted by a piece of leather filled with fuckin' pages. So we both planned something to maybe catch your attentions, but they never ended well. Until one day, the guy I met up with everyday, found that the book was smelling strange-"

"Wait, smelling?"

"Let's just say he has animal instincts." Maka nodded still slightly confused. Soul continued.

"So, I asked Blair, since she's a witch, to see if the book was laced with something. It turned out to be that magic. The magic has a common side effect of causing sickness of any kind, some people may not be as fortunate as other and the sickness could be worse to some and light to others. As for you, I think it's in the middle, thank goodness. But for now, do not touch that book."

Maka took a while to soak it in but she still smiled and nodded. Her hands began to play with each other as she asked, "S-So you were jealous of me reading the book?" Soul gulped, knowing this question would come. Of course, Maka pays attention to every detail, being the intelligent wonderful girl she is.

"Y-Yeah..." She began to giggle a bit, which was music to Soul's ears.

"If it's true, I'm sorry I have been ignoring you Soul. Though, you really shouldn't envy over small things." She smirked then stepped closer to him, feeling content of letting her emotions out. Or it could be the sickness…

Yep, defiantly the sickness.

"So… is there something you want to say to me?" She titled her head in the most adorable way possible, making the albino squirm even more that he should have.

"B-but you just figured it out! Do you really want me to say it?!" Soul pouted, and crossed his arms looking the other way, trying… trying to hard not to look into the puppy dog eyes she began to give him, "Please? Soul-kun…?"

He looked around for any escape but saw none then sighed, "Fine... Maka I… I love you Maka." Her smile tripled, her eyes glistered and another blushed emerged from her cheeks she closed her eyes and embraced him, whispering back, "I love you too Soul."

They stayed in that position for moments, both being content with each other's warmth. The small mage smiled and snuggled closer to Gajeel but a small 'oh' escaped from her lips when she felt herself being pulled back. Gajeel looked back at her and whispered, "Sorry, I'm sorry for calling those things to myself, it's just…"

"You can't let go of your past?" She answered for him, he only nodded. She smiled, "It's alright Gajeel, and a lot of people have bad memories and pasts. Just remember, the present is always open and ready for a change. And right now, I love the present you and how you've changed. And please remember that not everyone in the guild forgives you, but they still accepted you for who you are." She stroked his arms in a caring manner, trying to spike up his sad mood.

Then the impossible happened.

Levy thought she'd never lived to see the day.

He smiled.

A genuine, soft smile.

It was just the corner of his lips but she still noticed. That didn't stop her eyes widening slightly as he chuckled once more, "Thanks Midget. I still don't think I can forget my past but you're right. I need to look up on now and the future. Or whatever fucking thing is going to hit me on the way." She giggled softly, and gasped when she was pulled closer. Gajeel smirked and made her eyes look directly at his.

"Also, I love you too Bookworm." A smiled blossomed on the bluenette's face, though a blushed covered it complexly when Gajeel made a swift movement to connect lips with her, taking her by surprise. Levy immediately snapped out of her shock and closed her eyes to kiss back.

Gajeel, being a cocky bastard, slipped his tongue in between her lips and poked his tongue with hers. The solid script mage gave a small squeak but mixed her tongue with his anyways. Their blood exploded inside them as Gajeel shifted her into a more comfortable position, still keeping his large arms around her tiny frame. Levy, on the other hand, had her hands fisted in his long hair, earning a groan from the iron dragon slayer.

The need for air came so they both pulled away slowly, but not so much distance was between them. The small bluenette smiled at her new lover then rested her head on his chest. Gajeel paused for a moment then laughed his famous, 'Gihi'. This caught attention of the girl in his arms, "What are you laughing at Gajeel?"

"Just thinkin' how I'm going to say this to your teammates."

Levy cursed.