Willis: The Forgotten DigiDestined
by WSJ

I wrote this poem during science one day, and I thought it was kinda good so I desided to post it. Pleeease let me know what you think!!!

I don't own Digimon. This is from Willis's POV.


Sure, everyone here's
Heard about the Japanese DDs,
But what about the one's who get left out?
Can't you at least remember me please?

My name is Willis,
I'm an American DD.
Everyone seems to forget,
About Terriermon, Lopmon, and me.

We always hear about Davis,
And Tai and Matt and Joe.
But along the lines of merchindice,
My mon and I have nothing to show!

I've done just as much as Cody has!
Probably more in fact!
So write some fics starring me!
Wingleader Sora Jade has, but she's rather whacked. (^_^;; A/N: Hey!)

I always get stuck in Willsukes,
And Willkerus and Kenllises too,
Can't you write me in a strait fic!?!
I think Mimi's kinda cute...

At least acknowledge me!
Or else I'll sue.
I may be American, but,
I'm a hero too...


Sorry, I have seen some strait fics with Willis, but very few.