Bliss' P.O.V

The light shining through my curtains woke me up. Oh how I hate the sun sometimes. Then it dawned on me it was my first day of school. Damn. I quickly brush out my brown, cream colored fur. I crawled down the stairs to where my mom, who which happens to be an Espeon. She was making Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Yum! I smiled her while she tied the royal purple ribbon around my neck. I vowed to myself that I would get through this year without any trouble… till I saw HIM.

I was currently in 3rd period staring at him from behind. He is nothing like I have ever seen before.


I was trying multiple many times to open my locker, I finally got it when the doors flew open and in walks in a group of pokemon. But who caught my eye was the one in the middle. His golden fur was shining as bright as the yellow sun. His ears up and alert. His fire red cheeks. I felt a blush crawl to my face. He made me feel like jelly... Even though I didn't know him…

He walked past me with his group of Luxios and Shinx. I glanced over and he winked at me. WINKED!

Rocket's P.O.V

Fuck… Morning… I picked myself off of my bed and slouched down the stairs. I turned to my mom… She was making blueberry waffles. I shuddered as she put the black bandana around my neck.

"Be good at school, ok?" I nodded.

I grabbed the leather jacket at the back of my chair and walked out before she can say anything else.

I was approaching the double doors with my usual crew. and i got the usual stares from girls and glares from guys. But what caught my attention was this beauty. Her soft brown fur looked nice. The Royal Purple Ribbon around her neck was what pulled her look together. When we walked past, I winked at her. I seen her blush and smirked as I walked away.

Heh. She will be mine..

Normal P.O.V

The daywas as usual, boring for Bliss. She kept thinking about the golden boy that winked at her. She loved how his beautiful fur glistened. She just loved the sight of him.

'Just a crush..' But little did she know that 'little crush' could cause a whole lot of trouble with a whole lot of people.

Bliss' P.O.V

I glared ahead at the clock. I was waiting for lunch to come so I can go outside and be alone. I listened to Mr. Serneel chatter on like the Chatot he was.

I sighed, I was utterly and amazingly bored with my humanities teacher in my face. I looked at the clock. 2 minutes left.

"'Scuse me, Ms. Bliss? The board is up hear." He growled in my direction.

" I know old man. We can hear you without that damned Sonic Boom." I mumbled. I didnt wanna be bothered and I guess he could tell. But obviously didn't care.

"Heehee, I guess the little skank can't really do anything can sheeeeeee.?" I heard Tracy say outloud. She dragged the word 'she'.

I got up and calmy walked over to the bratty-ass Vulpix's desk...

Rockets P.O.V

All hell was loose. I walked into class about... 45 minutes late? And I seen the pretty little Eevee was on top of Tracy, my ex-girlfriend.

I saw that the male Pokemon were shouting stuff like 'Whooooo!' or 'Kiss Her ! KISS HER!' But mainly 'Daaaaay-Uuuuum! Cat fight!'

I smirked. 'That little whore loves to be on the bottom!' I thought as I watched the little Eevee pull fur off of Tracy's tail.

I got tired of seeing Tracy struggle so I grabbed the Eevee off of Tracy's shoulders and dragged her to the hallway. That wolf-type is much stronger than she looked. I sighed.

"WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK! YOU FUCKER!" She screamed at me or Tracy. I couldn't tell.

Tracy laughed at her. "Haha! You stupid little whore! Imma come back and beat the hell outta you!"... Oh Shit.

Tracy's P.O.V

I laughed at her once again. I seen her charge at me. Rocket pulled at her tail. I knew he still loved me! I turned around and strutted off. Now... Just to think about how Im going to get rid of her for good...

Normal P.O.V

Rocket was holding onto her tail until she stopped struggling. She was panting really hard, and that turned Rocket on. He tapped on his foot impatiently. Bliss started walking away.

"Yo! Where are you going? I never got your name..." Rocket mumbled the last part. She turned around. She glared at him and kept walking.

"Bliss.." She mumbled walking away. Getting farther away she turned around and... Winked!

'Oh so she wants to play that game, huh?' Rocket smirked. 'Let the games begin.' He thought.