Danny couldn't belive it. He had always thought that he would always have his friends to count on...but ever since he told them about his latest confleicting issue they had all been avoiding him. He was so stupid..he shouldn't have told them that he had secretly always secretly liked boys more than girls. It wasn't like he had a crush on tucker..why had he had such a disgusted look on his face when he told them? More importantly what was he going to do now that he had no friends? It was bad enough that the world was as always rejecting both him..and his ghost self...but now to have his freinds do so too..well it was more than he could bare. Could...he find anyont to love him as he was?

Robin grinned as he jumped off a beam landed neatly on his feet. Starfire cheered from where she was watching.

"Yay Robin!" She cheered as Robin dusted himself off. Beastboy hurried in just than with Cyborg bringing up the rear.

"Is it for a briefing?" Robin asked curiously.

"Its for a mass missing person case. Appearently a bunch of "special" young teens have gone missing in the area." Cyborg informed him as Starfire gasped.

"Those poor young humans." Starfire gasped in concern.

"What? Do we know who is behind this yet?" Robin asked as he followed them out the door.

"I don't know hopefully we will find out soon." Beastboy sighed as he scratched his head. "The horror movie mega-marathon is on at 10."

"Yea..because that is so..important." Raven snorted.

"It is when i have been waiting for it all week." Beastboy protested.

"WE can Record it." Robin assured. "Lets just go investigate."

Danny now morphed into Phantom flew as fast as he could to get away from the strangers persuing him. "What have i ever done to you?" he called over his shoulder as he narrowly missed getting shocked by a beam of light. "I dont even know you!...at least that i remember." Danny trailed off before he dodged another. after a hour of chassing he looked around him and let out a breath of relief. "Finally i am safe." He said as he floated down to the ground and changed back into his human form.

"I wouldn't be so sure." A voice laughed and before he could react ripples of pain shot through his body and than he felt and saw nothing.

You..will be our finisest specimen." A second voice smirked as the shadowed man stepped beside the still laughing one.

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