Title: Tokyo Topaz – Part 1 of 8

Fandom: Swingtown

Pairings: Mainly Trina/Susan with Bruce/Susan/Trina, Tom/Trina/Susan, implied Susan/Bruce & Trina/Tom

Rating: M

Disclaimer: These aren't my characters but with Trina and Susan both having amazing chemistry with any female in the room, really something should've happened…

Spoilers: This is AUish from ep 5. Title is a reference to ep 4 (Cabin Fever).

A/N: Thank you to my lovely wife Starbuck1980 for her beta..

Trina cradled the phone, concentrating on keeping the tears from her eyes. She knew this was part of the deal; Tom was a pilot, which sometimes meant a lot of time away from home. But Trina found the two night and nearly two-day absence necessitated by Tom's most recent assignment difficult to deal with, particularly when a storm in the east made it even longer. It was day three away and he was stuck in Tokyo.

The empty house felt hollow and Trina realised how much she was used to company. Being alone for so long had started to take its toll.

She looked at the Miller's number, wondering why of all her friends Susan Miller was the first person she thought of when she was feeling so dreadfully alone.

Susan had come a long way from the suburban housewife she had first met to reveal the adventurous, caring, smart woman that lay beneath the surface, just waiting for the opportunity to shine. And shine she did: from the night of the July 4th party where they joined Tom and Trina in bed, to visiting the Playboy club, to tearing down the wallpaper of her house during her housewarming party, to defying Bruce and standing up for herself (and censorship) to come to Harry Reems's fundraising party.

She remembered that last night particularly well. Susan had surprised her by showing up at all, and had looked particularly radiant in a loose flowing blue dress. She remembered how happy she felt that Susan had come and realised that was why she had gravitated to Susan's number, it was that feeling she needed right now.

She looked back at the Miller's number and dialed the phone, trying not to choke up at Susan answered.

Susan had just gotten into bed when the phone rang. She looked at Bruce oddly before getting up, pulling her robe around her and walking downstairs.

"Hello?" she said, worry lacing her voice.

"Susan," Came Trina's voice on the other end, "I'm sorry to call so late, I just..." her voice cracked and she paused, "...would you mind coming over for a moment?" she asked.

Despite her attempts to keep calm she could hear the emotion in Trina's voice.

"Of course, I'll be right there," Susan assured her, saying goodbye before telling Bruce it was Trina and that she would be right back.

"I can come with you," he offered but Susan shook her head.

"It's alright, I think she just needs a little company. Get some sleep, I'll be back," she assured her husband, cupping his cheek and giving him a kiss before throwing on her slippers and making her way across the street.

Since she had moved across the street from Tom and Trina Decker Susan's life had become interestingly complicated. The first weekend here, after a party at the Decker's house, they had all gone to bed together. While Susan wasn't quite sure where that left any of them she couldn't help but be drawn to this normally unflappable, exciting and caring woman.

Trina opened the door immediately as Susan knocked and she was shocked to find her normally together friend shaky on her legs with tears staining her face.

She held out her hand to Trina's arm and hip, worried she would destabilize in front of her. When she didn't fall at that moment Susan laced an arm around her hips, pulling her next to her and walked her to the nearest couch, sitting down beside her and facing her.

"I'm sorry Susan you should be with Bruce," Trina apologised, trying to wipe the tear streaks from her face.

Susan leaned over and touched her knee, "Bruce is a big boy he can live without me for a while so I can take care of a friend," she said reassuringly.

Trina looked up at her and smiled. "I really am lucky to have you in my life now," she said, eyes catching Susan's as her hand went down to clasp the hand on her knee.

Susan felt it then, it started as a tingling in her hand, like a mild electric current where it touched Trina, but then the air felt full of that same electricity. It had happened before, making it feel like Trina was the only person in the room with her even if they were in a room full of people. It was the feeling that made her want to do anything she could for this woman who had become such a close friend so quickly. She scooted closer.

"What is it Trina?" she asked.

Trina averted her gaze for a moment, swallowing before looking up, desperately trying to keep a light smile on her face.

"I feel silly now," she said, "now that you're here I don't even notice," she said, looking into Susan's eyes.

"You miss Tom," Susan guessed. She knew a storm in the east had kept him away longer than usual.

Trina looked down at her lap. "Lonely as a Topaz," she said forcing out a laugh as she quoted Susan's great aunt.

Susan put her free hand over the one that was holding her own and squeezed, "I'm here now," she said and Trina met her eyes again, full of warmth. "You don't look like you've slept for days," Susan said giving her hand another squeeze.

Trina shook her head.

"Well then," Susan said standing and pulling Trina to her feet, "Let me tuck you in," she said, a broad smile on her face.

Trina looked at her curiously.

"Oh come on," Susan prompted.

Trina assented, getting up from the couch and letting Susan lead them to her empty bedroom.

The sheets were a mess, she had obviously tossed and turned quite a bit already. Susan flattened the sheets out, much to Trina's amusement, before allowing her back in the bed. She tucked Trina in, kissing her on the forehead before discarding her robe and sliding into the other side of the bed.

Trina watched her curiously, taking in the short lace edged blue silk nightie, "What are you doing?" she asked evenly.

"Making sure you sleep," Susan said as she curled up on the other side facing Trina.

"You going to stare me to death?" Trina joked slightly uneasily. She was finding Susan's proximity under the sheets hard to ignore.

"Turn around," Susan said.

Trina raised her eyebrows but obliged.

Susan maneuvered herself closer, wrapping her arms around Trina's midsection as her front pressed against Trina's back.

"You don't need to do this," Trina said a little breathlessly.

"I want to," Susan said simply, "besides Bruce is already asleep knowing him and it's cold outside," Susan justified, although she wasn't sure if it was for Trina's good or her own. Now that she was here with her she didn't want to leave. "Unless you're not comfortable..." Susan said, suddenly worried she had crossed a line. She quickly disentangled her arm but Trina grabbed it, turning her head to face her for a moment.

"No," Trina said softly, "Thank you," she said before turning back and letting Susan's warmth lull her to sleep.

Susan woke up as the sunlight drifted through unfamiliar windows. It took her a moment to realise where she was but as the pieces fell into place she smiled despite herself.

She looked at the time; Bruce would be up in 10 minutes. Trina was no longer in the bed so Susan got up, wrapped herself with her robe and left the bedroom.

She met Trina in the living room, sipping a coffee.

"Good morning sleepyhead," she said, her voice chipper.

Susan smiled, "I take it you slept well," she said.

"Thanks to you," Trina replied smiling widely.

"Well I'm going to slip back before Bruce gets up," Susan said.

"Of course," Trina said jumping up and squeezing her arm, "I can't thank you enough," she said as she leaned in and kissed Susan on the cheek.

Susan felt herself start to blush, "I'll call you later," she said.

Trina nodded, "Thank you again," she said as she guided Susan to the door and waved goodbye.

Susan snuck up to her bedroom quietly but when she got there Bruce was stirring. He rubbed his eyes.

"Where've you been?" he asked.

Susan smiled, leaned over and kissed her husband.

"Trina needed some company," she said.

"You slept there?" he asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Yes I slept there," she said emphasizing the sleep, "she was just lonely," she said simply; "I didn't think you'd miss me."

Bruce got up and walked around the bed, wrapping his arms around his wife, "I will always miss you," he said, pulling her into a kiss, "but if being there for her makes you happy then I'm happy," he said.

Susan searched his eyes, still sleepy, "It does," she said honestly.

He nodded, "Good," he said, giving his wife another long kiss before releasing her to continue with their respective daily routines.

Trina spent most of the morning thinking about Susan. She had always known she was a beautiful woman and that there was a compassion and warmth within her that was magnetizing.

But as she thought back to last night she realised there was something more, something that made her pulse race at the thought of Susan pressed up against her. She tried to laugh it off, they had, after all, shared a bed before, but there was a niggling sensation that told her this was different. There was something very specific drawing her to Susan.

At quarter past ten the phone rang. Trina's heart beat a little faster when she heard Susan's voice.

"I just wanted to see how you were feeling," Susan asked from the other end of the line.

"I'm better, thank you again for last night," Trina said easily.

"It was my pleasure," Susan said happily.

"What are you doing today?" Trina asked.

"I was just about to ask you the same thing," Susan said, "Other than a bit more cleaning my day is remarkably free."

"Well then why don't you come over and we'll hang by the pool, it's supposed to be a beautiful day," Trina suggested.

Susan agreed and after a few more moments they hung up their respective phones.