Will shuddered involuntarily. His arm twitched and he winced, knowing it would get worse, far worse. He'd never had interest in drugs. If he lived through his upcoming addiction and withdrawal, he hoped it would remain that way. Everything else in his life would change.

The task ahead of him was horrific. He was about to ruin his career as a writer forever. He'd never get anything published again, and his assistant and editor would go down with him. He prayed they'd believe the story, though he feared they knew him well enough that they wouldn't. This could all be for nothing.

Sydney grabbed his hand, the one that hadn't just taken a needle of heroin. He squeezed back, afraid. The next few days would be among the worst in his life, but it would be better than being kidnapped by terrorists. He'd still have Sydney, and he'd still have Francie. They'd help him reassemble his life, whatever it would be worth.