Disclaimer: Oh, no, they're not my characters. I do have a lot of time on my hands, a laptop at my fingertips, and a basic grasp of the characters though.

One day Sarah wished it would rain. It was an idle thought she had while walking among the unusual flowers in the castle's garden. She thought perhaps they could use a good watering. What she had in mind was a light drizzle, a sun shower with a rainbow hanging delicately in the sky. Instead of that, she was given a storm. The blinding lightning flashed brilliantly before the rain came down, hard and violent. The sun had disappeared completely behind dreary clouds, bellowing thunder so loud that she felt it rumble through her chest. Her hair was plastered flat to her skull, and her dress was drenched enough to be a second skin.

Perhaps she should remove the word 'wish' from her vocabulary.

"My, my, precious. Don't look so cross."

Jareth suddenly stood there as if he'd been by her side all the time. Without a drop of water on him, it was as though the rain slid around an invisible umbrella above him.

"You asked for it," he said, a wicked grin curling his lips.

Hopelessly soaked, Sarah placed her hands on her hips as she gave the Goblin King an exasperated look.

"True. However, I did not ask to be caught in the rain and made to look like a drowned cat."

"Oh, you look so much better than that, darling," he lifted gloved fingers to his grinning lips. "But since you don't want to be caught in the rain…"

A twirl of his wrist, and the rain froze. The silvery droplets hung still in the air, shimmering little crystals. The clouds parted, granting the sunlight an opening to play with the suspended rain, turning them into shards of a rainbow.

"Jareth," she breathed.

Staring around her in wonder, she reached to touch a drop that hung before her nose. It felt as solid and shone as brilliant as any diamond. She Sarah had to fight her smile but allowed it to break through when he spread his arms and bowed.

"Thank you, Jareth," she said.

He looked so pleased not only with himself but her as well. There was a certain light in his eyes as straightened. He wrapped an arm around her waist and pressed a kiss to her temple, eliciting a happy sigh.

"Come, Sarah. Let's get you out of those clothes before you catch your death of cold."

Not that he would ever allow her a moment's suffering. She took the hand he offered as they walked through the curtains of water, holding her wet skirts with the other. As they went through, the rain began to fall again behind them.

"Couldn't you just…?" She snapped her fingers.

"You precious thing," his grin was positively wicked. "Focus on the words 'out of those clothes'."

The rest of the day had Sarah wishing the rain would never stop.