Chapter Nine

Reaching Second Sight

Chance's suit was finally ready. It was the basic Incredibles uniform. Edna Mode designed it to shrink and grow in size along with Chance. He had also switched out the laser gloves with the uniform gloves. The laser guns were not there anymore, because he had the powers he needed to defend himself regardless. Plus, the gloves with the Incredibles Uniform were much more comfortable, and the laser guns had just felt awkward, and he was able to switch the chip to the new gloves.

Chance took a minute to show the others his suit, and the Parr family told him he could very well pass as one of them.

"Time to go," said Chance, "I'm gonna save Violet or die trying." He got into his new car, and lifted upwards. The hair strand that Dash had brought also served to show where she was. She was very deep in the ocean. Chance flew towards the coordinates that had been printed by a machine in Edna's lab.

As he flew on, his mind was full of thoughts. How much security would be in this lair? How many goons were inside? Would his powers be enough to protect him without damaging the lair so it began to flood with mean ocean water? Chance knew he had no way of knowing until he arrived. He had heard from Edna that there are very strong windows in the lair, and if one is shattered, an extremely thick sheet of steel would cover it before very much water got it. Chance decided he could use that to his advantage. A machine began buzzing, telling him that the lair was right under his tires. He flipped a switch, turning the car from plane into submarine. His car shot through the water like a bullet through the barrel of a gun.

He came up on the lair. It was a sight to behold. The lair was massive. It looked like a giant black bubble on the bottom of the sea. It had some small specks of light coming off of it, getting larger and brighter as Chance got closer. Soon, Chance was getting much closer to the lair. Now, the window looked as big as a boulder. Chance made sure his car was heading straight for it, before boosting as fast as he could. He slammed right into the glass. But Chance realized that now the steel was kicking in. If that steel made it through the car, Chance was a dead man. He knew what he had to do. He used the strength lent by Mr. Incredible to smash the windshield from the car, and the speed lent by Dash to exit the vehicle before he was sliced in half.

It pained him to think that two beautiful cars were destroyed in the same day. Chance hated that, but he knew he could not let this keep him from pressing on. If Chance had to choose between a million cars being destroyed and saving Violet, the world would lose one million cars. Chance refocused and began to run into the lair.

It was dark inside Violet's prison room. She had nodded off again, because being stuck in a ball, in an unknown location makes it hard to tell time. For all she knew, it could be midnight, but she had no clue. Suddenly, a piercing red light, and a shriek of an alarm scared her awake. Sirens were blaring,


"Who's here?" asked Violet.

Second Sight could not believe that after all he had thrown at Chance, he had made it to the lair. He knew that Chance would be coming for him. It was time. Second Sight drew a key from a secret pocket in his suit, and put it into a small hole in his desk. He twisted it, and a compartment opened. revealing a button. Second Sight reached for the button and pressed hard on it with his index finger.

Violet was greeted by violent shaking of her prison. The next thing she knew, the prison was shooting straight up. It stopped with a jerk, and Violet was in a new room. The room was a huge one, void of furniture. Soon, a compartment opened in the floor, and Second Sight popped up through it.

"If and When Chance gets here," said Second Sight, "I will crush him like the annoying bug he is. Then you will be forced to take me back."

Chance ran down the long, dark, narrow hallway. He used one of his many borrowed powers to take out anyone that stood in his way. The strength that he got from Mr. Incredible was working well, so well that even the biggest and toughest guard went down with one punch. As he ran along, he noted sight of a door that was closing. He could feel the plot here. The doors would seal him in, and some trapdoors in the ceiling would fill the room with water to drown Chance. He kicked up his speed and sailed smoothly out the door, and avoided the trap.

Finally, Chance made it to the top of the lair. He busted down the door. He saw his enemy, and a person he wanted so badly to see: Violet.

"Chance," said Violet.

"Take a good look at your lover boy," said Second Sight, "because it's the last one you'll get." Second Sight pulled a remote from behind his back, and hit a button on it. The whole lair began to shake, and the feeling of the G forces pulling them down ensued. Soon the feeling subsided, and bright light came out of the windows.

"I've resurfaced this lair." Said Second Sight, "and that means it's the end for you." He hit the other button on the device, and a huge hole opened up in the wall. A huge Robot suit came from it, and Second Sight climbed into it.

"This is it, Second Sight." Said Chance, as he cracked his knuckles.

The final countdown is about to ensue. Who will come out on top? Stay tuned to find out.