One day Inuyasha was going to Kagome's school. (You know how he is!)
Suddenly, he smelled a strange scent. It was like a human scent mix with somewhat a cross between a flickering fire and tea leaves.
It seem to be coming from a shrine, it wasn't Kagome's family shrine. He ran up the stairs. At the top was a beautiful shrine maiden with long black hair.
It was her scent. Inuyasha got closer and closer, smelling her scent was somewhat very calming. His dog ears twitch as he got lost in the scent.
'Her scent... There's something different about this girl..." He thought.
Next thing he knew... He got hit in head with a broomstick. "Can I help you?" The Miko asked. "S-sorry..." Inuyasha said.
"It's just... Your scent is, um, intresting?" "Oh, is it now?" She said. She was getting very upset. "Well then..."
She jumped back and pulled out a priestest spell.
"Rin Pyo Tou Sha Kai Jin Retsu Zai Zen!"
She threw the spell. "Akuryou tai san!" she shouted. The spell was about to hit Inuyasha on the forehead, but it redirected and got attached to the sacred beads around his neck.
"Well, that never happened before..." The Miko said. "Hey you! Take this thing off!" Inuyasha shouted. "I have a name you know!" The young priestest shouted back.
"It's Rei. My name is Rei Hino." "Your very hot-tempered for a Miko, you know that." Inuyasha said. "I'm not..." She said quitely. 'I am, but I'm not gonna admit it.' She thought.
'She looks a little like Kagome, but even worst she looks more like Kikyo!' Inuyasha thought. "Hey, at lease take of this stupid spell off of me!"
"Fine..." Rei tried, but it won't come off. No matter what, it just won't come off. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT WON'T COME OFF!" He yelled.
Inuyasha looked like he was about to pick a fight. (If he was, who do you think would win?) "Wait a minute, just calm down." She said.
Rei looked at Inuyasha's dog ears. "Heel? Stay? Roll over?" Rei said. "Beg? Play dead? Sit?" The spell that was attached to the sacred beads glow bright red.
Suddenly, Inuyasha fell to the ground, face flat. "I can't believe that worked!" Rei said.
"It's official..." Inuyasha said. "I can't stand priestesses of any kind."

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