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Dom's POV

(Takes place one month after the last chapter.)

Things went back to normal after the Toby/Connor incident and I was pleased to see and hear that they hadn't been back in a month. The races were normal again as well now that they had left and I was no longer looking over my shoulder watching every move Letty made to make sure she was safe. The skanks were still the same though but Letty seemed to keep them at bay most of the time which I didn't mind because I had found Letty's possessiveness a turn on, needless to say she laughed when I told her that once. Letty had finally moved into my room permanently and Jesse had ended up taking her room leaving Leon the basement to himself which seemed to suit him fine.

It was a Friday night and we were at the races finishing up, the party was going to be held at Hector's for a change and I had every intention of going until I caught sight of Letty standing by her car looking bored, her leather pants clinging to her body, her mid-rift shirt straining against her chest and exposing her flat stomach…damn she knew how to get me riled up. Looking around I sent a glare to a couple of guys that were eyeing her up and they left quickly as I made my way over to her.

"Hey." I said softly as I wrapped my arms around her from behind.

"Hey yourself."

"I was thinking let's give the party a miss tonight." I whispered into her shoulder.

"You want to miss the party?" She asked slowly and I buried my head into her neck

as she followed my thought process.

"Mmhmm…you interested?" I asked as I bit her neck gently.

"That depends…" I raised an eyebrow as I spun her around to face me trapping her between me and her car.

"On?" I growled playfully into her ear as I kissed the spot just behind it I knew she liked and sure enough she mewed as I continued.

"Could your ego handle missing a party for the night?" She laughed quietly and I nipped her neck hard as she gasped and I laughed at her response.

"That's what you get for being mean." I said as I pulled back a little to look her in the eyes and she smiled but said nothing.

"If you don't want to then just tell me there's no pressure." I said seriously as I placed a kiss on her lips.

"No I want to I just… I just don't want to be bad at it." I frowned at her words and tilted her chin up so she was looking at me again.

"I thought we got past all the self-consciousness?"

"I did…mostly." I rolled my eyes.

"Meaning only when I was around." I stated and she smiled slightly.

"Sorry." I smiled softly at her and placed another kiss on her lips.

"Don't be sorry Let. Why don't we head home and watch a movie?" I said quietly and she sighed.

"Dom I'm ready…" I kissed her again cutting her off.

"I know baby I understand, watch a movie with me please?" I pouted.

"A movie?" she asked quietly and I gave her a playful look.

"Come on Let you know what I mean." I hinted to our usual make out sessions we seemed to find ourselves in whenever we started watching a movie. It was the only thing I could think of that might help her loosen up a bit and not be so self-conscious about going all the way, I had no intentions of pressuring her if she didn't want it that was fine I'd be content to pleasure her in other ways.

She nodded smiling slightly and we kissed again before I pulled away for good as she got in her car starting the engine before I went and got in mine heading off for home with her on my tail.

We headed upstairs to our room and she went to change while I set up the movie. I picked a random one out before putting it in and setting it up. I stripped off my shirt and jeans before kicked my boots off. Settling into bed I waited for Letty to return but I didn't have to wait for long as she came out in a singlet top and a pair of shorts and settled in next to me as I started the movie.

I almost groaned when I realized what movie I had put in, the note book. Of all the movies it had to be that one. Letty looked up at me her eyebrow raised and I frowned.

"I didn't look when I put it in." I defended and she smiled.

"Why is it even in here, it's one of Mia's." I glared at her as she started laughing.

"I was bored one day, I thought I might as well see what Mia see's in the damn movie."

"Did you cry?"

"No." I said evenly and she grinned.

"Are you sure?"

"Positive I did not cry…I fell asleep." She looked offended.

"Dom how could you fall asleep in it?"

"Let please can we just change the movie?" I begged and she rolled her eyes as she got up to change it.

"Which one?" She asked as she packed the other away.

"Any." I answered as I rearranged the pillows behind me.

She joined me back in bed and I pressed play happy to see that it was at least a decent movie this time around. I wrapped my arms around her as she snuggled into my side, my hand gliding up the side of her shirt as I took to caressing her side, stomach and hip. I felt her stare but I just smirked not looking at her. I enjoyed slowly teasing her until she snapped and took control and I was silently waiting to see how long it was going to take this time around.

I grinned when I heard her frustrated cry before her lips claimed mine. Immediately I kissed her back rolling onto my side as I pulled her closer as we completely forgot about the movie. We kissed slowly taking our time before we let our lips start wandering over each other.

Taking the chance I pulled away from her lips and looked down at her caressing her face softly as she stared up at me.

"It's your call baby…" I whispered softly as she stared back at me silently.

Letty's POV

I was panting hard and completely relaxed by the time he placed one last kiss on my lips before pulling back a little.

"It's your call baby…" He whispered and I stared back tense for a moment before relaxing as I came to my decision. I wanted to do this. I nodded and he looked down at me with a guarded expression on his face but I smiled up at him and pulled him back in for a kiss.

"You sure?" He mumbled as I kept kissing him and again I smiled and nodded.


"You can still back out…" I pulled back to look him in the eyes.

"Dom I'm sure okay." He stared back at me for a moment and then leant down to kiss me again this time more passionately then before. Returning the kiss I pulled his body closer to mine as I found myself lying flat on my back with Dom on top of me. I vaguely heard the TV turn off and the room was suddenly thrown into darkness the only light coming in from the window from the outside street laps. It was just enough light to still be able to see each other.

I let him lead and I followed his lead as we starting shedding each other's clothes. Once I was completely naked his mouth started to wander and I mewed softly as I enjoyed the feelings he was stirring up. We'd done this sort of stuff before but it seemed to be different this time around.

"You're fucking beautiful Letty." He whispered softly into my neck and I moaned in reply as his fingers entered me suddenly.

"Shit." I breathed out quietly as he already had me nearing my end. He chuckled knowing exactly what he was doing.

"Come on Let you know what I want..." He teased and I felt like smacking the smirk off his face but I moaned instead my eyes closing as I came hard around his fingers crying out loudly.

"Such a good girl." He teased ignoring my glare. I let my hand wander downwards until it wrapped around his shaft and I squeezed gently smiling as he suddenly lost his playfulness.

"Let…" He warned but I did it again this time pumping him slowly. He closed his eyes and leant his head rest against my own and I could hear his harsh breathing as I continued at a slow pace.

Speeding up after a bit he finally released his held in groan as his hips thrust forward into my hand. I kissed the side of his neck and bit down gently listening as he groaned again flipping us both over so I was straddling his legs. I'd only done this twice before so I still felt unsure about it even more so under his gaze but I continued stroking him keeping eye contact with him. His hands gripped my hips tightly as I went to move downwards but his hands stopped me.

"Baby you do that and I won't last." I pouted and he grinned bringing me back to his lips.

"Sorry baby but you don't realize how good you are." I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Dom I've done it once."

"Yes but believe me no one can do it like you." He said seriously before pulling me in for a passionate kiss.

"If it gets too much or you change your mind promise you'll tell me to stop." He said seriously and I nodded.

"I need to hear you say it Let."

"I promise, please baby I need you…" I begged and he gave me one last kiss as he lined himself up. I winced and tensed as I felt him enter and he paused groaning quietly.

"Let baby you need to relax, I don't want to hurt you."

"I can't." I ground out as a few tears escaped. I was touched when he wiped them away gently and he kissed me again but this time softly, it was one of those kisses that made you forget about everything.

I swore loudly and more tears escaped as he suddenly surged forward entering me completely. He stilled immediately caressing my face as he apologized over and over again for hurting me.

"It's okay." I gasped out breathing harshly as the pain between my legs became more noticeable. He kept still softly running his hands over my body until I finally nodded and he started moving slowly.

"Shit." I swore as he hit a particularly painful spot and he paused.


"I'm fine keep going." I whispered quietly as I griped his shoulders tightly. He seemed to hesitate so I rocked my own hips upward causing us to groan as I did so, him in pleasure and mine in discomfort.

I let out a small scream in as he hit a certain spot and he faltered for a second, even I didn't know whether it was in pain or pleasure but he did it again and I found myself whimpering. His mouth claimed mine in a hungry kiss and he growled quietly in my ear as his lips moved to attack my neck.

"Shit Letty…." He ground out as he pulled my hips closer to his.

"Mmmm." I mewed as his fingers played with my clit.

"You okay?" I nodded gasping as he changed angles.

"Yes." I panted as the discomfort started ebbing away and the pleasure started to kick in.

Dom had been right it wasn't going to last long for either of us as I fell over the edge screaming Dom's name as he followed only moments later.

"I love you Letty." My breath caught and I stared into his eyes seeing the truth behind his words.

"I love you too Dom."


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