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Chapter 19

The threesome hopped off the train to find several Raposa in blue overalls running around.
"Excuse me" Jowee said, running up to one, "We're trying to find-"
"Go away. I have no time to deal with you." the rapo turned away.
Sock, who had already taken his dose of disappointment for the day, began to walk toward the train. "Well, he ain't helping. Let's go."
"Sock, come on. Wait." Jowee ran after the Raposa and grabbed him by the shoulder. "What if I told you we could return the color to this place?"
"Now your talking!" the Raposa said, facing him. "All we ever do is work these days. Key invented the Robosa to help us, hut now Miney uses them to make us work harder..."
"Key? We're looking for Key!" Jowee smiled a giant grin in excitement. "Where is he?"
"The boss was sent to look at a technical problem in the MagmaFlow Factory. But the building lost its color when he was still inside. What with the color disappearing lately, we can't even get to the factory anymore!" the Raposa looked sadly at a colorless structure.
"No prob. Creator, please help us restore color!" Jowee said. A burst of light began to shine on the white areas of the village, coloring them in with vibrant hues.
Sock, who had seen this before, watched silently. Meanwhile the Raposa gaped.
"Well then. That was a surprise! Go on, and hurry! Key is counting on you and that..." he eyed Sparky. "Well, never mind."
Jowee and Sparky ran ahead, with Sock trotting behind. As usual, he was slower than the others, and found himself falling farther and farther behind.
Soon, they were out of sight, and Sock was alone.
"Rapo" he muttered, kicking a rock. "I always get left behind. Always..."

He was so lonesome now that He was an orphan. Most the time Sock slept, finding there to be nothing else better to do than get in trouble.
Soon, a group of children came down the street side of the ally, passing where Sock was sitting. They were all his age, carrying all sorts of after-school toys. One had a ball, another some hoops. Several carried music sheets, eager to sing with their peers.
Curious to what they would play, Sock trailed behind the slow-moving party. He did not know any of them, but he felt sure that they would play with him.
The group chatted noisily as they progressed to the park in the center of the village. None took notice of the one at the back, who didn't even belong. Once reaching the grass, they broke out sprinting to the center. Sock ran as fast as he could, but as usual, he was slower than the others.
By the time he reached them, they had already established a game of song and were taking turns.
"Excuse me" he said, feeling his cheeks redden as the game paused. About 15 pairs of eyes were now staring him down. "Um..."
One Raposa stood up and walked up to Sock. "What do you think your doing, you looser?" He was a tall Rapo-boy, rather bulky in shape with short ears. His fur was a golden brown, with flecks of white.
"I just want to play with you."
"Get lost, Sock-head." The other children giggled as the boy shoved Sock a foot back.
Sock widened his eyes in bewilderment. "And you think I'll just go away?"
"Ya. Cause you're a looser. You got no parents. You don't go to our school. You don't even dress like us. You're a looser and you'll always be one." There were a few "Oooooohhhh"s from the children as Sock backed up a few more inches from the towering Rapo.
"Well... You're just a bully." Sock watched their faces change. Some went "ooooohhhh", others frowned, but the big one still had a smirk on his face. With another shove, Sock fell into a mud puddle.
The kids laughed, pointing at the mud-splattered boy.
"Hey!" someone called. "Leave him alone!"
Sock turned to see a girl running towards him. She had long blonde hair, and wore old, torn clothes a few sizes too big.
"Get out of here, Erica. We don't need you crashing the party." the boy spat at her.
"I ought to tell your mother, Derek." Erica helped Sock out of the mud.
"Heh, you wouldn't, you little rat!" Derek laughed.
"Come on" Erica whispered to Sock, "We're gonna run for it!"
A little scared at how slow he was, Sock nodded a little.
"Stupid street kids. They ain't like us" Derek said, turning to his peers.
Just then, Erica grabbed Sock's paw. "Come on!" she hissed.
The two took off, away from the kids.
"Hey!" they shouted.
"Watch out" Erica said, a slight smile on her face, "They might throw rocks."
"Rocks?!" Sock squeaked, trying to save his breath.
"Yup, they got rocks" Erica told him, patting his shoulder as she looked back. "Stick with me, and stay low." she bolted ahead.
"Erica-?" Sock tried to follow her instructions. Ducking low, he managed to keep a few feet behind her as a few rocks flew past.
"Once we get to the Market, we'll be fine!" Erica called behind her.
"Kay" Sock gasped.
Soon, they found their way to the city square.
"Ok, when you see the market, jump up to that ledge and follow me! They'll run out of rocks soon."
"Kay" he said again as the ledge came into view.
Erica leapt into the air and caught the ledge, pulling herself up. Sock went next, nearly missing his grip on the ledge. Erica pulled him up, and showed him the way across the side of the building until they reached a hole in the roof. Inside, Erica smiled.
"Well, kid, we made it. Never dealt with them before, have you?"
"Uh, no..."
"Newly orphaned, aren't you?"
"Well then... Um..."
"Milo... But call me Sock."
"Well then, Sock, I guess you're gonna live with me now."
"Why not?" Erica scaled the rafters of the market. "We both are orphans. We can take care of each other."
"Yeah. I'd like that."
Erica took his paw again...

"They threw rocks at you?" Jowee was suddenly asking.
"What?!" Sock hadn't noticed he was saying his flashback out loud. "When did..."
"The kids threw rocks at you?" Jowee repeated.
"Yeah. They didn't like me. Well, Derek didn't."
"Well, it's a good thing I came back to get you, or you would be stuck in the past... Sitting on that rock."
"Well, hurry up!" Jowee began to walk away. "Sparky should have found Key by now."