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Summary:After the last battle and defeating Nene,the Blue Dragon Gang decide to go on a vaction


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Chapter One:Getting Ready

It was like every other day since they defeated Nene. They were doing nothing.

"Hey guys guess what?"Kluke said running into the room where Shu,Jiro,Zola,Bouquet,and Marumaro where sitting

"What is it?Is it a present,maro?"the little Devee,Marumaro said.

"I got us tickets to go on a vacation to America!"Kluke announced holding up the tickets

"Who all is going?I'm not going until I know who I have to spend a vacation with."Jiro said rolling his eyes

"Me,you,Shu,Zola,Marumaro,Conrad,Logi,Andropov,Bouquet,and Schneider of we should all pack and get ready,the plan leaves in 4 days."explained Kluke

Four of the five children just looked at her like she was crazy,Bouquet on the other hand was very excited to go somewhere new.

"Not to be rude Kluke,but I'd rather stay here."Shu said looking at the rest of them

"Come on Shu!It'll be fun!So,can we go Zola?Can we?"Kluke pleaded

"*Sigh*,fine,we'll go."the older girl replied getting up from the chair she was sitting in

And thus,they started to pack.

"Do we have everything?"Kluke yelled from her room.

It was the day before they had to leave for the airplane,they all had stayed up to help Kluke and Bouquet finish the packing.

"Yes!"they all called closing their suitcases and luggages.

"Good!Now,in the morning Conrad will be here to pick us up and then we'll go get the ,we'll wait till it's time to get into the plane,then board it, and thus our vacation shall begin!"the young girl explained,placing the suitcaese and such in front of the door

The others nodded and told each other 'Good night' before heading back to their rooms.

The next morning,everyone was all set and ,almost everyone...

"What's taking you two so long,maro?"Marumaro asked

Kluke and Bouquet of course were the only ones who were still getting ready.

"We're girls!"Bouquet yelled trying to find something to wear

"But Zola's a girl too and she's we got up early."Shu added leaning on the door

"Well,Zola doesn't show always wears those boots,"Kluke corrected,"And it doesn't matter."

Zola,who was tired of hearing that for the past hour and a half walked out the door saying,"Call me when they're ready."

"Now look what you guys did!Zola left!"Bouquet shouted,finally putting something on

*Facepalm* "Girls."

After about another 15 minutes Kluke and Bouquet walked out and they went to go get the other people who where going on the vacation with them.

"Where are we going?"Andropov asked once they got into the van

"'ll be going there by plane."Jiro explained looking behind him.

"I hate planes."Logi complained poking Zola

"You hate shut up and stop poking me."replied Zola smacking his hand

"No fighting back there."Conrad said as he continued driving

"How am I going to last a whole 3 or so week vacation with these guys."Jiro asked shaking his head.

Although I don't mind Zola being here,Jiro thought looking out the window.

"Oh,and by the way we should all pick who we're going to sit by so we can get on the plane when it comes,"Kluke added,"So who does everyone want to sit by?"

"ZOLA!"they all shouted sitting up in their seats

"What about you Zola?"Kluke asked trying to make a descision

"I'll sit by Andropov I guess."she replied,rolling her eyes at Logi who was still poking her

"Then I'll sit by Conrad."Logi decided

"And I wanna sit by Kluke."Bouquet said

"I'll sit by Shu,maro."Marumaro said looking at a nodding Shu.

"Then it's me and Jiro."Schneider sighed sitting back in his seat.

"So the seat will be Shu and Marumaro, Schneider and Jiro, Zola and Andropov, Me and Bouquet, Logi and Conrad."Kluke concluded writing it down in her notebook

"We're here!"Conrad announced as they all got out and hurried into the airport.

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