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Thirteen Hours Of Attention

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Uh…Sergeant major."

"Yes, Leader."

"Come up with something that will teach Dororo a lesson about being careful for what he wishes for….He wishes that he was noticed more..." Keroro stated firmly and after a moment sulked. "Not everything is my fault. Why does everyone blame me?"

"Of course." Kururu said simply, he watched as his leader walked away, and the yellow Keronian started chuckling. A smirk on his lips and he starts to work on Keroro's little request. A week later Kururu was finished, he grinned widely to himself, and waited until his leader was alone.


"Hi, Kururu."

"You asked for my help in teaching Dororo a lesson."

"…Oh, yeah. I forgot."

"You can teach him that lesson yourself, Keroro." Kururu commented as he aimed and fired at his leader. "There now go and give all your loving attention to poor attention deprived Dororo."

'Ku ku ku. This is going to be interesting. Private second class Tamama is going to be just so jealous.' Kururu thought and he tilted his head to the side. 'Sadly, It will only last for thirteen hours.'

"Sergeant Major, What did you do?"

"Ku ku ku. Exactly what the leader wanted me to do."

"What did that idiot tell you to do."

"Hmmm...I'm a Sergeant Major and Keroro is a Sergeant along with being the leader..You are a mere Corporal, Ku ku ku." Kururu commented and he moved the switch from Dororo to Natsumi along with moving the switch from loving attention to hateful attention on the gun."You really should mind your own business, Corporal Giroro."

Kururu fired, Giroro looked dazed, and the yellow Keronian chuckled.

"Now go and give your attention to Natsumi." Kururu stated calmly and the Corporal walked away. "Ku ku ku. This is so much fun. Now who should I zap next?"

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