Author's note

I wonder what would happen if Liz and Pattie's mother came back? Would kid suddenly become possessive?

This is going to have a slow start off but I hope it gets better as the story goes on.

Datenshi: please start already; I'm getting tired of your voice

Me: That was rude, no backseat writing!

Datenshi: but you're taking forev-

Me: ssshhhh It's starting

Datenshi: bu-, ah whatever *glares*:[

Chapter One :)

Liz, Kid and Patty where walking down the alley. They had just come back from a rather difficult mission and Liz was trying her best to ignore Kid's complaining but it still seemed to be getting to her...

"...I'm telling you, we were a centimeter off in the stance, Liz; please try to lift your arms higher."

She was trying

"We have to practice until it's perfect" He stated looking towards them

Still trying

"Urgh, you two still look different, why can't your chest sizes at least be the same!" He said exasperated

Trying, really trying

"Symmetry is the balance of the world. But, Liz is taller, patty has yellow blond hair, Liz has dirty blond, your three sizes are different-

OK that's it

"KID! We get it, stop criticizing others when you need to look in the mirror yourself, 'And why the heck do you know our-MY three sizes?" Liz half yelled losing her patience yet again.

"What do you- oh" Kid whispered as his hand flew to the three white stripes on his head, immediately his face fell and he crouched down, a depressing air around him.

"I'm worse than trash I should never be allowed to live" He muttered to himself barely audible on the floor.

"Kid can't this wait until we get to the house? It's down the street." She groaned. Kid sat there unmoving. She sighed, It was her fault after all she knew he was sensitive about his unsymmetrical bangs. She went a little far bringing that up, maybe just a little.

"C'mon Kid you're not worse than garbage." She said softly, patting him on the back.

"Don't worry your bangs look just fine" Patty said as she joined in the attempt to cheer him up.

"You really think so?" He asked looking up with puppy dog eyes.

"Of course! You're a great and powerful shinigami; don't let this get you down."

"But of course your right." Kid mumbled.

When Kid was finally up and walking again, Liz felt even more exhausted then before, she was sweaty and her dirty blond hair was in need of a wash. Just Imagining being under hot steamy water made her body ache. It annoyed her a bit at how fast he was to recover, but then again that was part of his cute side..wait CUTE? Did I just call him cute? Shaking her head she continued to walk, must have been a slip of the tongue. She decided to think about instead of the hot steamy shower she could get when finally home

She was still daydreaming when the large Mansion came into view. Swiftly the trio entered the house and went to their respective rooms to relax. Liz went into the bath letting the hot water run over her,numbing the aches and pains she felt. Her body relaxed and almost instantly became sleepy. Wrapping the towel around her, she dressed in her soft blue pajamas and as soon as her head hit the pillow she was sleeping soundly.

As Elizabeth Thompson Lay in her bed still dreaming, she could see herself as a small child, standing next to an even smaller Patty. The room was dark and her heart was pounding, she felt warm salty tears run down her cheeks, silently they fell. She looked up to the sky and saw a women standing in the door way her face covered in shadows. Liz knew...she knew that this person must be beautiful. The faint sunlight trickled inside the house from the open crack of the door way. A pang in her heart hit her like the sharpest blade, making her body numb.

Why? She thought, why am I crying?

Why does it hurt? the women turned to leave


Slowly the door was closing,

No please, don't leave, don't leave us alone.

She cried, but her voice wouldn't come and all that she heard was a painful silence followed but the slam of the wooden door.

A startled Liz woke up gasping and full of sweat. Her heart still pumped loudly and her head had slightly hurt. For a moment she laid there still thinking of the dream she had, what was it about? Suddenly she realized what she had dreamt, it was mom, and I can't believe I actually had a dream about HER talk about a wake up call.

Frustrated she stood, banishing all thought about the dream she just had from her mind. She could already hear the morning bustle from downstairs, with a light smile she hurried and dressed for school that they were already late for (as always) she rushed downstairs wearing her usual red top and blue jeans. Patty was already eating and Kid at the front of the table was refined and slowly taking his time. Sitting down with a small sigh escaping her lips, taking in every detail of the room, a place she could call home lost in the thought she did not realize that kid had been calling her name.

"Liz?" He said looking at her "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, don't worry." She said to him. "I'm just a little tired."

Kid, uncertain about letting it go, nodded in response and the three of them began to walk out of the house; kid stopping a moment to center a painting by the door; and they were ready for a very BORING day at Death Weapons Miester Academy. They entered the building and walked into Steins class.

"Glad to see you could join us before our..experiment." he said in his cool voice with an evil grin. Looking around the rest of the room looked unnerved and reluctant to do whatever we were about to do.

"Why couldn't we have missed this class" Liz said under her breath as she slowly took her seat. taking out her nail polish she waited for the day to end.

Death the kid and his two weapons walked out of the school building, but unknown to their knowledge they were being watched by a careful eye..

"so did you find them?" a gruff voice asked in the shadows.

"Yeah boss, but the kid still whit him." The answer came from a tall man with a heavy accent.

"Don't worry about it." the man with the gruff voice said. "It aint what the customer is paying us to do."

"Alright' boss, if you say so." the man said still a bit uneasy.

"Whid ya stop that stupid worrin' I aint never wrong." he replied "Now go tell the missy that we foun'em."

"Yeah OK." The tall one replied scampering off.