Title: Tokyo Topaz – Part 8 of 8

Fandom: Swingtown

Pairings: Mainly Trina/Susan with Bruce/Susan/Trina, Tom/Trina/Susan, implied Susan/Bruce & Trina/Tom

Rating: M

Disclaimer: These aren't my characters but with Trina and Susan both having amazing chemistry with any female in the room, really something should've happened…

Spoilers: This is AUish from ep 5. Title is a reference to ep 4 (Cabin Fever).

A/N: My threesome or any het-related sex is totally not researched in any way so I'm sorry if it has logistical issues.

A/N 2: Thank you to everyone who has read the previous 7 chapters and I apologise that you've had to wait so long for this bit of it. I've beta-ed this bit myself so hopefully it is still okay. And the ending is a bit bittersweet but hopefully still satisfying (don't worry, no one dies).

The doorbell rang and Tom looked at Trina, eyebrow quirked, before getting up to answer it.

He opened the door to see Susan.

"Hi Tom," She said, "I hate to impose but would you be able to drive me to Janet's?" she asked, her face wrinkled in apology.

"You going somewhere?" He asked, taking in her coat and suitcase.

"I'm just staying at Janet's for a few nights until I figure stuff out," she replied evasively.

"You left Bruce," Tom said.

Susan nodded, shifting her gaze from his face to the suitcase in her hand.

"Is Janet expecting you?" he asked.

"Not exactly," Susan said, "But she has a spare room and I know she'll be okay with it," she added quickly.

"Why don't you stay here?" Tom asked, "Save you having to come back and forth to get spare clothes and you'll be here if your children need you," he said.

"That is very sweet of you Tom but I couldn't impose," Susan said.

Trina's voice was heard from the other room, "Tom who is it?" she asked as the voice came closer.

"It's Susan," he replied as Trina slung an arm around her husband and appeared in the doorway.

"Susan," she said as she smiled. She looked down at Susan's suitcase. "You going somewhere?"

"She left Bruce," Tom explained.

"It's only temporary," Susan said, "I think," she added cautiously.

"She wanted a ride to Janet's," Tom continued, "But I told her she should just stay here," he said casually.

Trina looked at him for a moment, grabbing his chin and kissing him.

"I don't want to impose," Susan said looking at the ground before looking up and locking eyes with Trina. Her breath caught as Trina's dark eyes stared back at her.

"Nonsense," Tom declared, opening the door wider and gesturing for her to come in.

Susan broke her gaze and looked at Tom, kindness written on his face.

"Are you sure?" she asked hesitantly, her gaze jumping from Tom to Trina and back.

"Of course I'm sure," Tom said with a smile as he took the suitcase from Susan's hand.

Trina grabbed her now empty hand and pulled her inside the house, shutting the door behind her.

"Thank you," Susan said to Tom before looking hesitantly at Trina, the warmth from her touch radiating up her arm.

Trina leaned in to her and kissed her briefly on the lips, "Don't ever feel like you can't ask us anything," she assured softly.

Susan raised her eyebrow before looking over at Tom awkwardly.

Tom put Susan's bag on the floor next to the couch and sat down, watching as his wife kissed Susan and then guided them both to the couch, sitting beside Tom, hands still linked.

"You are amazing," Susan said to Tom, "How is this okay with you?" she asked leaning forward.

Tom cleared his throat, "Trin and I have always been open and honest. She told me what she feels for you and I decided to accept that and see where it takes us because she is important to me," he said taking her free hand and kissing it.

"If only Bruce felt the same," Susan said.

"Bruce is a different type of man and you two have a different relationship," Tom pointed out.

Susan nodded, "Well thank you for being so understanding, and for allowing me to stay. You have no idea how much it means to me."

"We'll need ground rules though," Bruce said squeezing Trina's hand. "Susan, we'll make you up a bed in the spare room but you can sleep there or with us," he began, looking at Trina who nodded. "If any of us want any combination we just need to communicate," he said, "Open and honest," he finished, leaning back on the couch.

Trina nodded, leaning over to Tom and kissing him again.

Susan nodded and smiled as her stomach growled loudly.

"Sorry about that," she said, "I left Bruce when I was making dinner, have you eaten yet?" she asked.

"Of course not, it's only 6:30," Trina said looking at the clock.

"Can I make something for us?" Susan asked, "since I'm living here for the next day or so it's only fair I help out," she pointed out.

"Fine with me," Trina said, "saves me the trouble," she winked at Susan.

Susan smiled and got up, pulling her hand free from Trina.

Trina got up and offered to help her in the kitchen.

Tom watched them from the living room, watching the easy communication between them, the half conscious contact and the color on Susan's cheeks. He desperately hoped this would work and was selfishly looking forward to the energy in the bedroom should Susan ever decide to join them.

Dinner was an unqualified success, Trina enjoyed taking the backseat and Susan felt better that she was able to contribute.

After they had cleaned up they retired back to the couch, cocktails in hand.

"So how did you two meet?" Susan asked, her legs draped across Trina, her feet resting on Tom's knee.

Trina and Tom exchanged glances.

"I was a stewardess on one of his flights," Trina said carefully, "he was a married man and we, well we had a lot of fun in between flights," Trina said, looking at Tom with fondness at the recollection.

"You left your first wife," Susan commented somewhat uneasily.

Tom nodded, "One of the reasons Trina and I have an open marriage is that she understands that sometimes sexual desire is just sex, nothing more. My other wife wouldn't allow that and, well, Trina became more to me than just the stewardess I had sex with behind my wife's back. Now if I could have shared my experiences with my wife it might've been different but I had lost respect for our marriage long before I met Trina. And she made me a new man, a committed man, because she understands me," he concluded, running a hand down her side.

"I know he needs to be satisfied," Trina joked, "often."

Tom took a sip of his cocktail, "There is that," he agreed.

"What about you and Bruce?" Trina asked, "I'm not sure I've heard that story."

"Not much to tell," Susan said taking another sip of her gimlet, "He was my high school sweetheart. We got pregnant with Lori at sixteen and had to get married," she said. "I did love him once," she reflected.

"Once?" Trina asked, unwilling to let that admission go unanswered.

Susan shook her head, "I don't know anymore. The man I left today is not the man I married," she said sadly. "Part of me does still love him though, despite it all," she added nostalgically.

Trina put her hand on Susan's thigh and rubbed it in small circles, trying to comfort her but the pressure of Trina's hands caused sparks to rush up through her body.

Tom put down his drink and took one of Susan's feet, massaging it gently.

Susan bit her lip in the face of their mutual attentions.

"I don't know what I'm going to do," she said, trying to avoid their gaze, "I can't just leave him," she rambled on, trying to ignore the heat rising in her body.

Her eyes caught Trina's gaze and the desire aimed at her made her breath hitch.

Trina adjusted herself and pulled Susan's face toward her, kissing her softly. She pulled her face away, "Forget about Bruce for tonight and concentrate on you," Trina said softly before whispering, "Come to bed with us."

Trina's lips, proximity, Tom's hands on her ankles, and the alcohol in her system made those words resonate through her body with want.

She bit her bottom lip, watching Trina's lips as they hovered just shy of her own, and nodded. She leaned forward and kissed her as Tom lowered her feet to the ground and stroked up the side of her calf before Trina pulled her lips away and turned to him, kissing him and exposing her neck to Susan's lips.

Susan kissed Trina's neck, her hands stroking down her front.

Susan's legs were still draped across Trina's lap and as Trina's lips returned to hers she felt Tom's firm hands on the inside of her knee, sliding up her thigh. Her breath caught in her mouth at the sensation of taboo this whole situation created, her lover's husband's touch.

Trina felt her reaction and smiled, easing her hand along the other thigh and sliding it up, hitching her skirt up against her hips as Susan's legs parted before Trina's fingers trailed back down to her knee and then back up.

Tom moved his hand to Trina's blouse and was unbuttoning it from the top while Susan's hands started from the bottom, pressing them against the now exposed skin of her stomach.

Trina's other hand was on Tom's neck as she alternated between Susan and Tom's lips, each of them wandering their lips along Trina's neck and ear when her lips were absent.

Trina's blouse undone, Susan ran her fingers around to undo the bra, getting it the first time. Trina shimmied out of her blouse and bra and Susan traced her fingers and lips over all exposed skin as Trina turned toward Tom. Trina shifted, positioning herself on Tom's lap while trailing a hand down Susan's arm, drawing her closer. Susan inched closer on the couch, facing the couple with her knees against Tom and Trina's legs, one foot on the floor, the other tucked under her.

From her position on Tom's lap Trina loosened the tie around Susan's shirt, pulling it free as Tom's hand slid across her side to unlatch her bra. Trina turned back to Tom and pulled his shirt free from his pants, dragging it over his head and throwing it behind the couch. She trailed her nails down his chest, while turning to kiss Susan, Tom's hands running over the soft curves of his wife and her lover. Tom's hands fell to Trina and Susan's hips and Susan unbuckled her skirt as Tom's hands ran down her outer thigh. Trina shifted her weight, breaking her kiss, and Susan helped her wriggle out of her pants and panties.

Susan bit her lip as she surveyed Trina utterly naked, her mouth watering to taste her again. Trina saw the want in her face and leaned over, trailing her fingers over Susan's breasts, flicking the nipples, which instantly hardened. She kissed her languorously as her hand moved to Tom, cupping his cheek before trailing her finger along his lips, dipping it in his mouth before making a wet line down his chest and to the bulge in his pants. She broke away from Susan and Susan moved closer, pushing one leg toward the couch so she was spread wide, aching, as the leg on the floor wedged against the couch and Tom's leg. Trina and Susan attacked Tom's pants, tracing patterns while slowly undoing the button, the zipper. Trina stood up as Susan got off the couch, pulling Tom's trousers and briefs from underneath him with Trina's help.

Trina pulled herself closer to Tom, teasing the length of his penis as she turned to Susan and told her to take off her panties and sit behind her. Susan obliged willingly, wrapping her arms around Trina and pressing the warmth of Trina's back against her breasts, her hands holding the weight of Trina's as she nipped and sucked at the base of Trina's neck.

Trina snaked a hand to her outer thigh, holding Susan's thigh, moored alongside, and trailing it up to the throbbing wetness between Susan's thighs. With a slight movement of her body Trina pulled Tom inside her, moaning at the feel of him as he leaned down and sucked at her nipples, first one and then the other, sucking on Susan's fingers as they impeded his access, his hands reached around Trina to feel Susan's skin.

Trina reached Susan's wetness slowly, her wrist bent behind her as she slowly painted along the inside of Susan's lips. She heard Susan panting, almost whining with want into her ear and thrust home, two fingers pressed into her soft warmth.

Tom was thrusting harder into Trina, destabilizing all of them as he held on tight to Susan's hips, pushing her onto Trina's fingers with increasing force. Trina felt the force of Tom building within her threatening to release. She spread her thumb and hit Susan's clit, pushing harder inside her and circling her clit as she felt Tom about to come inside her. She bit her lip, groaning against the force, thrusting on it harder and feeling herself rocking near the edge.

Susan was panting in her ear and she circled her clit harder, unable to focus on what she was doing as the orgasm came rocking through her. She clenched her fingers inside Susan and Susan screamed, following Trina over the edge.

When Trina came back to her senses she felt Tom withdraw from her, his breath hot on her face. She collapsed against him and Susan lie against Trina as Trina slowly withdrew her fingers.

Susan kissed Trina's ear. "Thank you," she said softly.

Trina smiled and snuggled against Tom's chest.

Showered and changed Tom and Trina lead Susan into their bed, Trina sleeping sandwiched between them, holding Susan's hand draped across her stomach while her other arm extended across Tom's chest.

Susan's eyes fluttered open, flinching at the light of the early rays of sun before noticing Trina staring at her. She watched Trina's mouth quirk into a smile as their eyes met. Susan's mouth mirrored the smile of its own accord as she stretched.

"How long have you been staring at me," She asked sleepily.

"For a while," Trina replied, brushing Susan's hair away from her face.

Susan felt Trina's gaze like a blanket, warm and enveloping, comforting. She blushed.

"And Tom?" Susan asked.

"He was up before me," Trina said, continuing to stare into Susan's eyes.

"Is he okay?" she asked.

Trina broke her gaze and nodded, looking back up to respond, "So far so good."

She pulled herself closer to Susan, lightly touching their lips, holding them together as they breathed the other in.

Trina leaned back and Susan watched her, wetting her lips.

"I will never get over waking up to you," Susan said softly.

Trina smiled but it was only half formed as a faraway look came into her eyes. She brushed Susan's hair behind her ear absently.

"I wish it were that easy," Trina replied somberly.

Susan nodded, taking Trina's hand and kissing it.

"We'll get through it," she said with more assurance than she felt before adding, "right?" as her brow furrowed in worry at the serious expression that remained on Trina's face.

Trina watched the faith in Susan's gaze and her heart broke, knowing that she wouldn't be able to shield her from the storm that was coming to engulf her. She took her hand and brushed through Susan's hair.

"We can only try," Trina said softly with what she hoped was a reassuring voice.

Susan pressed her lips together in a tight-lipped smile, nodding. Trina rolled onto her back and pulled Susan into the crook of her arm as they held each other tightly, neither wanting this moment to end.