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He comes home to them dancing.

There's a spring in his otherwise uptight brother's step as he swings the blonde in his arms. There's a carefree smile on Elijah's face as he twirls Caroline to the beat of the music, and laughs with mirth when she giggles fiercely and takes control. She looks so childlike in that moment; small and timid ahead of Elijah's towering presence, blonde hair flying wildly, sundress floating around her small frame, bright smile and twinkling eyes. And when the songs ends on a dramatic beat and Elijah pulls her to him; body pressed against his, hands around her waist, eyes burning into hers and she laughs with such abandon that Klaus can all but feel his heart drop to the bottom of his gut.

But then she senses his presence and turns to him. Her smile grows exponentially, almost blinding him as she runs towards him, eyes twinkling brighter than the stars as she squeals in glee and wraps herself around him, kissing him with such burning passion that it warms his dead heart and murmurs his name against his lips.

"I missed you so much!" she breathes in his ear, and jiggles her whole body, his along with hers as he wraps his arms around her waist, pulling her off her feet and lightly kissing her golden curls. All the while his eyes remain on his brother, standing where Caroline left him; slouched shoulders and tight lips, all traces of the rarely seen happy Elijah gone as he turns his pained eyes to Klaus, forcing a soft smile on his face.

"I missed you too sweetheart." Klaus responds, crushing her against him as Elijah nods curtly and leaves them to their reunion.

He comes home to them cooking.

Her messy hair are tied up in a bun, lower lip sucked into her mouth as she tugs on Elijah's suit jacket and lets out a typically Caroline whiny noise. Elijah's name stretches into a half-song from her lips as she pouts and moans at him, crinkling her nose and narrowing her eyes when he lifts his brows and smirks condescendingly. Elijah can barely control his laughter when Caroline stomps her foot like a spoiled little girl and resolutely smacks his arm, picking up something from the counter and shaking it in his face before letting out a loud yelp and dropping it to the floor. This does nothing to control her whines or Elijah's riotous laughter, as she stomps her foot again, placing her hand on her hips and emits a noise that reminds him of a cat dying – painfully and slowly and Elijah chuckles in response and dodges the napkin flying to his head.

It should bring a fond smile to his face, but instead it makes his lips turn into a frown and his brows furrow. His hands fold into fists involuntarily at the sight ahead of him. Elijah's laughter dies down as he sidesteps over the fallen food and moves closer to Caroline, throwing her a sweet and reassuring smile as he flicks off the flour and chocolate stuck to her forehead and cheek, running a hand over her arms still hitched on her hips and murmuring words of comfort to her.

"I give up!" she exclaims, throwing her hands in the air and trying to conceal her wide smile, "I cannot bake anything without either burning it or turning it into a pudding."

Elijah quirks a brow and moves closer to her, taking a firm grasp of her shoulders and whispering something in her ear when his eyes fall on Klaus standing by the entrance. His momentary stupor makes Caroline turn around and beams at him in greeting, her bad mood suddenly vanishing as her eyes fall on him. She picks up the cake tin from the floor – this time with gloves – and flashes in his face, a mischievous smile on her pouting face.

"Look Klaus, I made a weapon out of chocolate cake!" she jibes mockingly, rising up on her toes and kissing his cheek warmly, "I missed you! Welcome home."

"I missed you too sweetheart." He kisses her back in response before she flounces back to Elijah to help him clean up their cooking disasters.

He comes home to them watching a movie.

She's half asleep; huddled up in a blanket double her size, her head nuzzled into the crook of Elijah's neck, her hand thrown carelessly against his torso and her knees pulled up half into his lap. Elijah sits stoically around her, his eyes focused on the black and white movie with frightening determination as he runs a soft hand through her curls. Klaus hears her murmur something nonsensical, making Elijah smile and shake his head before moving his hand to pull her closer, but he stops midway when he sees Klaus walk into the room.

Klaus doesn't say a word as he moves to take Caroline from his brother's arms, making her whimper in protest before she realizes who it is and opens her eyes instantly, all signs of slumber disappearing as she shrieks and hugs him tightly, wrapping her warm arms around his neck and kissing his ear.

"You're back!" she says joyfully, pulling back to make sure it's really him before kissing him softly, "I missed you so much!"

Klaus can't help but smile at the blonde in his arms even though his attentions are on his brother, and the way he turns away at the sight in front of him, almost in disgust. Shaking the thoughts out of his head, Klaus picks her up in his arms and says, "I missed you more sweetheart!"

He comes home to them drunk.

For reasons he cannot fathom Caroline is dressed like royalty; a black sequin dress with a high slit up the left side, exposing her long pale legs, her hair styled meticulously to flow over one shoulder, her ears, wrists and neck sparkling with diamonds. But nothing shines brighter than her face as she tries to force Elijah to dance with her, pulling him towards the fireplace and twirling around him. Elijah himself looks nothing less than a king, his suit sharper and smarter as he laughs and watches with adoration as she hums a tune under her breath and moves closer to him. Resting her head on his shoulder she starts to sing, her voice is so sweet, so melodious but it feels toxic to Klaus' ears.

Every word from her heavenly lips as she and Elijah softly sway to her music feels like daggers through his chest. He's never seen her so at peace before. He feels the overpowering urge to break their moment, as innocent as it may be, but it's tinted with betrayal and a past he wishes to never repeat again. She lifts her head off Elijah's shoulder when she hears him clear his throat, smiling sleepily she twists out of Elijah's arms and makes her way to him.

"Elijah took me out, Klaus. Some fancy party with fancy people, and I'm so drunk." She adds in a giggle as she takes his hands and attempts to dance with him as well, but he can't because his eyes are fixed on Elijah and for the first time, it's not pain or denial or anguish in his eyes, but anger. All Klaus see's is anger in his older brother's cold, gray eyes and it runs a shiver through his spine. Maybe the alcohol has lowered his inhibitions and morals, or maybe he's just had enough of watching and not having, but Klaus can see it, the tinge of injustice in Elijah's eyes as he clenches his jaw and walks away.

And now Klaus is afraid of leaving, wondering and fearing what it is that he will see when he comes back the next time.

He comes home to them embracing.

His heart clenches in undeniable pain when he smells the blood and poison, but there's something else stinging his when he sees the pure fear in his brother's eyes as he holds a dying Caroline in his arms. Werewolf bite. Klaus could smell it from the moment he stepped foot into the house, and he can see the smooth, perfect skin of her shoulder marred by the bite, her skin shredded and her blood pumping the poison throughout her dying body.

It feels like he's interrupting a private moment as he stands by the entrance and looks on at his brother and his beloved; Elijah holds her close to him, her face cuddled into his arms and her body draped over his as he whispers into her face and places a chaste kiss on her forehead.

She's dying and she's taking a part of Elijah with her.

And Klaus can't stand it; he can't stand the fear and tears in his brother's eyes as he pleads for her to hold on and murmurs half-hearted assurances. Every single word of love and adoration from Elijah stings his heart with betrayal. That is his Caroline, that was his fear, those were his words of love, he should be the one begging for her life – all of it, all of her was his, not Elijah's. But Klaus can't bring himself to make that point, not now – when she's fighting for her life and it rests upon him to save her.

But there's a moment, after Elijah realizes that Klaus has arrived that the brothers stare at each other, with Caroline lying in between them – almost poetically. And without words or actions, they reach a silent understanding; one that Klaus knows will not be easy – on either one of them, but one that must be taken.

The delicate situation that Caroline is in takes priority over all, as Klaus scoops her into his arms and feeds her his blood.

And it's only when the wound heals and she opens her eyes, flashing him a soft reassuring smile that the brothers breathe once again.

He comes home to her crying.

The second she sees him enter the house she runs to him, enveloping him in a tight hug and crying into his shoulders. He knows what it's about but he lets her cry, he lets her mumble incoherently into his jacket and runs his fingers through her wild hair.

"Elijah left." She cries, wiping her cheek and placing a hand on his chest, "Just like that, he left."

"I know love, I'm sorry." He says in response, stroking her damp cheek with his knuckles. He wishes it didn't matter to her, he wishes she felt nothing but indifference to his brother, but he's grown to understand Caroline over the years, and he's accepted that the best thing Caroline does is feel.

And feel she did for Elijah; to what extent he'll never know, and the deliriously happy man in him never wants to know.

If Caroline's greatest strength is her love, then Elijah's greatest strength is his honor. And Klaus knows that Caroline will always act out of love and Elijah will always act out of honor.

"Did I do something wrong?" she asks meekly, a new batch of tears streaming down her face as she looks up at him with wide, innocent eyes. He can't help the chuckle that escapes him, even now after all he - and Elijah – have done to show her her worth, she still doesn't get how irresistible she is.

Her light, her love, her laugh are addictive – and they found another victim in Elijah.

Klaus doesn't know what to tell her. How can he tell her why Elijah left, why he had to leave? So he doesn't, he merely smiles and hugs her to him, hoping and praying that eventually she will get over this, and be his smiling, shining Caroline again.

And she is.

But the one thing Klaus never learnt about Caroline was that she was a master at pretending.

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