Summary: Vayne does not have to put up with what his friends did, but he always does.

Rating: K+ - T

Characters: Vayne Aurelius (Mana Khemia).

Word Count: 172

A/N: This is set in the 1st summer in-game.

Disclaimer: I do not own Mana Khemia.

Vayne did not have to put up with all that crap.

He did not have to always clean up after Jess' explosions. He did not have to deal with the girlfriends Nikki provoked or the sobbing guys she rejected. He did not have to put up with all of Flay's crazy shenanigans nor get in trouble for them. If he wanted to – which he had thought of once – he could quit the workshop and maybe find more average friends.

But if he did that, he'd miss a lot of things too.

He'd miss how funny Jess would look after the explosion – all covered in soot with an expression you just could not draw. He'd miss listening to Nikki's singing which as actually quite soothing after dealing with all her raged fanboys. He'd miss Flay's sudden entrances and his weird laugh that made him laugh too. He'd even miss Sulpher's comments on how strange his friends were.

Vayne did not have to put up with all that crap but he was happy to.