well i just bought some teen titan robin shoes and i look amazing..well my feet do at least. Also i am completely in love with teen titan go's robin i have gotten ideas just from watching that show.

Danny blew a strand out of her face as she tried to focus on the screen and the game she was playing. "BB what have i told you." She grinned as she pushed some more buttons on her controller. "You don't stand a chance against me I am the brawler champion."

"No way dude you are totally cheating."Beast boy growled before shoving her to try and distract her from the screen.

"Did you just shove me! Oh its on." Danny glared before shoving him back.

Next thing they knew they were both shoving each other as they furiously tired to kill the others avatar.

A moment later their gaming was disturbed by Star-Fire coming into the room, floating off the the ground with a huge smile on her face.

"hello friend Danny would you like to go to The mall with Raven and I and do as you humans say 'hang out'" She asked hopefully.

"Eh sure i was winning i was winning anyway." Danny said right before he had his charecter kill Beast Boys. "Let's go."

What you really going to leave me like this bro to go clothes shopping?" Beast Boy protested leaning over the couch.

" Sorry Beast Boy but i can only beat you so many times before i get bored." Danny teased.

"No fair..Can i come at least?" Beast boy asked still hanging off the couch.

"Yea..no." Raven said flatly.

(its short but thats because i am also trying to update some other stories and work on a new video. What would you like to see happen in this story)