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Title: Stealing a Thief's Heart – And Keeping It

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; complete AU

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, threesome, explicit intercourse, anal, oral, bondage, spanking, doubling, toys, all-human AU, shoujo-ai, hetero

Main Pairing: Jason/Nico/Percy

Side Pairings: Ethan/Percy (past, now one-sided), Luke/Percy (past, now one-sided), Thalia/Bianca, Frank/Hazel, Chris/Clarisse, Leo/Reyna, Lou/Miranda, Grover/Juniper, Malcolm/Katie, Charles/Silena, Piper/Annabeth, Jake/Will

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Jason Grace, Hazel Levesque, Bianca di Angelo, Lou Ellen, Thalia Grace, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Silena Beauregard, Zoe Nightshade, Calypso Nightshade, Phoebe Burge, Clarisse la Rue, Frank Zhang, Reyna Anderson, Octavian Simmons, Hylla Anderson, Kinzie Cohen, Chiron Brunner, Leo Valdez, Charles Beckendorf, Jake Mason, Nyssa Black, Will Solace, Chris Rodriguez, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Katie Gardner, Miranda Gardner, Malcolm Cage, Luke Castellan, Ethan Nakamura, Drew Tanaka, Juniper Underwood, Grover Underwood, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Tyson, Ella, Mrs. O'Leary

Summary: Detective Jason Grace is trying his best to catch the worldwide wanted jewelry-thief known as the Black Siren. But what if private-life and work collide and love messes with them?

Stealing a Thief's Heart

And Keeping It

10. Chapter: Playing Family

"He said the truth", muttered Clarisse dumbfounded.

"What?", asked Reyna from her desk.

She turned around some to look at the brunette with a frown. Her friend just gave her a look. The black-haired woman hurried to get up and see so for herself, throwing a curious glance over Clarisse's shoulder. Pointing at the screen in exhaustion, Clarisse sighed.

"I only checked about a dozen of the stuff and I really had to dig deep, but he said the truth. They had all come into the possession of the people the Siren stole them from under very very suspicious circumstances", commented the brunette with a frown. "What are we supposed to do now?"

"Forgetting that we know anything...?", suggested Reyna slowly. "I mean... Back when you got together with Chris we kind of overlooked the fact that he was a thief too until he was ready to become our informer. And since Percy doesn't do anything wrong, I mean stealing something that had actually been stolen can't really be stolen if it's just returned to it's original owner, right?"

"I'm getting a headache", moaned Clarisse and threw her head back. "Let's forget about that crap. The guys are busy bringing all the furniture and Silly said she'd cook at the Grace-di-Angelo-place, so how about we call it a day too and go get some nice food?"

"Sounds like a wonderful plan", agreed Reyna and yawned.


"And then just a little bit of cinnamon – I know it doesn't sound as if it'll fit for this, but it fits this just perfectly!", exclaimed the tall blonde woman with a smile.

She stood in front of the hearth, two very attentive listeners next to her. Juniper was even taking notes, while Percy was just looking curiously, watching how Silena roamed the big kitchen.

"Percy? Can I have a word with you?", grunted a grumpy voice from the doorway.

The three turned to look at Grover, Percy nodded slowly. "Are you guys finished already?"

"No", grunted Grover, crossing his arms over his chest. "Your new friends are still busy."

Percy gulped at that. He hadn't talked to Grover ever since his family had arrived in Los Angeles two days ago. They had crashed in a safe-house from Connor and Travis, because Grover claimed he didn't trust the cop and the Italian. Though Percy made it pretty clear that he would stay with Jason and Nico permanently. The three had started looking for furniture with Tyson and Ella.

"Okay, Percy. Let's talk", grunted the brunette as they walked towards the pond.

Sea-green eyes trailed over to the main-entrance of the villa. The truck was still standing there, Charles and Frank currently lifting a pink table out of it.

"What do you want to talk about?", whispered the teen and shoved his hands into his pockets.

"Why are we here?", asked Grover, staring intensely at his best friend. "Are you sure about this? Or is it just going to be Luke all over again? Don't look at me so surprised. Just because you never talk about it doesn't mean I don't know. Travis and Connor asked me to keep an eye on you back then. To watch out for men, because they'll eventually ruin your life. So tell me."

"I... I'm in love", murmured Percy and bit his lips, averting his eyes. "I liked Luke very much, yes, but I never loved him. Neither did I love Ethan. I had been young and didn't know what to make of... well, anything. There's something I never told you before. I never told anyone before. Not even Luke or Ethan. Why I ran away. I ran because my stepfather used to abuse me. And I never felt comfortable being myself. I've spend the last three years being afraid. Afraid to be rejected. But... Jason and Nico accept me, they... love me and I am so happy, I just want to spend the whole day cuddled up to them, talking with them... I've never felt so at ease. It's what I've been looking for, why I started stealing really. Because while I was busy concentrating on heists, I didn't have to think or remember or feel. But... I get that with Jason and Nico too. Not that I don't feel. No, in fact I feel so incredibly much when I'm with them. I feel so... complete and safe and protected and content, I am more happy than I had ever been in my life. I love them, can't you understand that? You loved Juniper and got married to her even though we barely knew her. Can't you understand?"

Grover sighed softly and rubbed his eyes. "I understand that. I just... please understand that I love you, you're my best friend. I want you to be happy and I don't want you to get hurt. I don't... have to say something about the... other thing, do I? I know you good enough to know that you hate pity. I don't have to say anything for you to know that whatever lays in your past or your future, you will always have me at your side and I will always support you, okay?"

Percy grinned at him and leaned his head against Grover's shoulder. They stayed like that for a little while until the teen's two lovers came hastily run up to them. Percy locked eyes with Grover.

"Go", sighed the brunette. "Go to your loverboys."

"Thanks, man", grinned Percy and leaned up to kiss Grover's cheek.

"Don't do that", hissed the brunette and blushed. "Or your boyfriends will tear me apart."

The teen laughed and ran off towards the two men he loved. Once he reached them, he interlaced his fingers with their hands, one of them on each side of him. Then he leaned up to peck their lips.

"Is my help required or why were you running like that?", grinned the thief.

"Something like that", chuckled Nico amused. "Leo, Charles, Jake and Nyssa take care of the furniture, installing the beds. Silena, Juniper, Hazel, Calypso and Bianca are cooking. Frank, Chris, Thalia, Phoebe, Reyna, Clarisse and Zoe are playing soccer with Tyson. And Will, Piper and Annabeth are showing Rachel and Ella the library-"

"Hold on, you have a library?", interrupted Percy wide-eyed.

"We also have an indoor-pool", smirked Jason. "And that's what we wanted to show you now."

"Eh?", blinked the teen confused.

His two lovers pulled him along to a back-entrance of the villa. Both were aiming mischievous grins at him and something told Percy that he would not get out of this without being very sore. Though then again he didn't really mind.

"Your house is really amazing", murmured Percy while they led him through the halls.

"Our house", corrected Nico automatically. "And one day we'll manage to show every single corner of it to you. But not now. Now we'd rather want to see every corner of you."

The teen blushed furiously. "You two are horrible."

"All your fault", shrugged the blonde next to him with a smirk. "Now come and get naked."

He pushed a door open to show Percy the most beautiful room he had ever seen. A pool, bigger than his apartment in Los Angeles had been, was seated in the middle, with beautiful palms lining the way to it, the light catching in the water and reflecting on the walls and the ceiling. Percy felt at home and knew he simply had to dive in. Breaking into a sprint as if the cops were behind him, he shed his clothes, throwing them everywhere, before diving head-first into the soothing, cold water.

"He really is a siren", commented Jason amused and started to undress himself. "Come."

"Let me lock the door first, will you?", grunted Nico and rolled his eyes. "Horny bastard. We have children in the house now. So we need to watch where and when we're doing it."

"Damn", muttered the blonde with a crestfallen look.

"Like I said: Horny bastard", snorted the Italian.

Once the door was locked and their clothes joined Percy's on the floor, they made their way over to the pool. The naked teen was swimming in circles, diving most of the time. Nico and Jason came to stand at the edge to marvel at the beautiful, lean figure and the graceful movement. It was breathtaking. And it was also making them quite horny.

"Are you two going to stare at me and drool or will you join me?", asked Percy with a grin as he broke through the surface at their feet, tilting his head at them curiously.

"How could we say no to that?", smirked the blonde and pushed his long-time-boyfriend.

"Jerk!", yelped Nico as he crashed into the cold water.

When he broke the surface again, he had his arms wrapped around Percy's waist, the naked teen pressed closely against his own body. The thief was flustered, but he grinned broadly.

"Well, you going to join us too or am Nico and I supposed to have all the fun on our own?"

Percy licked his lips seductively, wrapping his arms around Nico's neck. Jason snorted and jumped into the cold wet, diving to circle his two lovers. Once up again he squeezed both their asses.

"My boys", grinned the blonde mischievously. "How about something... dirty?"

"Wasn't it enough that we practically did it all night?", snorted Percy amused.

"He is never satisfied", grunted Nico, his hands sliding down to part Percy's cheeks. "So glad your ass will suffer now too. Though then again, I do feel slightly bad for your ass..."

"I don't", grinned the green-eyed boy. "I like the very eager way you two pay attention to it..."

"Well, then let us pay some attention to it", smirked Jason from behind him and bit his neck.

His fingers found the butt-plug seated within the tight ass in front of him, pulling it out with one harsh move. The teen between them yelped in surprise, clawing his fingers into Nico's shoulders.

"Ouch", muttered the Italian with a wince. "Wildcat..."

"We should probably hurry", murmured the blonde, leaning over Percy's shoulder to kiss Nico.

"Yeah", agreed the CEO against Jason's lips. "We'll get more time to play once the children are in bed and our friends are out of the house. Right, Perce?"

"You have no idea how long it takes for Ella and Ty to fall asleep", chuckled the thief, rubbing himself against his two lovers. "But let's see how you'll handle it."

"I always wanted to be a dad", grinned Jason, his arms around Percy's waist.

"Let's see how good of a dad you'll prove to be", snickered Nico. "You're not very consequent with that bunch of brats we call our friends. You and real kids? I really want to see that."

"I'm sure you'll be great. Both of you", smiled Percy softly. "And now stop with the worrying and start with the fucking before dinner will be ready, yes?"

The two men laughed at that. The teen wrapped his legs around Nico's waist, rubbing his ass against the hard member of Jason behind him. The silent command was enough, Jason slowly pushing into the welcoming heat of his youngest lover. A blissful moan escaped Percy's lips.

"I love you two so much", gasped the thief when he felt Nico's cock also pocking his entrance.

"You know, I never tire of hearing you say that, amore", smiled the CEO, kissing Percy softly.

"We love you two, little siren", grinned Jason stupidly. "You have no idea how much."

The Italian slowly pushed into the tightness of their thief, both their cocks stretching the teen in a way Percy had truly learned to love in the past two days. They had done it in every room they had managed to show Percy. Which probably was the reason why Percy still hadn't seen every corner of the villa. But that wasn't all that important to the teen anyway. The knowledge that he was with the two men he loved and that he would have much, much more time to explore the villa.

"Fuck, you're so tight and hot, Perce", growled the cop.

"I really love sharing you with Jay", smirked Nico, kissing the teen in a bruising manner.

The thief groaned into the kiss, bucking his hips to urge them on.

"You're two horny idiots", grinned Percy amused. "But you're my horny idiots."

"We completely belong to you, love", smiled the blonde, biting the teen's neck. "You stole us."

"Best thief in the world", chimed the Black Siren with a broad smile.

"No one disagrees", chuckled the Italian.

They easily slid in and out of the tight channels, already completely in sync with each other's movements. Sharing a lover – their beautiful thief nonetheless – was the best thing they had ever experienced. Percy leaned back against Jason's broad, muscular chest, the blonde holding the teen's waist tightly, one hand fisting the boy's member. A very eager Italian was sucking and biting Percy's nipples, kissing along the teen's collar-bone, leaving as many hickeys as possible.

"Ow", whimpered the thief needfully while clawing at Nico's back. "Harder, please!"

"As you wish, my little thief", chuckled the cop, thrusting harder. "We have to hurry anyway. So how about you come for us, wanton little thief?"

Percy moaned in reply, relishing in the feeling of Jason's cunning fingers teasing his cock. With a muffled groan, muffled by Nico's lips, he came hard. Gasping for air, he rode his orgasm completely out on the two hard thicknesses within him. He clenched down tightly, trying to force his lovers into mind-numbing orgasms. Jason bit down on his neck from the left while Nico kept himself busy with Percy's right shoulder, both quite eager to leave their marks all over their thief's body.

"Telling me to hurry but taking your time like that yourself?", snickered the teen, fisting his hands into the black curls of his Italian. "How about you come too now and fill my hungry ass with your hot cum, lover boys? Fill me and then kiss me."

Jason growled in the back of his throat at that, biting hard, just as hard as he came at that moment. Nico grunted as he felt the cock next to his ejaculate within the tight channels, following. A more than stupid and satisfied grin spread over Percy's lips while he stretched comfortably between them.

"You know that this it not what a pool should be used for", chuckled the teen amused. "Uh... the water? And we should probably get dressed too. But... the water?"

"Don't worry about the water", chuckled Nico. "It'll be cleaned and exchanged tomorrow morning anyway. But you're right. Wouldn't want to be late for family dinner."

Jason reached out for the plug drifting next to them so he could stuff the needy ass again after they pulled out. A cute yelp came from the teen as the two cocks were replaced by the toy.

"Wouldn't want you to stay empty, love", snickered Jason, placing a tender kiss on Percy's cheek.

Percy smiled softly, watching how his two older lovers slowly got dressed. It was good, being with them. It made him feel complete and safe and so, so good. And if they were truly willing to raise Ty and Ella with him, if he truly meant so much to them, enough to be a family, then... Then his life was barely perfect. Pulling his jeans up, he turned to glare at them for a second.

"I won't stop."

"Mh?", asked the CEO confused.

"Just because your police force decided that my cause is good and that they'll ignore that I'm the Black Siren doesn't mean I'll stop", murmured the thief with a warning glare.

"I've already feared you'd say something like that", sighed Jason and shook his head.

"That's why we decided to not ask you to stop", smiled the CEO softly.

"Really?", asked Percy doe-eyed and blinked.

The Italian took his hand, intertwining their fingers, pulling him close to place a soft kiss on his lips. Percy blushed, taking Jason's hand into his free hand, making his way to the door.

"I fell in love with a thief, forcing you to stop stealing would mean to make you stop being yourself. It's a very important part of your personality. It would be wrong to ask that of you", murmured the blonde, caressing Percy's hand with his thumb. "We love you, the complete, thieving you. Even if it means that I'll have to pretend to be hunting you, it doesn't matter. I want you to be you."

"I think I keep falling more in love with you with every day I know you", smiled Percy brightly and leaned up, first kissing Jason's cheek and then Nico's. "You're the most amazing men I've ever met."

"And", continued the Italian with a broad smirk. "We got another surprise for you."

"Another surprise?", chuckled the teen surprised. "What is it?"

The two men stayed silent while they walked through the corridors toward the dining hall. The table was probably the longest Percy had ever seen – nothing new there. Everything concerning Jason and Nico seemed so much bigger and so much more than anything Percy had known so far.

At the farthest end of the table sat Rachel, with Ella and Tyson on each side of her. The others were seated, the couples facing each other, along the table. Next to Ella and Tyson sat Juniper and Grover, followed by Annabeth and Piper, Phoebe and Zoe, Calypso and Nyssa, Jake and Will, Charles and Silena, Chris and Clarisse, Leo and Reyna, Hazel and Frank and Bianca and Thalia. The three seats on the other end of the table were still vacant. Percy was amazed by how big his lovers' family truly was. Not just their sisters, no, their task-force and their sisters' band and the machine shop owners. It was truly amazing how close they all were. It was something Percy had always longed for. A big family. It was why he had been collecting a little family of his own.

Nico took a seat next to his bigger sister while Jason took the seat next to his own sister, leaving the chair between them empty. Percy smiled shyly and sat down between them.

"Family, old and new alike", started Nico, lifting his glass, his eyes wandering through the rows of people looking at him curiously. "I thank you all for helping us today, making everything child-proof, cleaning and furnishing the children's rooms. But more than anything, I thank you for being there. For accepting each other. For accepting Percy and his family into our family. And I thank you for accepting us into your family. And, special thanks to our great cooks! Now enjoy the meal."

Everyone cheered and dug into their soup. Soon the volume rose as all friends fell into animated conversation about one thing or another. Percy smiled, watching the friendly banter between Thalia and Jason with one eye and listening to something Hazel told with one ear.

Once they were through with the soup and some of them volunteered to bring the dishes out and get the next course, Percy leaned closer to Nico, tugging on his shirt until he got the Italian's attention.

"What surprise have you been talking about earlier?", whispered the teen curiously.

"Oh, right. Valdez?", grinned the Italian, locking eyes with Leo.

The Latino next to Hazel blinked up from his steak to look at them confused. Though then the curator next to him elbowed him harshly, rolling her golden eyes at him. He nodded in understanding, hastily gulping down his steak to answer.

"That's right", nodded Leo, coughing slightly since he nearly choked on his food. "So yeah, Nico said that little Ty had said that you once worked in a car shop, that true?"

"Yes?", replied Percy, unsure where this conversation was going. "I've been always pretty good with my hands and Ethan had taught me a thing or two about cars, so when I moved on I worked in a cute car shop once. Why are you asking?"

"Well... Beckendorf, Nyssa, Jake and I talked about it and we sure could use another set of hands. The shop is always pretty busy, most of the times with the cars in di Angelo's garage", snickered the Latino with a shrug. "So, how about it? Want to work with us?"

"What?", asked the green-eyed boy stunned. "Why? How? What?"

"Jason and I had been talking about this while we searched for you", hummed Nico, resting one hand on one of Percy's knees. "We talked about our first date and how you said you're uncomfortable with others paying for you. So we thought you'd certainly not just turn all housewife and wait patiently here while Jay and I are off to work."

"But we also can't possibly let you work at that diner with this horrible person again", grunted Jason with a slightly dark glare. "So we thought about, well, possibilities. I'm sorry if we're being too demanding or controlling or anything, but we want to keep you in safe vicinity-"

He got interrupted by soft lips pressing against his. "You're cute! Incredibly cute. You know, I loved that job. Out of all the jobs I've done so far, I think I enjoyed the tinkering most. It was fun. And you're right, you're so right. I won't be sitting around like a housewife. Thank you."

"Impossibly cute", smiled the Italian, ruffling Percy's hair.

"Goodness, if I have to listen to them being so freakishly lovey-dovey all the time, I'm going to permanently throw up", grunted Clarisse and rolled her eyes. "Seriously, wasn't the first time around bad enough? When Jason first met Nico. Do we have to go through that again? They had just been out of this annoying phase, really."

"So awfully sorry to disappoint you, Clarisse", snorted Jason, grabbing the back of Percy's neck to pull him close and into a bruising kiss.

"Ieks!", yelped Ella at the other end of the table, blushing and giggling. "Pops is kissing mommy!"

"How in the world did you manage that she calls you pops?", hissed Percy after the kiss.

"Taught her a new word", shrugged the blonde amused.

"Uncle Thalia, uncle Thalia, can you teach Ella how to guitar?", asked the child, ignoring the adults.

"Of course I can teach you how to play guitar", smiled Thalia, winking at the kid.

"This girl, the attention span of a fly", muttered Percy and shook his head.

"I think she's adorable", grinned Nico next to him. "Just like her mommy."

"Oh, shut up", grunted the teen with a glare and blushed. "Not my fault she doesn't get that."

"So, Percy", interrupted Charles loudly. "How is it now? When can we expect you at work?"

"Mh... Well, I would be very interested in this", hummed Percy with a grin. "But give me a week or two first. I want to enjoy just being here and being with Nico and Jason first for a bit."

"Understandable", grinned Leo and wiggled his eyebrows. "Here are so many rooms to enjoy."

"What would you know about it?", snorted Jason, though his expression slipped as he watched his partner and the Latino blush a furious red. "Oh for the love of..."

"What are you going to do now anyway? I mean... Now that Simmons is kicked off the task force for wasting a huge load of money for a blind goose-chase throughout the whole country", started Hazel slightly nervous. "Jason will most likely be back on the task force again and... Well..."

"Just to have it said, I don't like this at all", threw Grover in, chewing a carrot.

"Oh, shut it", chided his wife opposite of him with a disapproving glare.

"If you would just stop turning every heist into such a big show", muttered Frank.

"We'll lay low", smiled Percy enigmatically. "For long enough. You'll get another assignment, the Black Siren may turn into a tale. Perhaps they broke up, like Nakamura and Castellan did. Or something happened. Who knows? And, really, who's interested in it?"

"What is he talking about?", whispered Nyssa confused into Will's ear.

The doctor next to her shrugged. "Perhaps he hit his head during the whole knocking-him-out-and-dragging-him-from-one-end-of-the-states-to-the-other?"

"He's not loosing it, don't worry", chuckled Rachel amused. "Trust him. We won't cross ways in the fields of work again. Besides, with having an own helicopter to use-"

"It's not ours, Rach. I told you so", interrupted Percy a little irritated.

"Oh, but it is", interjected the Italian with one raised eyebrow. "Didn't I already tell you at least ten times, Perseus? You're ours now and everything that is ours is yours too."

"Oh. So you want us to use your helicopter for a heist?", snorted Grover.

"As long as I don't know about anything", hummed the CEO and smirked slightly.

"Those people are crazy", muttered Grover and shook his head. "They're a perfect fit for our loon."

"Don't call me a loon", protested Percy and stuck his tongue out, his arms stubbornly crossed over his chest. "I'm not a loon. My mother had me tested!"

"Your mother had you tested?", snorted Piper amused, her hand reached out for Annabeth's.

"Oh? Yeah. When I was small. My stepfather claimed I was a little psychopath, trying to get me out of his way", shrugged Percy indifferent. "Perfectly sane though. Well, most of the time at least."

Silena heaved a sigh, her eyebrows knitted in worry. Even Phoebe and Zoe frowned, their eyes locked. The atmosphere turned gravely silent for a moment, as it always did when Gabe turned up.

"Well, lovely conversation topic again", muttered Chris. "How are Trav and Con anyway?"

"Oh? They're fine. Told us to greet you", smiled Juniper, taking the bait.

"Who wants desserts?", smiled Calypso and stood.

"Me! Me! Me!", exclaimed Tyson eagerly, both his hands raised high.

Bianca chuckled fondly, following Calypso to get desserts while the mood slowly lightened.

Author's note: Last chapter. Only the epilogue to go before this ends too...
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