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Thirteen Hours Of Attention

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Dororo sighed heavily while looking down at the beautiful flowers and he was laying the grass feeling bored. He wondered why he is almost always left out. Was it because he is too passive or do the others get a kick out of him becoming depressed or maybe they just don't care?

"Hello, Dororo."

"Oh, Keroro. What are you doing here?"

"You look lonely. Anyway since I'm here..You won't feel lonely again!" Keroro said gleefully as he hugged Dororo. "After all we are best friends, right? And best friends make sure that their best friends don't feel alone!"

"Best friends? You really mean it this time, Keroro?" Dororo asked in a slightly hopeful voice as he looked at his leader.

"Of course! You are my best friend." Keroro commented cheerfully and smiled brightly. "Let's further our bond by taking a bath together. We can talk and play water games along with recalling our past together."

"You are just toying with me again...You are mean, Keroro." Dororo muttered, tears started to form for he was starting to recall the times Keroro called him 'Best Friend', and it was just to get him to do something dumb or life threatening...

"I'm not toying with you at all! Why won't you believe me? You are my best friend in the whole entire galaxy!" Keroro said loudly and he held onto Dororo's waist. "You are the mean one for not trusting me. Please take a bath with me and you'll see I'm not toying with your emotions...again."

"Okay." Dororo said to him while hoping this is not another one of Keroro's tricks or games.

"You are the best, Dororo." Keroro said happily and he smiled at the blushing Keronian. "I really mean it."

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