The Fall of Meadow Hills part 2

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Summary: The games tell the story of other Overlords but what about the first?. See how the First Overlord rises to power, begins his reign and wages war across the land.

''Testing'' = speech

'Testing' = Thought/Netherworld connection

*Testing* = Flashback

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After stepping on the Tower Gate and being transported to the Netherworld Overlord Zack headed towards the private quarters, after arriving at the Private Quarters he placed Lucy on the bed. Lucy's eyes widened and show a fear, thinking he would rape her ''Please don't rape me, I'm saving myself for someone'' cried Lucy with tears gathering in her eyes.

Zack stared at her through his helmet ''I don't plan to do that Lucy'' said Zack

''H-how do y-you know who I a-am'' stuttered Lucy. Zack sighed before he grabbed his helmet and pulled it off and let it drop to the floor, Lucy gasped ''Zack''

Lucy stared at the man she loved who had vanished years ago, she had remained faithful to him even when other men tried to date her she turned them down knowing that the man she loved would return to her, but she didn't expect him to come dressed in dark armour and lead a army of little demons like creatures.

Lucy slowly lifted her hand and touched Zacks cheek ''Is it really you my love'' said Lucy with hope in her eyes.

''It is really me my sweet Lucy'' said Zack staring at her with love in his eyes, he had missed her and had longed to see her again since he had started travelling to Norgberg.

''Zack, what happened to you?'' question Lucy as she looked into his glowing purple eyes and felt intimidated by his stare.

Zack smiled at her ''My sweet Lucy, when I left Spree and travelled to Norgberg I found a cave in one of the mountains that lead to the Netherworld where I met the dark dragon Daganth who showed me the powers of the Netherworld, the Tower Heart and the Yellow Stone that I carried. With his help I absorbed the power of the Yellow Stone, the Netherworld and the Tower Heart and became the Ruler of the Netherworld and the Darkness. I became the Evil in the world, the one destined to end both the Shadow Claws age of thievery and slavery and the Guardians of Light's age of peace and light.'' spoke Zack with pride.

''B-But you k-kill people for n-no reason'' stuttered Lucy trying to understand why Zack was proud of the fact that he was evil.

Zacks eyes darkened ''Lucy'' said Zack with a slight edge in his voice ''I don't kill people for no reason, I will only kill those who have wronged me or fight against me in my conquest. Lucy the world needs Evil, the world needs both the Light and the Dark to keep the balance and the Light was strong while the Darkness was very weak before I came along, I am the Darkness and the one who will bring balance to the world once again.''

Lucy still looked unsure but Zack could tell he only needed to give her one more push before she accepted. Zack softly gripped Lucys chin and stared into her eyes before he kissed her softly, destroying any resistance she might of had. He removed his armour and led Lucy on the bed, by the look of love and lust in her eyes he knew she had accepted him for what he was and would forever be loyal to him matter what happened.

The next day Overlord Zack approached the Tower Heart and stopped about 3ft infront of it. The Overlord willed the Tower Heart to send him to Meadow Hills, with a flash he appeared at the Tower Gate in Spree. Overlord Zack looked around and saw that the Minions had been busy since he had been gone, the damage walls and the gate had been repaired or in the case of the gate replaced and their were Red and Green Minions on the walls and Brown Minions were guarding the gates and patrolling around the town, also it seems the Blue Minions had converted a building in the middle of the village into a Minion Infirmary and 2 guard towers at the gates were almost finished.

Minions were really amazing, they had low intelligence but they could do all this in just under 24 hours.

Overlord Zack smirked before he looked at the castle Spree that was on the hill 'I need to conquer that castle and then only the small slave camp and Halfling village would be the Halflings last holdings in Meadow Hills.' thought Zack with a smirk 'But first'. The Overlord turned to a Brown Minion that was walking past.

''You Brown, I want all the villagers in the town centre within 10 minutes or else I will have the other Minions kill you and have you harvested for lifeforce'' ordered Zack.

The Minion nodded quickly ''Yes Masta!'' it yelled before running off to get the other Brown Minions to help him get the villagers into the town centre.

At Heavens Peak the Light Knight that had met the Overlord had used a transportation crystal that only magic users could use to quickly get to Heavens Peak and speak with the Guardians leaders. After being checked by handing his weapons over to the guards of the throne room he entered the room that housed the leaders of the Guardians.

Their were three banners that hung from the roof that showed the races symbol, A axe and pickaxe crossed over with a pile of gold in the background for the Dwarfs, A bow and arrow with a forest in the background for the Elves and 2 swords crossed over with a silver shield in front of them for the Humans.

At the back of the room their were the leaders of the Guardians, each on a throne of their design.

Threl, the Dwarf king was sat on a golden throne which had shining rubys and emeralds on the arm and back rests.

Turgon, the Elf king sat on a wooden throne, made from wood from both Evernight and Everlight and had sparkling sapphires on both the arm and back rests.

Sophie, the High Paladin and De-Facto ruler of the Guardians, sat on a silver throne that had sparkling diamonds on the arm, back and leg rests.

The Light Knight approached the three leaders and knelled infront of them. ''My Lords the plan to take Spree from the Halflings failed, someone else got there before us'' said the Light Knight with his head hung low.

Each of the three leaders had different reactions, Threl snarled in anger, Turgon raised his eyebrow and Sophie had a shocked look on her face.

Sophie shook her head ''Do you know who this person was?'' Sora question the Light Knight.

The Light Knight looked abit nervous and shivered at the memory of those glowing emerald eyes. ''Yes Lord Sophie, He called himself the Overlord and seems to command small demon-like creatures. When I arrived he just told me to leave or he would kill me as well''

''Interesting, wait a week then send a messenger to him and ask about a alliance, if he refuses we can let him stay in Meadow Hills until either he defeats the Shadow Claws and then kill him if he poses to much of a threat to us or he dies and Meadow Hills is weakened and easier for us to conquer.'' said Sophie

Turgon looked thoughtful ''Sophie, what makes you so sure that the Shadow Claws will attack him?, what if they team up?'' question Turgon.

Sophie shook her head ''The Shadow Claws are brutes that rule using fear, if they let him keep Meadow Hills then they appear weak and they won't be feared as much knowing Meadow Hills fell, and this Overlord person attacked them so it seems unlikly that he would play nice with them.'' spoke Sophie ''But strengthen the defences of Evernight encase he decides to attack us next''

And with that all four of them left the meeting room, Threl to fortify the Golden Hills encase Evernight fell, Sora to help train the new Light knights and Turgon and the Light Knight to go to Evernight and fortify the city and forest entrance.

Back at Spree the villagers were gathered in the Town Centre, waiting for the one who freed them from the Halflings to speak to them.

The Overlord walked into the town centre and infront of the crowd of villagers, ''People of Spree!'' shouted Overlord Zack ''I am the Overlord, your new ruler. I will protect you from anyone who may wish you harm and supply you with food if you desperately need it and let you live a relatively normal life and in exchange you are to give meat to feed my army and forge weapons for them and any soldiers that Spree has are to work with my army to protect this village from anyone who wishes to conquer it'' Overlord Zack stared at the crowd ''Any who do not like this arrangement you may either go to Shadow Claw territory were you shall be slaves or go to the Guardians territory were you shall either be forced to mine gold for the dwarfs, worship the Mother Goddess or some grunts in Heavens Peaks army.''

Nobody stepped forward, the deal that the Overlord had presented them was fair and reasonable and they did not want to be slaves to the Shadow Claws or serve the Guardians. Overlord Zack smirked ''You have made a wise choice villagers of Spree. You may go back to the whatever you were doing before I called you'' said the Overlord before he walked away from them and went towards the Minion gates he had set up.

Arriving at the Minion gates he summoned 100 Brown Minions, 50 Red Minons, 30 Green Minions and 20 Blue Minions. After they lined up behind him Overlord Zack marched over to the gate that separated Spree and Castle Spree, which was occupied by the Halflings. Having the Guard Minions open the gate he lead the Minions up the path towards Castle Spree, after a minute of walking a group of 25 Halflings in bits of leather and metal armour came running at them.

'This will be easy' thought Overlord Zack. With a overpowered flamethrower spell 8 Halflings were quickly reduced to ash and lifeforce, the Reds made a rain of fireballs which quickly killed 7 more Halflings and the Browns quickly cut down another 8 Halflings leaving 2 remaining. The last two Halflings, seeing they had no chance, quickly threw down their weapons and begged for mercy.

The Overlord smirked before he blasted the Halflings with his evil presence spell, quickly crushing their will and making them into mindless slaves. ''Go and alert the other Halflings that I am coming with a army, make them think you are still on their side and when I approach the gate of the castle you are to open it and let me in''. With a emotionless 'Yes Master' the Halfling slaves ran off to do what their new Master had ordered them to do.

'A good plan Sire' spoke Daganth over the Tower Heart link 'The other Halflings being so stupid won't notice that two of their own have become mindless slaves to the very man they are about to fight'

'And that is why I did it, i could just blast the chains that hold they gate up but them they would have more time to prepare and when we have conquered Castle Spree we will need to add the chains to the repairs' said Overlord Zack over the Tower Heart link before he once again began to march towards Castle Spree, the Minions running to keep up with his quick pace.

When he arrived at the end of the path he saw the last of the Halflings running into Castle Spree and the drawbridge being lifted up. The Overlord sneered 'As if that would keep me out' thought Overlord Zack. He walked to the entrance of Castle Spree with a long drop and a drawbridge blocking his access to Castle Spree, he heard a groan and the drawbridge to Castle Spree fell allowing him access to Castle Spree.

With a grin he yelled ''Charge!'' to the Minions and they charged inside of the Castle while he followed them at a more sedate pace. He entered about 6 seconds after the Minions and he could see they had already begun to fight, the Browns were attacking the Halflings head on with the Reds providing covering fire with the Blues resurrecting any Brown Minion that died while the Greens were attacking the Halfling rock-throwers from behind, killing them quickly and silently.

He could see clearly that the both sides were evenly matched, the Minions were better skilled and armoured but the Halflings had over 5 times the numbers, but the Minions were slowly gaining ground as for every Minion that was killed (and quickly resurrected by the Blue Minions) around 10 Halflings were killed.

After another 2 minutes Overlord Zack was getting bored, about 250 Halflings had been killed while he still had all of his Minions, he decided to speed things up abit. Overlord Zack casted anger on his Minions and then began firing his Evil Presence spell and had quickly corrupted 48 Halfings who had been let passed the Minions and had joined the other two Halfling slaves.

While he had been corrupting the Halflings the Minions, powered by the Anger spell, had cut down the Halflings quickly leaving only 1/5 of their original numbers and they had fled into Castle Spree's Dungeons. 'Too easy' thought Zack. With the 200 Minions and 50 Halfling slaves following him he walked towards the door and blasted it into a million pieces with a overpowered lightning whip spell.

Overlord Zack and his Minions arrived in the dungeons to see the Halfling King Gubby was running away from the Castle with around 100 Halflings while 80 or so Halflings stayed behind to hold them off while their King fled.

'Sire' spoke Daganth over the Tower Heart connection 'I think it would be best if you let Gubby run away, if you take too much territory at a time then the Guardians and Shadow Claws might be able to take some of the land and get a foot hold. Then we would have to deal with the Halflings and the invader'

'Your right Dagath' said Overlord Zack over the connection 'Ill let Gubby run for now and ill slowly take Meadow Hills until the Halflings are backed into a corner and Meadow Hills is guarded by my armies'

Overlord Zack looked at the 80 Halflings that remained to hold him off 'Lets end this quickly' thought the Overlord. Casting the anger spell on the Minions he shouted ''KILL THEM ALL!'' at the Minions and they charged at the Halflings. After about 2 minutes the 80 Halflings were dead and none of his Minions had been killed.

''Minions!'' called Overlord Zack after cancelling the Anger spell ''I want you to set up a Netherworld Gate and then a Brown Minion gate''. ''Yes Masta!'' called the Minions before they began to build the Netherworld and Brown Minion gate. After about 20 minutes the both gates had been built and the Minions were waiting for new orders.

The Overlord looked at the Netherworld Gate, he had discovered a interesting side-effect of the Netherworld Gates. They also acted like a Minion anchor, if you summon Minions when you had the maximum amount and summon them in either a village, building or a Castle or Fort then the Minons don't follow the Overlords orders but are simply focused on defending the location they are summoned but won't attack the Overlord and will salute him when he walked passed them.

Overlord Zack summon 500 Brown Minions, 300 Red Minons, 150 Green Minions and 50 Blue Minions. After being summoned they each walked off to do a different job, the Browns would guard the doors, hallways and gates, the Red would stand on the walls and throw fireballs at anyone who wasn't allowed access to the Castle, the Greens would scale the walls and turn invisible and attack and kill anyone who broke into the Castle and the Blues would find a room and turn it into a Minion infirmary and then repair any damages around the Castle with the help of the other Minions.

With a smirk the Overlord went towards the throne room of Castle Spree and sat on it. ''Spree and Castle Spree are mine and after they are both fortified Meadow Hills will soon fall under my rule'' said Overlord Zack before he laughed darkly and caused the Minions to shout with glee.

2 Days Later at Shadows Keep, the headquarters of the Shadow Claws

A fat Halfling was running through the halls of Shadow Keep towards the Throne Room. After reaching the Throne Room doors and begin checked by the Guards he entered the room.

The Throne Room was a poorly lit room with torches lining the walls. Three banners hung in the middle of the room, each with a symbol for the three allies, a sand worm rising from the sands for the Ruborian Raiders, 2 small swords stabbed through a pumpkin for the Halflings and 3 Blacks claws surrounded by Red and White flames. At the back of the room their were three thrones, a throne made out of Sandstone for the Ruborian Raiders leader Damon, a orange throne that appeared to carved from a giant pumpkin for the Halfling King Gubby and a throne made out of Obsidian for the Leader of the Shadow Claws Dahl.

The Halfling approached the 3 thrones that were currently occupied by Dahl and Damon. ''What does Gubby want Halfling!'' demanded Dahl. The Halfling gulped in fear ''Sire, a Dark Knight that uses magic, leading a army of small demons has invaded Meadow Hills, Spree and Castle Spree were taken within the hour and hundreds of Halflings have been slaughtered while the Dark Knight has lost none of his Demons, their numbers have quadrupled in less then a hour and we have have withdrawn to the Village as the Halfling patrols around Meadow Hills would have been killed easily, King Gubby asks for more men to help fight the Dark Knight and his Demons!'' spoke the Halfling.

The only answer he got was a growl and a order for one of the guards to kill him, the last thing the Halfling messenger saw was a sword speeding towards his face. Dahl watched with a smirked as the Hafling was killed but they smirk left his face when he thought about the Dark Knight and his Demons.

''Gubby the idiot!'' shouted Dahl ''the whole point of this alliance was to stop this kind of thing from happening''.

Damon simply looked bored ''Gubby and his men are incompetent fools, all they could deal with is weak slaves and tree hugging elfs, I think we should leave Gubby to fight the Dark Knight and we should send a messenger and ask about a alliance in say, a week and if he refuses then we invade Meadow Hills with a army and kill him'' said Damon

Dahl grinned ''That is a good plan Damon, very well we shall wait a week and then send a messenger to this Dark Knight and offer him a alliance with us and if he refuses, well he will regret it'' said Dahl with a dark look in his eye.

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