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The other brother. That's what he'll always be. Always and Forever.

Her lipstick haunts him, everywhere he goes, everywhere he looks, everywhere of his body, flat, car and world that his eyes trail upon that vibrant shade of red haunts him.

Like a bitter reminder of it's equally vibrant wearer. And it haunts his every waking and sleeping moment.

He hates the way she looks with those blood red lips. He loves the way she looks with those blood red lips.

He loves the way it compliments her pale face, blue eyes and flowing golden locks.

He hates that it always always leaves a mark wherever it latches onto.

He tries in vain to get it out, the one reminder of the fact that she had just been here, so close to him. But it never works and every morning he feasts his eyes upon that tinge of red all around him.

On the pillow next to him, on his sheets, on his coffee cup, on the collar of his shirts, on his cheeks and all over his neck going further down carving a river over his body.

Sometimes he thinks Caroline does it purposely, to remind him that she may be gone – gone to pretend to be the other Caroline throughout the day but still wants him to know that she claims his sheets, bed, body and heart.

She isn't as innocent as she looks.

Every Friday morning he does the same thing; change his sheets in haste, slither his fingers over the red marks on the pillow cover caused by her biting into it and rips it apart replacing it with a new clean white cover, rinses the coffee mug frantically, recollects the way his dead heart had raced when she had kissed along his neck as he washes his shirt with his bare hands, and looks at himself in the mirror as he rubs away the remnants of her ministrations on his body.

Angry always angry.

Not because she leaves every Friday morning but because he knows she's going to his brother.

She loves him, yes him not Niklaus. And yet she stays with him.

Out of fear, loyalty or the simple generosity of her heart he will never know. He fears finding out; the thought that she might love him as well makes his blood boil.

Many a times she says that this was the last time, that she doesn't want to hurt him or Nik (he cringes at her use of her brother's name with such ease).

But every Thursday night she shows up like clockwork; with a skip in her step, the most blinding smile on her face and her lips adorned in that red shade that drives him crazy.

And every night as he collapses next to her and pulls her into him he sees the sadness in her eyes. And even though she never says it, he knows why she's sad.

Not because of what they just did; but because she knows she has to leave soon.

"Why do you clean up?" she asks him one time before lowering herself on the fresh sparkly white sheets.

"Because you leave a different mark every week" he says as he brings her lips to his and feels her smile against it.

He only cleans his house and himself so she can mark him again.

He doesn't know what overcomes him but on his monthly visits to his brother's sprawling estates he enters her - their – bedroom – her and Niklaus's bedroom in search of the blessed lipstick. His eyes purposely linger over the tussled and erratic sheets searching for the signs of that familiar red. There's a smile on his face when he finds none.

A 100 meaningless pieces of jewelry after jewelry flit through his fingers but he finds nothing.

He wants to know if Niklaus has seen her in it, in her reigning glory because nothing makes her more beautiful and heartbreaking than that particular shade of lipstick.

"Looking for this?" her playful voice startles him and she turns around to take in the homely image of the object of his affections.

Domesticated Caroline... Klaus's Caroline.

He always wonders whose Caroline is the real one.

He quirks his eyebrows when he sees her waving a small device in his face, he takes it from him and snaps it open. There's a surge of warmth flowing through him when he sees that deep red lipstick in his hands.

She looks around carefully assessing that Klaus isn't nearby and leans closer to his ear and whispers "I only wear that for you"

There's a look of pure love and devotion on his face when he asks her why.

She shakes her head and smiles at him with matched devotion "The first time you told me I looked lovely was when I was wearing that"

His care for his brother disappears as he softly pecks her on the lips.

He doesn't need words or actions – yet.

He knows his Caroline is the real one. And that's enough for now.

He places the lipstick back in her hands as he walks out the bedroom.

Waiting always waiting for her to mark him and his world again.

The other brother, that's what he'll always be. Always and Forever.