Chapter 12: The Masquerade Part 1

"Don't worry. Things will get worse."

-George Skelton


Nightingale bit her lip, the tears were prickling at her eyes once more. It was her fault. It was all her fault, she started to keen. Her wailing was sharp and almost ear bleeding. Lizzie felt her own eyes water up, she scooted closer to her best friend and wrapped her arms around her in an attempt to let her know that she was there for her. Nightingale shook her head, "It's my fault! I..I..Everything is my fault." She started to pound her fists against her thighs painfully, but she didn't care. She ignored it. Lizzie gasped and let her cry, but she rocked back and forth gently brushing her fingers through Nightingale's hair and hushing her. "No, no. Night, don't ever say that. It wasn'-" Nightingale shot her head up and looked at her with those big and wide tear-filled eyes. "I was so stupid and, and, naive enough to let him…I let him…" She started to suck in sharp and deep breaths…the keening had stopped but she was shuddering against Lizzie's gentle touch.

Lizzie had tears now sliding down her pink cheeks. She bit her lip and hugged her sister like friend closer, "Nightingale. Things happen, sure what happened to you will be life changing. But I suppose it was…meant to happen. I recall you saying that the door was locked. He was being sly…it wasn't your fault, he set it up. You can't say it was your fault when he set it up to happen, can you Night?" Nightingale looked up again and then sat next to Lizzie, her head resting on her shoulder, she was staring down at her long fingers. "That jackass might have locked the door. But I could have stopped him…" then she turned her head to stare her friend in the eyes, "Couldn't I…couldn't I?" Lizzie looked down for a moment and then up back at her friend. Nightingale shook her head, "That man is not human at all. There is no hint of it anywhere…I-I don't think I would have been strong enough hold him back. If I tried to fight him out of it…I might even be dead right now and this Rebellion would be lost forever. I couldn't afford it." Lizzie held her friend's hand and patted it, it felt like venom…trying to slip out of her mouth but she said it either way, "I-I-In a way, you were…kind of…forced." Nightingale cringed slightly upon hearing the sentence but nonetheless she nodded while looking at her friend, "Perhaps." Lizzie then let go of Nightingale's hand and then pressed her fingers to her temple, "But that's strange…" Nightingale whipped her head to look back at her.

"What's strange, Lizzie? Other than the fact that I got together with the most despicable man in Albion?" Lizzie smirked slightly, she turned her head towards Nightingale to see her smiling sadly and watching her toy with her sweat jacket. Lizzie sighed, 'At least she's still making jokes, that means she is feeling a little better.' Nightingale didn't have any other outfit other than her nightgown when she had returned to the Headquarters after 3 days of recovery, three weeks ago. Last month. She had finally gotten her hands on some shorts, ankle high combat boots, and a crop topped spaghetti strapped shirt with a jacket. It was the only thing she could have gotten her hands on without having to buy anything. "No. I mean…never mind that for now. The strange thing is that he didn't use a…y-you know." Nightingale stopped toying with her jacket and the flushing of the cheeks began. She looked back at her and couldn't help but slightly smirk a bit, hey Lizzie was smirking too! "Y-you mean?" Lizzie coughed a bit, trying to hold back her laughter, "Yes, that thing." Nightingale started motioning with her hands, "The thing with the…and that…" Lizzie started to laugh really loudly, slightly leaning on the guffawing Nightingale.

Lizzie slightly smacked Nightingale's arm and they wiped away a few tears of laughter, glad to be rid of the serious and depressing mood that they had previously been in. Nightingale coughed wetly and slightly gagged a bit. Great, what? Now she can't even laugh as hard as she wanted to? Her eyes watered from the slight bile that had threatened to come out yet again, she cleared her throat and smiled at Lizzie who had been gently patting her back while furrowing her eyebrows with deep uneasiness. "Are you alright, Night?" Nightingale cleared her throat a bit more and then nodded her head, "I-I'm fine. I might as well get used to it, cuz it's going to happen many more times in the months to come." Lizzie nodded and then continued on with her awkward subject. "The fact that he didn't use..that…strikes me as very strange. Whoever he would get together with, he would always use it…as to not have any unfortunate events or diseases. You don't think h-he, forgot?" Nightingale's eyes widened and she stared at her friend with realization. "Oh, oh my." Then she sneered with hatred, "That, is something I will find out. Oh, don't you worry." Lizzie's eyes widened and she shook her head, "No! What if he, what if he hurts you?" Nightingale chuckled lightly, "Not to worry, I always spring back." Lizzie patted her shoulder and then helped her up, they had to get back to Page, they had a Masquerade to get ready for.


He tilted his head back and squinted his eyes shut as the expensive whiskey poured continuously down his throat…it felt as if the contents were burning the corridors of his throat. He opened his eyes and gasped and then swiped his hair back to it's perfect position. He glared at the fire that was burning in it's fire place, it seemed to billow and bounce about in a dance. He gritted his teeth and threw the whiskey bottle at the flames that laughed at him. The fire exploded and billowed out, licking hungrily at what was thrown at it. Reaver smirked slightly, 'It had to be a stupid mistake…that nit l'esprit d'une femme de chambre probably made a mistake.' He tsked and then headed up to his chambers, yelling for that same maid that had brought him the purchase reports for his personal needs earlier. She came bustling in with the papers in her hands. He was lazily laying on his bed and scanning quickly through the papers. Something that he became an expert at through the years of business he had experienced. Reaver sat up quickly and quietly growled. He began shuffling around his room, looking for them. They were all around his chambers, scattered. He looked down at his papers and then threw them into the air…they floated gracefully to the ground. The records didn't lie. He gritted his teeth and rested a hand on his temple, "There's an extra…it's not suppose to be there. Ah, tut, now I have to deal with an annoying rebellious leader." He smirked slightly, but this mistake was not suppose to happen. What if she got unlucky…heck, her unlucky? What about him, he'd..he'd have to deal with a poop making machine. Unless of course…unless it wasn't even born. A dark chuckle escaped his lips.

Reaver looked up at the maid who stood there idly waiting for his orders. He smirked and then leaned casually on his enormous bed, "What?" He barked rather rudely. The maid swiped her head down and then began twisting the hemming of her maid outfit. "W-will that be all, Master?" He wasn't exactly in the mood for her annoying and squeaky voice…not after all he found out about. Reaver's fingers slid down to his gun strap and he pulled out his lovely Dragonstomper .48. It glimmered in the light and the intricate designs swept over his gloveless fingers. "Are the preparations for the party complete?" He said, still staring down at his gun…starting to wave it around with boredom. The maid flustered a bit upon seeing the gun being waved around so freely, and without caution. "Y-yes sir. All that awaits are the guests." Reaver smirked, 'The guests….wonderful.' A moment later, Barry Hatch crawled his way next to the maid. "Ah, Rweaver. Lax as usual." Reaver smirked upon his close servant. The man had been around ever since he was a child, under strange circumstances did they meet. "Hmph. Lax I may appear, but I'm feeling very agressif et furieux." His counterpart slightly snorted. "I see, and is it because of her..?" Reaver began to glower down at his gun, then he cocked it and sighed, staring down at his perfectly manicured nails. The gunshot rang throughout the room and the squeal of the maid pitched itself in gradually. Bright blood began to pool around her head, slowly making it's way to her lower body, Barry sneered a bit…knowing that he had to clean it up. 'Why couldn't I just keep my damn mouth shut?'

Reaver flopped down on his back and rubbed his temple, whispering slightly, "stupide princesse." Then he got back up and began to make his way towards his grand bathroom to prepare for the ball. "Barry!" He barked with a slight chuckle in his voice, "Is the rebel still in the cage?" Barry was still sneering at the dead maid's body…the blood was beginning to reek the place, the smell of iron and rose petals didn't smell too good. It was all dizzying. Barry stared back up at Reaver's profile, his back was to him and he was staring at him from the side of his eyes. "Y-yes. Though he is very much a potty mouth…" Reaver smiled, this is exactly what he wanted. "Good." Before he turned to enter the bathroom he rested his body against the frame, "Oh, and Barry? Clean up that filthy mess." With that said and done he slammed the door shut and allowed the soothing fragrances to envelope him, he needed that crazy rebel Princess out of his mind.


Nightingale flustered up a bit, she looked like her royal self in her beautiful ball gown. She stared at the mirror with awe, she missed wearing dresses like this one. It was a black sleeveless ball gown, it had intricate silver crystals that lined the bodice and the waist like a belt. Right at the waist it began to feather out, there were rows upon rows of feathery lace that was scrunched up and it flowed down her frame. In the front, the dress was cropped up to her thighs, it was a good thing she wore some black shorts underneath…just in case there were strange stunts. Then in the back, it reached all the way down to the floor…when she walked, it trailed after her. There was no why in hell she was going to wear any heels, so Nightingale decided to wear ballerina flats. The laces took a while to tie up her calves but she got it done. As for her hair, well, she pulled half of it up and let the other half cascade past her porcelain shoulders and down her back. Nightingale stared down at her stomach through the mirror, she cocked and eyebrow and then turned her body to the side. In just a few months…she knew that she would have a bulge, almost instantly…her hands went to her stomach. Nightingale gasped when Lizzie walked into the room, she put her hands down upon seeing Lizzie smirk a bit.

Lizzie stood next to Nightingale and sighed with frustration, "I can't believe we're doing this." Nightingale silently snorted and shook her head, "Neither can I, but what has to be done…has to be done." Lizzie nodded lazily and then took a good look at Nightingale. 'She looks amazing…I wonder if she even has any idea.' "Look how beautiful you look, Night. You'll definitely be turning some heads…or, well. Heads that are still somber. Tee hee." Nightingale giggled alongside Lizzie and then tutted, turning to look at Lizzie's outfit. "You think I look gorgeous? Take a look at yourself. Ou la la." Nightingale dramatically fanned herself for emphasis. Lizzie was wearing a golden sleeveless short puffy dress. Sequins lined where her breasts were and right at her waist was a ribbon that was to be tied at the back. Then the dress fanned out with a light golden color around her thigh area, boy, she looked more than gorgeous. She looked breathtaking…collapsing. Lizzie had bangs that swept to the side so she used a silver clip to slightly pull them back, the rest of her hair cascaded up to her chest. Nightingale stared down at Lizzie's high heels, they were sequined and golden…she looked even taller than she normally was. Nightingale stared back up at her and smiled, "The dress suits you, it looks amazing with your eyes. Honestly." Lizzie chuckled and then cocked her head to the side, she tsked and then pulled out the hair tie that pulled half of Nightingale's hair up.

Nightingale's curly hair flowed down her back and shoulders like a curtain, she blew a piece of hair out of her face and then furrowed her eyebrows, "What was that for?" Lizzie wrapped the black hair tie around Nightingale's left wrist and shook her head, "Don't put your hair up, it looks so beautiful down. Leave it like it would naturally be." Nightingale smiled and then Lizzie turned around and pointed towards the slack ribbons that had to be tied together. "Could you tie it into a bow, please?" Nightingale nodded and then quickly tightened it and they both faced towards the mirror, looking more than just dazzling. Lizzie looked down at her wrists, she began to play with some bracelets, "Won't it be awkward…?" Nightingale stopped toying with her hair and then looked over at Lizzie, then she sighed and stared at her stomach through the mirror. She put her hands up to her stomach again, "Oh, hell yes, it will be. But we have to push past that and help the rebels who are trapped inside that bastard's mansion. The mansion's probably like a black hole tonight." Lizzie smiled tenderly at Nightingale's motherly gesture.

Lizzie looked down at Nightingale's right ankle when she heard a slight jingle…it was funny that she never noticed it before. It was a black slithery anklet with a bird charm on it. "That anklet, have you always worn it?" She watched Nightingale stare at it with pride and care and sadness. "Yes. It was my mother's…she..she gave it to me before she died. Her last wish was for me to wear the anklet and to become a hero. Well, here I am now." She smiled a bit at Lizzie who stared at her with a weary sad smile. In an attempt to change the depressing subject, she cleared her throat and then cocked her head to the side with a curious look on her face. "Is your mother with Walter? I didn't see her this morning?" Lizzie smiled and then nodded, "Yes. She's helping the people down here settle in comfortably." Just then, there were a series of yelling and a line of curses, soon Ben had slammed open the door. He was holding his hands up to his head, yelling obscenities at Page who was smacking him. "Ack! Ow. Not the face!" Page steamed up again, "Ben! Your not suppose to be in here!" Ben turned his back to Nightingale and Lizzie and pouted at Page. "B-but I wanna GO!" Page stamped her high heeled foot on the ground and crossed her arms across her chest. She took a deep breath and cocked her head to the side, "Ben…we already planned that Nightingale, Lizzie, and I were the ones to infiltrate his mansion. Who's going to help Walter keep order here?" Ben narrowed his bright blue eyes at Page and then turned head on at Lizzie.

Ben helped steady Lizzie, he cursed himself for not watching where he was going, somehow he always ended up getting face to face with Lizzie. He bit his lip and then stared down at her…he regretted not staring at her in the first place when he entered the room. She looked like a fairy…a beautiful siren or, or a mermaid or something that lured people in because of their beauty. Her eyes seemed to have a shining laughter in them and she looked amazing in that golden dress of hers. Her aquamarine eyes stood out the most. What if something were to happen to her at Reaver's mansion? What would he do then? Lizzie was all together a different girl…he didn't feel anything for her just because of her beauty. It was her very being that twisted his soul and confused him into a deep abyss. "I-I'm so sorry. I didn't mean that Lizzie." Her eyes widened a bit when he attempted to talk to her, she laughed a bit and then glanced at Nightingale. Lizzie turned he attention back at Ben and shook her head, "It's alright Ben, I know you didn't mean it." Page walked up to them, together everyone formed a sloppy circle…in her hands, she held their masks. "Ben, I think you should get going." Ben then looked at Page and then frowned, "But, but, who's going to dance with Lizzie?" Behind him giggling from Nightingale and Lizzie erupted, sending echoes throughout the room. Page put a hand up to her temple and she smiled sarcastically, "I'm very sure that a much more decent man will ask to dance with her. Trust me." Ben frowned at her answer and then turned towards Lizzie, he looked down at her long fingers and then suddenly kissed her cheek and booked for the door. "If she's not safely back here tonight, I'll blame you Page!"

Lizzie's eyes widened with happiness, she brushed her fingers against the cheek that Ben had kissed her on. Nightingale poked her and waggled her eyebrows inappropriately. Lizzie's naturally pink cheeks turned pinker and she teasingly jabbed Nightingale in the ribs and hissed at her, "Stop it already." Page cleared her throat and then held out their matching masks, "Alright, I found matching pairs for all of us…it took some time, but I guess I got lucky. And wow…you guys will be standing out…a lot." Page cocked her head to the side and slightly smiled, turning towards the cracked mirror. Page wasn't wearing anything too grand. She was wearing a short ruffly dress with knee high stockings and some heels. The dress was long sleeved and Page wore with it a powdered wig with a tiny bow that matched her dark blue and silver dress, the dress had a low neck and showed a bit of cleavage, but this was a once and a life time chance so, hey, why not? "Come on guys, put on your masks and we'll be off. Can't be too late for the party. Kid's waiting for us." The girls nodded and tended to fixing on their masks. Nightingale's was extraordinary…it was sort of wide and cat eyed, silver sequins lined the eye areas, the nose of the mask wasn't that stretched out but it covered her nose area. On the left side of her mask, black feathers stood up, making the mask more mysterious and beautiful.

Lizzie's mask was mystical and magical…like it was from a whole new realm. The mask was butterfly shaped and the eye holes were wide and big enough for Elizabeth's eyes to shine through them. On the mask, there was glitter and sparkles everywhere…the gold color of the mask went along with her beautiful dress. Page's mask was simple but elegant at the same time, it was wide eyed and intricate swirling designs covered every corner. The mask was a silvery color with a dark blue lining the circumference of the elegant mask. After fixing on their masks, they took one look int he mirror and smiled at each other, Nightingale turned towards Page and Lizzie and took a deep breath. "Alright, we got this. All we have to do is just go in and come back out…quietly. Who's with me?" Lizzie was the first to put her fist over Nightingale's and then Page smiled at the both of them and placed her's on top of Lizzie's, on the count of three they threw their fists up and yelled out: "Resistance!"


Nightingale took a deep breath and exited the carriage with the help of the couch driver, she thanked him and then walked up the stairs along side Lizzie and Page. They all stared at the large doors with awe and queasiness, well, the queasiness belonged to Nightingale, everyone was mostly nervous about what they'd find in the hell hole of a mansion. Lizzie gently gripped Nightingale's right hand and they looked at each other, "Don't worry, alright, just act normal and try to stay out of his sight. We all will." Page nodded and then knocked on the door, hoping someone would hear their arrival…she had a bad feeling that they were very late. The door was opened by none other than Barry Hatch. The annoying failed counterpart of Reaver. Nightingale could feel Lizzie tense up next to her, she gently nudged her and then stared straight on at the man. "*Bit late, aren't you? You've missed half the rituals and all the drinking. All we've got left is fizzy pop.*" Barry moved aside to let the ladies walk past him, of course not without taking his time and staring at them up and down. He swiftly got in front of them and led them through the dining area. Nightingale sneered slightly, she wasn't surprised to see the dozens of drunk people slumped in chairs, on each other, as well as in their food. Lizzie sighed, she wasn't surprised either and Page was just pissed at the fact that these people were acting like this when all of Albion was dying off.

Page slightly stirred up a bit, looking at the two other girls for help on what to answer back with. Then she turned her attention back to the back of Barry's head, "Well…ugh, we're sorry. Um. Fashionable late?" There was slight snickering from Nightingale, Page shot her a serious look and then turned back to jump from Barry's sudden laughter. "Aw, well, we don't want you to feel inferior or anything now do we dears? But I must say, all of you look rather sexy. Hm…especially the one in black." Barry side glanced at Nightingale only to find that the youngling was glaring daggers at him. He slightly smirked and then continued nonetheless, "*Master Reaver will be happy to have a few more conscious people around for the final ceremony. And I wasn't kidding about the fizzy pop. These lightweights drink the lot! There's probably some cooking sherry left in the kitchen "if" you're desperate. Nah? Don't blame you. Never touch the stuff myself. Well, except in the mornings. I can sort you out a nice orgy later on, should the mood take you. What do you say?*" Page was growing impatient and disgusted, while Nightingale was having the need to go puke and Lizzie was trying to reassure her and keep her steady. They were nearing the doors to the ballroom, this was it, ahead, they would have to sneak around and look for Kid and any other rebels that were trapped in this godforsaken mansion. "Just shut it, you strange little man."

The three stopped in front of Barry Hatch, they were eager enough to just kick down the door and start searching for their rebel friends. Barry cleared his throat and finally said, "*Now, there are some ground rules. Master Reaver insists that nobody carries weapons into the Ballroom. There have been some accidents.*" They all turned stone like…realizing that he had noticed, well, anyone would. Nightingale stared down at her Hero sword, she trained with it long enough so that it was as strong as her Hero hammer. Luckily, her pistol was sort of hidden on her thigh strap by her dress. Lizzie nervously glanced at Nightingale who had a finger on her Hero sword, she touched her own sword and suddenly felt trapped and cornered, her pistol suddenly felt heavy on her thigh. Page gritted her teeth angrily and spoke through her teeth, cocking her head to the side. Anyone who crossed her path were sure to be sorry. "I'm sorry..we are going to have to keep our weapons. We're looking for a few friends." Barry smirked a bit at the rebels reactions'. He knew this was going just according to Reaver's plans. They were to enter the ballroom, have a little fun, and then be used as wonderful entertainment. He pretended to look shocked and a tad bit sorry, "*Oh! You're the brave, noble rebels! Why didn't you say so? I'm an oppressed Proletarian myself, you know. We're practically comrades.*" Page was seriously going to start blowing a gasket if he didn't start getting his ass in gear.

Barry bowed low and motioned his arms at the doors that he opened, "Alright, now if you'll step this way, you're sure to find your friends. Again, Master Reaver wouldn't mind a few somber lovely ladies. Not at all." Nightingale silently cringed at that sentence but quickly followed after Lizzie and Page. Page began looking around at the not so crowded dance floor. She raised her eyebrows and they tried to look casual. Looking out shyly at the clumsily dancing people. Page smiled, pretending to tell a joke but whispered, "Alright. You guys just act..normal. Look around and see if you can find them. If you get caught up in trouble just….go along with it. We're already standing out…what more could we possibly do to say 'Hey look! We're rebels, kill us?'" They all giggled at Page's joke but split up, Lizzie followed after Nightingale and she let her. After all that happened to Lizzie, she wouldn't want anything dramatic to happen to her, they stayed close to each other. They searched and walked idly looking around for at least an hour. Lizzie stopped Nightingale with a touch on her shoulder, "Night. We still haven't found anyone..what if?" Nightingale turned slowly towards Lizzie and pretended to smile but seriously spoke to her, "No. I'm not going to give up! I have to find them…ther…there is nothing wrong. We just haven't looked hard enough." Suddenly a sharp feeling pinched at her throat and she put a hand over her mouth, gagging slightly. "Oh..shit." Lizzie held her and then gently patted her back, "Oh, Night. Not now, be strong." Nightingale coughed a bit and closed her eyes, then she shook her head and gratefully looked at Lizzie, "I'm fine. Thank you. Come on." Suddenly she felt a hand tugging at her, stopping her from going any further.

Lizzie shifted her aquamarine orbs towards him…oh, not now. Why…? Reaver. Next to him was Barry Hatch. Lizzie took a deep swallow of air and stared down at Reaver's hand that gently clutched Nightingale's, she shifted her eyes towards Barry's. He was staring at her up and down, taking everything in sight…she had the need to pull her dress up. She wasn't showing that much cleavage but it was a strangle prickling feeling. Reaver's voice rang throughout her ears, "Why, my lovely ladies? Why so tense and shy? We noticed you haven't dance with a single person all night." Lizzie looked at Nightingale who had stopped struggling and was staring expressionless at Reaver. Reaver looked somewhat casual despite this being a ball, but he was decked out in black and white. He had a black over coat with a white dress shirt underneath, tucked at his collar was a dazzling cravat. His white pants shone out and his black boots shined from continuous polishing, on top his head was a signature black top hat and in his left hand a cane. Lizzie looked at Nightingale desperately, 'Come on, Night.'

Nightingale stared down at her hand and then smiled at Reaver, dramatically fluttering her thick eye lashes. "Oh. Thank you gentlemen for caring so deeply. We well, we just didn't want to…disturb or interrupt anyone! Everyone seems to be having so much fun!" She gestured at the drunk guests who were singing lullabies, she smiled awkwardly at Lizzie and Lizzie smiled back. 'Right…what a disgusting way to have fun.' Reaver smirked wolfishly and then bowed down to kiss her hand, "May I have this dance, ma belle?" Nightingale looked at Lizzie who had already headed off with Barry towards the dance floor, uncomfortably, she could tell by the way she gripped Barry's arm. Nightingale stared up at Reaver and curtsied, "Why of course." Then he held out his hand and she took it, wanting to squeeze it until it broke but took it nonetheless. He pulled her close and rested his hand a little too low against her waist and held her left hand in his. Soon they began to twirl in accurate circles, not too fast and not too slow. Nightingale stared up at his eyes, she could see them staring right at hers, boring holes into her very frame. Even behind that bird like mask of his…his eyes stood out sharply. 'Hopefully he hasn't noticed it's me…he always calls me that…what is it? Ma belle? Hopefully he calls every single girl that..yes, hopefully.'

"What is your name, my darling?"


Nightingale wanted to face palm herself, did she just say what she thought she said. 'Oh..DAMN IT.' Out of all the random foods that came up in her head nowadays, she had to chose Bananas? Why not Peach or Berry? 'Curse these stupid carvings..curse them to the Void!'

Reaver stared down at her awkwardly, she looked dazed as she said her "name". 'Bananas..what a strange name?' He rumbled with laughter and held her closer, "Why..that's..a lovely name, my dear. So lovely." He smirked when he saw the Princess's face cast a dark glare, it lasted a second..but he saw it. What was even sillier was that he knew she was worried. He even knew that it was the rebel Princess herself. He twirled her around, gently holding her finger, and then suddenly stopped her and dipped her low. Admiring the lovely little amount of cleavage he received, he had the urge to tease her and swipe his hand down her neck but he chose not to. Reaver pulled her up and pulled her closer, she collided with his body with a flustered look. Those gray orbs of hers shifted from his for a second and he knew they were on that former maid's position, she was worried…oh, how sweet. He looked at Barry and then winked, it was his que…the show was just about to begin. Barry nodded and suddenly, the lights turned off, a few screams sounded off and mass confusion swept over everyone.

Nightingale gasped and felt Reaver kiss her hand one last time in the darkness and slip off, she held out her hands and then began to yell out for her comrades, "Lizzie! Page! Where are you?" The lights turned on and blinded her momentarily, she swiped her hands up to her face and then lowered them upon seeing Lizzie on the ground, frowning slightly. She ran over to her and then kneeled down on the ground. Where were all the guests? It was like they disappeared, and what of Reaver and Barry? "Lizzie! Are you alright?" Lizzie frowned a bit and then winced, getting up with Nightingale's help. "Y-yes. I'm fine. B-but..I think he slapped my..bottom." Her cheeks flustered bright pink upon saying it out loud. Nightingale shook her head and then nodded her head, "I promise, once we get out of her and get back to base. I'll make you a Barry Hatch dummy and you can shoot it as many times as you want." Lizzie smirked evilly with content and nodded, "It's a deal. Where's Page?" Reaver chuckled loudly, it roared throughout the ballroom, "Now, now, it's not nice to make fun of my dear friend, now is it?" Nightingale and Lizzie glared up at him. Page was being pushed along, she wretched from the guard's grasp and yelled obscenities. "Let go you, fancy puff ball!" The guard pushed her at Lizzie and Nightingale quite forcefully. Nightingale put a hand on Page's shoulder and stared at her with worry, "Are you alright?" Page nodded and then turned their attention towards Reaver.

Reaver smirked and then leaned down on his cane, his special guests were swarmed around him, eagerly waiting for the night's entertainment. They were not patient folk, no not at all. Page glowered at him, "Where are they you bastard!" Reaver cocked his head to the side and waved his hand in the air, "Who…? Oh! You mean your darling rebels…I believe only one survived. Oh, look, here he is!" Reaver used his cane to point up at a dangling cage which was lifted up into the air. In it Kid struggled and wretched, staring down at the three girls. Page gritted her teeth and shook her head, "Kid. We'll get you out. I promise."

Reaver chuckled, staring down at their pathetic attempts, did they honestly think they would get out of here…if they did…definitely not unscathed. "*My, my, my! More busy little bees here to steal Reaver's honey. So industrious, so committed, so bloody annoying. When will you people learn to enjoy life*?" Nightingale stared up at him with her usual glower when she was around him, he seemed to have noticed her glaring and winked at her. She swore, she just wanted to grab his little head and, ugh! Page growled with annoyance, "Hmph! The only thing I'll enjoy is killing you, does that count?" Reaver chuckled and then tapped his cane on the ground. Suddenly, they noticed something that they hadn't noticed before. Lizzie squinted her eyes at the strange wheel with different picture symbols, "Is that..? I've never seen it before in the past?" Nightingale stared at it too, "It looks like a wheel." Page shook her head and glanced at them, "I-I've got a bad feeling about this."

Reaver smirked, truly unveiling it, "*The Wheel of Misfortune! It's rather simple. I spin, you die, we watch. Really! It's, it's a riot!*"

Nightingale slowly shook her head and cursed, "Page, I bet you think your senses are useful."

Page frowned up at Reaver, "Well now, oh hell ya I do."

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