(bellas pov)

I cant believe him! How could he leave me here! I went looking for him but ended up in trouble. The guys from port angeleas was in the woods camping. Right now i'm getting dragged to there camp where there going to rape me. Trust me i tried fighting but it was useless. They would just punch me more. I finally got out of there camp and ran home. I ran inside and charlie got up from his chair. "Bella bella, what happened?" he asked as he came to me. The phone started to ring.

(Carlisles pov)

Edward demanded we leave so we were. Alice got a vision and started to scream and fall to her knees. "Ali baby whats wrong?" I asked as i kneeled next to her. "Bella got raped, shes with charlie right now" She said and i got up and called charlie. It rang three times than charlie answered.

(Charlies pov)
Bella left a note saying she went for a walk with Edward. It was five already i was about to look for her when she walked in bloddy and bruised. I shot up and ran towards her. "Bella,Bella what happened?" i asked worridly. She just shook her head and the phone started ot ring. "hello chief swan speaking" I answered. "Good afternoon Chief this is Carlisle Cullen i was wondering if bella knew where edward is he went for a walk but never came back" I heard Carlisle say. "Umm i dont know bella just came back and shes all bloody and bruised." I replied just then bella came to me. "Dad i was raped" " Umm carlisle can you come here, bella was raped" I asked panicky. "Yes i'll be there in a few minutes, charlie i'm warning you i'm speeding" Carlisle said. "I don't care"I said and hung up the phone. "Bells when carlisle gets here we need tot ake you to the hospital" I said as i went to her. "Bella who did this?" i asked. "A group from Port Angeles ones name was Jeff Peterson" She sobbed into my shoulder. "I'm going to go call the station" I said as i got up and the doorbell rang. I got the door and Carlisle was standing there. "She sitting on the couch, i need to call the station but try talking to her to go to the hospital she refuses" I said as i let him in and went to the porch.

(bellas pov)

Dad left and carlisle took his place."Bells sweety, its ok honey to be afraid but i need to do the exam honey" He whispered as he held me. "Fine but only you" I cried. "Ok lets get you to the car." he said as he picked me up and groaned in pain. We went out to the mercedes and carlisle gently placed me in. Charlie got in his cruiser and speed of with the sirens blaring. We got to the hospital in record time. Once we got there i started to shake again. Daddy came and took me out of the car while charlie talked to his police we got in nurses and doctors were surrounding us and i started to cry. "Shh bells its ok daddy's got you" Carlisle whispered as we walked towarda a room and daddy forced everyone out except himself and I. Charlie came in and sat next to me as carlisle began.

(after the exam)

Charlie sat next to me the whole time. Daddy came in with anthor person in tow. "Bella this is Jackson Peterson hes one of are therapist here"Daddy said and the therapist gave me a nodd. "Umm charlie can you step out of the room for a few minutes so we can talk with Isabella? Jackson asked as he came to me but i whimpered and scooted back. He looked like the one guy. Charlie got up and left. "Isabella,.." He started but i cut him off. "Its bella and i don't want to talk about it" I said as i moved further away from him. "Bella it would help get over the emotional pain and stress and the sooner you get it over with the better chance of starting to live a normal life again" Jackson said as he came closer. "DADDY DONT MAKE ME DO THIS!"I cried as i scooted into the wall. Charlie ran in. "Shh baby girl its ok, ok i wont make you do this" Daddy said and charlie looked hurt. Jackson left with a wary glance towards me and daddy came and held me in his arms while charlie sat down next to us. "Bells i have to leave for a couple months please becareful, i'll have one of my officers check in on you and if you want alice or rose can stay with you the first week" Charlie said as he kissed myh forehead and leftto go pack. After he left alice came skipping in all happily while i glared at her. "Yeah were having a sleepover well techniocally me watching you but whatever" alice said all bubbly. "ALice slow down bella will get out of here in a few hours, and i expect you to be on your best beavior over there, i'll come by in the morning to check on you guys and alice i want to have a word with you in the hall" Daddy said and got up and alice followed.

(Alices pov)

I was still crying when i had a vision of me and rose staying at bellas for a week and then bella styaing with us for two and a half months? I got up and srove ot the hospital. I was so happy and i happly talking to bella but she was glaring at me still afraid from the rape probably."ALice slow down bella will get out of here in a few hours, and i expect you to be on your best beavior over there, i'll come by in the morning to check on you guys and Alice i want to have a word with you in the hall" Carlisle said as he got up and i went after him. Once we got out of bells room he closed the door. "I want you to call me if bella panics or anything, she refused to talk to a therapist so you need to call me when she panics, we're hoping she will tell us what happened if she gets to many memorys which it looks like she is and becareful with her watch movies and stuff like that after two days you can take her outside but i'm warning you now she might not want to because the rape happened in the woods by her house" Carlisle said and i nodded. "Ok bella gets out of here in two hours so go visit with her while i finish the paper work" Dad said as he kissed my forehead and left, right as Rose walked down the hall. "I know i heard you guys talking when i was in the elavator" Rose said as we walke din and bella gasped when rose walked in. "What i'm not the heartless bitch you think i am bella, i went threw the same think so i can help you get over it" rose said as she sat by bella and played with her hair.

(two hours later)
"Ok bella you girls can start to go home, i'll check on you before you go to bed, rose alice make sure you make her dinner its only 7" Dad said and rose and i nodded our heads. "Yes daddy" We both said and got bella dressed and out the hospital doors.