This is my fan sequel to the Incredibles. My new OC Chance Avon Racer is a super, but he doesn't know it. You will see his powers later. I won't really give a summary, so I will just start the story. I am willing to listen to people who are willing to help make the story better.


A man watched though the huge glass window, as the woman he loved was birthing their son. This man was Casey Avery Racer, a world renowned racecar driver. There were not many people who didn't know about him. This man was ferocious on the race track, but everywhere else, he was the nicest guy you could ever hope to meet. This man was never seen without a smile on his face. Casey owed his success to his brother in law Avon, who founded and owned Avon Racing Academy. Without Avon, Casey would be a normal man.

His thoughts were suddenly ended by the sound of a newborn crying. Casey looked, and saw his son wrapped in a blanket in his mother's arms. Casey walked in, and stood by his wife.

"I have a name in mind," said Casey, as Lola looked at her husband, "Why don't we call him Chance Avon Racer?" Lola thought about it, and liked the name. There had been a chance, according to a doctor, that the child would be a miscarriage. They gave him his middle name Avon after Lola's brother, and both of them knew, Chance was going to grow up to do great things. Little did Casey know that Lola was a super in disguise, and he would never find out. Lola had the power to control electronic objects. She could wave her hand over a pile of circuitry and make it into whatever she wanted. They were not aware that Chance had inherited the power.

Two years later, disaster struck. Chance was at home with a babysitter, too young to be at the race that his Father was currently running. In the stands was Lola, cheering for her husband along with many other of his fans. Suddenly, Casey's front tire blew out, and he began to lose control. This car lacked several safety features that would come out in later years. Soon, Casey's car was rolling along. Before the rolling could stop, another car accidentally slammed into the car, unable to stop in time.

The car flew and smashed against a concrete barrier. Paramedics were on the scene instantly, as they pulled Casey from the burning car. But when they got his helmet off, they found that it was too late. Casey Avery Racer had gone to that big racing headquarters in the sky. Lola was devastated, as she was bawling the whole way home. The worst part of this, Chance would not remember this, so he was forced to grow up without a dad. How could she raise her son on her own?

When Chance was fourteen, disaster struck again. Lola was diagnosed with Breast cancer, which took her. She was off to meet with Casey in the great beyond. Chance, now old enough to comprehend death, was inconsolable. His uncle Avon took him in. Avon still owned Avon Racing Academy, and took Chance there whenever he could. It was here that Chance discovered racing. No one had ever told him his racing legend of a father had died in an accident. Avon felt it would only make it worse for Chance, to have to learn of his dad's death while trying to cope with his mom's.

Now, at age seventeen, Chance had taken up racing in Avon Racing Academy, and planned to buy it from his uncle when he was old enough and had enough money. He must have inherited his father's skills, because on his first race (and every race after that) he won the gold.

Little did Chance know that his life was about to change forever. One night, when Chance was in the basement of his Uncle's house, he was trying to fix a laptop, as he had always been good with electronics. There was something on the laptop that he could not make out in the light, so he put his hand over the laptop to get a better look at the writing. The parts that were scattered all over the table began to move around. The next thing Casey knew, the laptop was in one piece. He hit the power button, and suddenly, the laptop powered up, perfectly functioning. He picked the laptop up and showed his uncle of his success.

"Chance," said his uncle, in a serious tone, "there's something that I have been keeping from you the day I first met you."

"If it's about my parents," said Chance, "then I already know."

"It's more about your mother," said Avon. Chance shut up, and listened with perked ears at was his uncle had to say.

"Chance," he said, "your mother was a super; she could make any machinery bow to her will. Just by waving her hand over a pile of circuitry and parts, it would become whatever she wanted it to, and would do just as she commanded it. I bet you don't remember, but you had a little toy robot that was ruined when your house flooded. You refused to let it be thrown away, but the water it was holding was making it nonfunctional. When you waved your hand over it, it was working as well as they day you opened it. You have your mother's powers." Chance couldn't believe his ears. While it did explain the laptop phenomenon, it still came as a shock. Chance didn't know it yet, but this skill would help him on the greatest adventure of his life.

And that's all she wrote. I hope you guys like how this started, because it's just beginning. I am actually excited to keep going on this, but I feel that I should stop for now and wait until some people have read this to see what they think of it.