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BlackStar and Tsubaki soon spotted their destination. But the blue haired boy was feeling uncomfortable as after Tsubaki had her treat, she began acting weird. Truthfully it was freaking him out.

"Isn't that building so nice." She said wistfully.

"Uh yeah." He said warily.

"I wonder what cloud's would taste like." She continued. "Maybe birds know."

"Maybe..." They were closer to the cafe, thank God, uh me.

"Have you ever talked to wind before, they have interesting stories." She mused

"Yeah, I'm sure they do." Just a few feet away.

"Yeah but you're the most interesting of all." She said looking at him with glazed eyes.

"Ah of course I knew that." Almost there.

"You know you're very muscled, so toned and tan. I think your God like. The best guy around."

"S-s-sure. Thanks, He said feeling his heart quicken only slightly.

"I love y-" BlackStar strained to hear the unbelievable words but it was drowned out by an angry yell.


He snapped his head around looking at the cafe the source of the noise.

I know that voice...just great.

Soul hurried along carefully watching as Maka ate her ice cream. He warily eyed it as when he first picked it up it was glowing gold. He didn't exactly trust what it might do. Suddenly the brunet stopped dead in her tracks.

"What's with you?" He asked looking back at her.

She didn't reply. Her eyes were a bit glazed over and she swayed slightly before walking again. Shrugging Soul just followed, what ever it was he had a feeling he didn't want to know. Coming out of a narrow street, the cafe came into view. It's lights causing dancing shadows on the road. It was dark by now, the twilight sky seemed alive with the dying colors of the day. It soothed him as he stared up at it, but a smashing noise interrupted the serene moment. Slightly irritated he looked towards the building, only to see his spiked headed friend flying out of the window. This certainly can't be good.

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