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The beginning is Klaine drama, but I just wanted to show how it leads in to the Seblaine.

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"…Cream and sugar?"

The words felt stale on Kurt's tongue. After nearly five months of barista work, he'd completely lost all traces of enthusiasm.

"No thanks. I take it black."

It was especially bad on afternoons like this one; afternoons where people he knew would come in to the Lima Bean only to be faced with the reminder that Kurt Hummel hadn't gone away to college.

"Do you know what the absolute best part of this whole thing is?" Sebastian Smythe sneered, handing Kurt the money for his order. "This is exactly what I said you'd be left with, isn't it? Right on down to the khakis…"

"Yes," Kurt said dryly, running the transaction with a cruel smile. "You're a regular clairvoyant."

Kurt turned to fix Sebastian's drink. While his back was to the front entrance, he heard the bells above the door chime. When he turned back around, he was horrified to see Blaine approaching the counter.

"Hey, guys," Blaine said, wearing the typical excited schoolchild grin. "Sebastian, fancy meeting you here,"

Kurt figured it had been long enough that Sebastian and Blaine had completely cast aside their differences. It bothered the hell out of him. "It's not like it's a surprise," Kurt reminded his boyfriend boredly. "You both get your coffee here on a regular basis."

Kurt slammed Sebastian's coffee on the counter. Sebastian reached for it slowly.

"A run in is a run in," Sebastian disagreed charmingly, holding out his hand to shake Blaine's. "How's your senior year treating you, Blaine?"

"Honey…?" Kurt interrupted, not enjoying the eye contact the other boys were making. "Can I get you a medium drip?"

Blaine blinked, taking a moment to realize that Kurt was talking to him. "No cream and sugar."

"What…?" Kurt rolled his eyes, assuming it was some kind of joke. Blaine never took his coffee without sugar.

Blaine smiled innocently. "Somewhere along the line, I realized that the coffee's better without it."

And that's when Kurt knew that Blaine had been spending time with Sebastian again.

Things had started going south towards the beginning of the school year. Kurt had just started classes at Lima Community college, and Blaine was kicking off the year at McKinley. They'd come together one Wednesday night to watch America's Next Top Model. Reality Television was kind of their thing.

"You know what I just realized?" Blaine had said lightly. "Since we met, we've watched every episode of this show together. I can't believe we've stayed caught up all this time."

Kurt just nodded as Blaine nuzzled his head into Kurt's shoulder. He spent the rest of the episode distracted, thinking about the seemingly insignificant words that Blaine had said. It made Kurt feel a little guilty. He should feel happy to have the ability to sit in bed and watch TV with his boyfriend, but all he could think of was the fact that he'd rather be skyping with Blaine from New York. It was almost depressing to be sitting at home with a high school guy on a weeknight, knowing that Rachel was rehearsing some showstopper in New York.

The second incident was when the topic of anniversaries came up. "I mean, it makes sense that we stopped celebrating months after our one-year…" Blaine was going on and on. "But, I was thinking that a year-and-a-half is a big deal, so maybe we could do something this month."

Kurt tried his best to continue reasonably discussing this with Blaine. "Yeah, we could do something. I mean, maybe nothing huge. We can save the huge for March…"

"Well, why not?" Blaine leaned closer to Kurt, trying to sound sexy. "You could use a romantic weekend away."

"You're still in high school," Kurt dismissed immediately. "Your parents aren't going to let you go on a romantic weekend."

Blaine's face fell, defeated. "I could at least ask them."

"Even if you somehow brainwashed them to say yes, I have a job. I don't want to request a weekend off."

"God, would you relax?" Blaine asked him. "Ever since you started working, it's like you've had this stick up your ass."

"What, you don't think I'm cut out for work, Blaine? Would you rather I lounge around the house in sweats all day, waiting for you to make it big so you can support me?"

"Of course not! That's not what I…"

Kurt wasn't finished. "In a perfect world there would be a better option. But unfortunately, this is what my life is. Too bad…"

"Oh, right, your life is so hard!" Blaine cried out sarcastically. "It's the end of the fucking world that you have to spend one extra year in Ohio. Oh, and it's so hard to have a boyfriend who loves you!"

"Blaine, stop, this isn't about you!"

"It's never about me, is it?" Blaine shook his head. "You would have rather left me behind."

"It's not you!" Kurt repeated, practically screaming now, tears coming to his eyes. "It's this whole town! It's the tire shop! It's driving past the high school every day. I'm suffocating."

"I knew you were dramatic, but…" Blaine began to mumble.

"But, what…?" Kurt interrupted. "You didn't know I'd actually have a reaction to being stranded here?"

"Honestly…?" Blaine said darkly, crossing his arms. "I thought you'd have the decency to try to make the most of our year together."

"You're selfish to think I'd be happy about not getting into NYADA," Kurt said steadily.

"Why aren't you happy?" Blaine cried. "I mean, aren't you at least a little bit relieved? We'll get through this year, Kurt. We just have to get through this year..."

Kurt shrugged. "And what if I can't? Right now, I kind of feel more like I'm going to lose my mind."

Blaine walked up to him quickly, taking Kurt's hands in his. "I want you to be happy. I thought I made you happy. You know I love you more than anything."

Kurt examined Blaine's face, contemplating. "…More than yourself?"

Blaine's mouth gaped for a moment, not quite sure how to answer. "Kurt, you are so much more than I'll ever be."

Kurt yanked his hands from Blaine and let them fall to his sides. "When you learn to love yourself, you might just understand."

Blaine rolled his teary eyes. "…but right now, I'm just a naive little high school boy, is that it?"

"That's not what I said," Kurt said tersely.

"You know what?" Blaine threw up his hands, surrendering. "Call me when you learn to love me yourself!"

"Oh, stop it!" Kurt tried, but it was too late. Blaine was already storming out.

"You know, if you had stayed here, you would be head of the council right now," The truth of the words actually stung. Blaine smiled weakly as Jeff spoke them. They were sitting at a table in the Dalton commons after a Warblers rehearsal that Blaine had dropped in on.

"You don't know that…" Blaine bashfully attempted to convince himself. He gestured loosely at Sebastian. "This one made it onto the council without any kind of seniority what so ever. Who's to say he wouldn't have beaten me too?"

"I'm a natural leader, Blaine," Sebastian said confidently, lowering him self in the next chair and unconsciously unbuttoning his blazer in the process. He set down two cups of coffee; one for Blaine and one for himself. "However, the warblers seem to think that's something the two of us have in common."

Nick nodded in agreement. "You haven't been in the New Directions long, but I'm sure you have just as much leverage as anyone else."

Blaine shook his head, "Well, actually, Sam was elected captain. It probably should have been Artie. He's been around longer, but Sam is…Sam, I guess. I guess he's like Sebastian. He's a natural leader."

"Blaine Anderson, since when is passive-aggression your thing?" Nick asked. "Is this not the same guy who serenaded the junior manager of the local Gap for Valentine's Day his sophomore year?"

"Are we really talking about this?" Blaine laughed.

"I can't hear this story enough times," Sebastian leaned back in his chair, a dreamy look in his eyes.

"You've heard it before!" Blaine yelled, traumatized. Nick and Jeff burst out laughing. "That's not funny at all! I can't believe you told him."

Nick and Jeff glanced at each other as Blaine sunk in his chair. They were both surprised that he was legitimately upset.

"Don't worry, Blaine, I find it endearing." Sebastian told him.

Blaine reached for the cup of coffee Sebastian had brought him and took a sulking sip. He made a face as he set the cup back down and swallowed. "You didn't put sugar in it?"

"You didn't ask for sugar," Sebastian told him. "But if you want to distract from the true quality of the brew, be my guest."

Blaine chuckled, rolling his eyes. "I'm good, thanks," He took another sip. It wasn't so bad, now that he wasn't expecting it to be sweet.

"You know, I bet drinking so much coffee is why you're so short," Nick theorized.

"Or it could be because all the men in my family are short," Blaine replied sharply.

"Hey, don't make fun of him," Sebastian grabbed one of Blaine's shoulders, sending an unexpected shiver through Blaine's body. "He's petite, just the way I like them."

Blaine blushed as Sebastian took his hand away and winked at him. It had been a while since Sebastian had teased him like that. After the slushy incident, he'd backed off, which was a good thing at the time. But now, with all their demons behind them, Blaine was remembering the way Sebastian had made him feel the previous year, before all the drama. He'd felt so guilty at the time, just for allowing himself to be so flattered by Sebastian's advances. For some reason, it was different this time. Sebastian intrigued him more than ever, and for the first time, he was able to justify it.

By that point, they had both realized that it was coming. Kurt and Blaine had met at the Hudson-Hummel house to watch a movie, and they spent the night in silence. When the credits were rolling, they realized they had nothing to say to each other.

"…We're thinking about doing Abba for sectionals…" Blaine tried to make conversation.

"…Cool…" Kurt nodded. "I'm thinking about trying out for Romeo and Juliet at Lima community. I think I could really knock Mercutio out of the park."

That was something Blaine could get genuinely excited about. "You totally could! Go for it!"

Kurt's enthusiasm, however, did not match. He smiled weakly. "I got invited to a party tomorrow night. I met some people at the informational meeting."

"Oh…" Blaine wasn't sure why Kurt had said it the way he did, like it was bad news. "…Um…we can go if you want."

"I'm not sure if you'd enjoy yourself," Kurt told him.

Blaine translated this effortlessly. "You don't want to bring me?"

"I don't even know if I'm allowed to bring someone,"

"I'm not going to stop you from going." Blaine shrugged, becoming increasingly aware of the pit growing in his stomach. "It's good. You should still have a life, even if you do go to a community college."

Kurt answered with unnecessary dryness. "I appreciate your permission."

"I know you don't need my permission," Blaine responded quickly; apologetically. He was sick of fighting. He didn't want to fight anymore.

Simultaneously, both of the boys realized they'd been avoiding eye contact. They quickly looked up at each other, and found that each of them could read the other like a book. They were both crying in a matter of seconds.

"What the hell happened, Blaine?" Kurt tried to force a laugh. "You were right! Staying in Lima should have been a good thing for us, but I can't help it. I hate that I'm here, and I hate feeling like I owe you my time."

Blaine stared back at his lap, hurting more than he'd ever hurt before. "I'm sorry I'm such a burden," He snapped.

"I want more than anything to feel the way I felt about you six months ago; like I could never say goodbye. It's just like, I'm angry at you now and I don't know why. And I know, I'm just bitter because I worked so hard to go above and beyond and it never paid off, and I shouldn't take it out on you… I feel like there's this whole world out there that I'm missing!"

"It's only a year Kurt…" Five months, and Blaine hadn't been able to come up with a better argument. "We just have to make it through the year."

"Who says it's going to get better, though?" Kurt asked him. "Are you even happy anymore? Because I think that if you were really happy, you wouldn't spend your time talking about coffee with Sebastian."

Blaine smeared tears over his face with his palm. "You don't understand, Kurt," Blaine sobbed. "I've already transferred twice, so now I'm stuck at that school where people are allowed to treat you like shit and no one does anything about it. And, yeah, the New Directions was your safe haven, and it let you do what you wanted, but it's never been mine, especially not now."

"And you think Sebastian treats you nicely? All he care's about is blowing you. He might wear a good disguise, and maybe he can sweet talk his way through anything, and yes, I can see how that act would impress you but you need to remember that it's an act."

"You can let me have one friend!" Blaine argued. "Rachel's gone, Mike's in Chicago. I'm not close with anyone in that club. Sam and I have never seen eye to eye, and he's the captain now. My parents barely acknowledge me, Cooper's in LA. I'm pretty much alone. I have the warblers, and I have you. Please tell me I still have you."

Kurt bit his lips, as his tears began to fall harder. "I feel sick every day. I wake up hating myself. I go to bed thinking about how unfair everything is, and I… I just don't want to do this anymore. I can't look at you like I used to. I've just lost the feeling, and I told you: I wish I could get it back."

"You're really ending this?" Blaine was incredulous. "After months of promising you would never stop loving me."

"Its better this way," Kurt insisted. "I thought about it, and realized what this will do for us. We can look at colleges without considering each other. We can just… grow up with no restrictions."

"You know, you're breaking my heart right now…" Blaine reasoned.

"You should leave," Kurt's voice had shrunk. "I think it would be easier for both of us if you just went home."

And so, Blaine lifted himself off the couch, and showed himself to the front door.

It was three weeks before Blaine was even ready to see anyone. He was a zombie through school. He spent every evening laying in bed, watching Dawson's Creek on Netflix, and wondering what he could have done differently. He felt completely worthless. How could Kurt just leave him? Was he really that dispensable? He used to have confidence. Now, that was shot. How could he pretend to be sure of himself when he knew how much he really sucked at life?

The Warblers had been his rock through it all. Jeff had called him the instant he changed his relationship status. "That little tit bag," He'd said dramatically, trying to make Blaine laugh and only slightly succeeding. "He never deserved you."

"We always hated him!" He heard Nick say in the background.

"Yeah," Jeff agreed. "We always hated him."

"Shut up, you loved him," Blaine said sadly. "Who wouldn't love Kurt? He's so…pretty and…nice…"

"You know what? I'm gunna stop you right there," Jeff interjected. "I say…you tell me one thing you hate about Kurt."

Blaine ground his teeth as he thought. "He wore make up."

"Good… Very good; keep going…"

"He was too…perfect," Blaine said. "He was perfect! What do you want me to say?"

Blaine swore he could hear Nick singing a Simple Plan song in response. It seemed louder than it should.

"Am I on speaker?" Blaine asked shortly.

"Don't worry about it. It's just the two of us, buddy!" Jeff insisted.

"Mother of… I'm hanging up."

"No! Don't!" Jeff urged, but Blaine was in no mood.

When the weeks were up, though, Blaine ended up with the Dalton boys again. He went over to Nick's for a pizza party.

"Mighty Blaine Anderson, on the prowl again," Sebastian said in amazement, walking up to Blaine as he entered the basement. Blaine wasn't at all surprised. He'd known that the news of his break up would spread at Dalton. Everyone had always been fascinated with him and Kurt. Some of the guys referred to them as "The relationship that cost the Warblers Regionals", seeing how Kurt and Blaine had spent a large portion of their rehearsal time making out.

Sebastian was shameless. "I'm really sorry to hear about your loss of love, however, I couldn't help but wonder if you might be excited about your, shall we say...availability?"

Blaine rolled his eyes, a coy smile on his face as he crossed his arms over his cardigan and hoped to god he wasn't blushing. He tried not to heat up like a Bunsen burner as he felt Sebastian's eyes looking him up and down. He had to admit it: Sebastian made his feel like no one else on the planet did. He made him feel sexy. He looked back at Sebastian. "Actually, I've decided to take the opportunity to flourish as an individual."

"Seeing how this is the first time you've been single since puberty, I'd say that was a fantastic idea. That's just assuming your definition of 'flourish'matches up to mine."

"God, I hope not." Blaine said. He wasn't going to lie. Flirting with Sebastian was the best he'd felt in days.

"I'd like to offer my insights," Sebastian told him, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. "After all, I've been flourishing for quite some time now. I'm pretty much an expert. What do you say? You wanna come to Scandals tomorrow night? Be my wingman?"

Did Blaine want to be his wingman? It wasn't quite the same as being his date, but Blaine knew how badly he needed the night out. "I'm there."

"Fantastic," Sebastian grinned, causing Blaine to grin in return. "We'll venture out at nine-thirty sharp."

"Great," Blaine grinned. Nothing excited him more.

They took a cab to the bar from Sebastian's house.

"Don't worry, I'll cover the fare. This saves us a lot of trouble," Sebastian explained to him as they sat in the back seat. "I honestly don't plan for either of us to be in any condition to drive later."

Blaine chuckled excitedly. "Do you ever get sick of scandals?" He asked curiously. "I mean, after a whole year haven't you met everyone who goes there? How many gays even live in Lima?"

"Maybe I've met them, but you sure haven't." Sebastian told him slyly. "You're fresh meat, killer. And a prime cut if I do say so myself."

Blaine blushed, both flattered and unsure of how he felt about being "meat". "So I guess I'm not really your wingman after all."

Sebastian smirked wickedly. "I guess not."

They arrived at Scandals and got in with their fake IDs without a problem. Blaine followed Sebastian down the bar, both impressed and intimidated by the confident way Sebastian carried himself. He seemed so at home at the bar. Blaine had only been their once. He felt totally awkward.

"What's your poison?" Sebastian asked him.

"Um…beer…I guess…" Blaine didn't drink often enough to know what his poison was.

"Come on, Anderson. Do shots with me," Sebastian made intense eye contact at that request. Blaine didn't know how to react.


Sebastian ordered two shots of rum. The bartender promptly slid them across the bar. Sebastian slid Blaine's forward a bit, and saved his own. "Go…"

Blaine nervously closed his eyes and threw his head back. Sebastian smiled, satisfied, and downed his own. He exhaled slowly, slapping the bar and requesting another round. By the time they had arrived, Blaine was already feeling the first one.

"Hey, Sebastian…" An attractive, twenty-something guy with bulging biceps and iced tips approached them. Sebastian turned his back to the bar, resting his elbows on it. The way he stood, it was like he was opening himself up. Blaine watched the scenario play out, a strange feeling in his stomach. He lunged forward and grabbed his shot, drinking it as Sebastian talked to the other guy.

"Hey, Kevin, haven't seen you in a while."

Kevin's eyes landed on Blaine. "Is this your boyfriend?"

"No, of course not," Sebastian said much too quickly. Blaine swore he could hear a hint of disgust in his voice. "Blaine and I are…old friends. He wanted to come out tonight and I felt it was my friendly duty to chaperone."

Kevin chuckled, and Blaine felt a weak bolt of anger go through him. It bothered him that Sebastian was acting like Blaine was just some little brother that he was being forced to baby sit. He knew for a fact that Sebastian was attracted to him; that he had even been interested in him once. Sebastian was clearly just trying to save face in front of this guy he had the hots for. Since Kevin had approached, he and Sebastian were engaged in a sort of staring contest. They didn't even look at Blaine, even while acknowledging his presence.

Blaine needed to win Sebastian's attention back, and remind him that this was supposed to be their night. He reached for the second shot; Sebastian's shot. Glass in hand, he took a step toward Sebastian, pouring the rum down his throat as he bumped into him. He placed his hand on Sebastian's shoulder. "Come dance with me!" He urged.

Sebastian was suddenly taken out of his trance. He looked a little confused, glancing over at Blaine and the empty glass in his hand. He looked around at the bar, and saw only another glass. He smiled slowly, impressed. "Did you just drink them both?"

"I was thirsty," Blaine defended himself.

"Well, then," Sebastian said, as Kevin got bored and walked away. "I guess we'll just have to get more."

Sebastian waved to the bartender. Blaine stared at his face, trying to read it. "Who was that guy?"

"Former conquest…" Sebastian told him.

"Kind of like me?" Blaine heard himself blurt out. He immediately realized how quickly the alcohol had gone to his head.

Sebastian was amazed. He blinked at Blaine, dumbfounded for a moment, and then shook his head, letting it go. "This one was a little more successful. Let's just say, your moral standards are on a different level."


They finished two more rounds, and then made their way to the dance floor. At that point, Blaine was feeling warm and loose. After a song or two, it got to the point where he had to hold on to Sebastian's shoulders to keep from swaying too far in the wrong direction. Sebastian held Blaine's waist, amused. "You're already wasted, aren't you? God, you're such a light weight."

"Kurt used to tell me that…" Blaine slurred sadly.

"Kurt Hummel probably thought it was a bad thing," Sebastian laughed. "I happen to think its fun."

Blaine shook his head. God, he was so dizzy. "I have to pee," He said, and he realized after he said it that it was true. "Can I go pee?"

Sebastian let go of him. "It is a free country, after all."

Blaine nodded. He turned off the dance floor and made his way to the bathroom. He couldn't have been gone for more than five minutes, but when he came out, Sebastian was on the edge of the dance floor, grinding with Kevin. The whole picture was pretty obscene. Kevin ran his fingers through Sebastian's hair and planted a sloppy kiss on the younger boy's mouth. The worst part was that Sebastian did nothing to stop it. Blaine felt a surge of jealousy bubbling up in his stomach. He quickly realized, though, that it was more than jealousy. He was going to be sick. He clapped a hand over his mouth and rushed back into the bathroom

When he was finished, he couldn't muster up the energy to do anything more than slouch over the toilet with his cheek pressed against the seat. That's how Sebastian found him thirty minutes later.

At first, Sebastian didn't say anything. He reached over Blaine's head and pulled the lever to flush. Then, he sighed. "Next time, you'll learn to pace yourself,"

"I'm dying," Blaine grunted. "I'm dying and alcohol is poison."

He was so embarrassed. He hated that he couldn't party with Sebastian without failing. He bet Kevin never threw up from booze.

"Come on, let's get you home." Sebastian grabbed Blaine's arm and pulled him to his feet. "You can stay over tonight. I'll sleep on the floor."

In the cab, Blaine couldn't stop thinking about the way Kevin kissed Sebastian. He hated that Sebastian had taken the opportunity to hook up with someone the minute Blaine had his back turned. He wondered if events would have played out differently if he'd been as bold as Kevin.

"Do you want to kiss me?" Blaine asked Sebastian, leaning across the cab seat.

Sebastian shoved him away. "Blaine, you smell like vomit."

Blaine felt completely defeated. In his distorted, inebriated state, his questions were all answered. Sebastian didn't want him any more than Kurt did.

Sebastian let Blaine shower when they got back to his place, and brush his teeth with a spare brush his parents kept in the linen closet. By the time he had put on the sweats and T-shirt Sebastian had offered him, he had sobered up a bit. He went into Sebastian's room to find him asleep in his sleeping bag on the floor. Blaine smiled, thinking it was sweet that Sebastian gave him the bed, and climbed in, drifting to sleep within a matter of minutes.

When he woke up, he felt even more nauseous than the night before. His mouth was completely dry, and his head was pounding. He sat up and looked around. Sebastian was sitting at his desk, cross-legged in his chair with his glasses on and his hair messed up, scrolling Facebook on his laptop.

"Oh my god," Blaine groaned.

Sebastian turned to smirk at him. "I put some water and Aspirin on the night stand."

Blaine looked over his shoulder, and then dragged himself across the mattress to obtain the drugs. He sat on the edge of the bed, and swallowed the pills quickly, then chugged about half the glass of water without breathing. Sebastian watched him and laughed.

"Quite the night last night…" Sebastian said. "I'm sorry we couldn't find you some man candy before you purged."

"It's okay. I wouldn't be into hooking up with a random stranger. Not like you are, anyway…"

Sebastian laughed. He stood up and walked over to the bed, sitting down next to Blaine. "I guess it's a matter of personal preference,"

Blaine set his glass down, acutely aware of how close Sebastian was sitting. "Yeah, I guess…"

"Anyway, I'm just glad I got you back here before you passed out. It would have been a major bitch to drag you…"

Blaine laughed weakly. He and Sebastian suddenly looked at each other at the same time, their eyes locking for the first time since Sebastian had sat down. Blaine swallowed uncomfortably, trying to will himself to look away. He couldn't, though. Something else took over him. Before he could force himself to think straight, he had made the decision to act. He had to be as bold as Kevin. He had to compete somehow with all of the other men Sebastian knew. He had grabbed the back of Sebastian's neck and was pressing their lips together.

Sebastian's skin was dryer than Kurt's. His lips were warmer somehow. Everything about him was different. Sebastian took action, and pried Blaine's mouth open with his tongue. It thrilled Blaine that Sebastian was so actively kissing him back. It was something he'd been curious to experience since the day they met, and he had to admit, he was not disappointed.

Thinks moved quickly with Sebastian, and Blaine wasn't exactly sure how it happened. They never talked about it. Fooling around with Sebastian was just something that sort of happened. Sebastian's libido seemed so much stronger than Kurt's. He practically attacked Blaine when they were together. He ravished him. Nothing had ever made Blaine feel so sexy; so powerful.

After tiptoeing the bases for a few weeks, things heated up to the point where Blaine had lost all of his inhibitions. He actually began to feel like if he didn't have sex with Sebastian, he was going to drop dead.

No, they weren't labeling their relationship, but why was that even a problem? Sebastian didn't have to be Blaine's boyfriend. One silly word didn't change the way they felt about each other. They enjoyed each other's company. They turned each other on. Sebastian wanted it, and Blaine wanted to give it to him.

They were in Blaine's bed in just their underwear one evening. Sebastian had been grinding up against him for a good number of minutes, just trying to torture him. Finally, Blaine jumped the gun. "I want to do it…" He said breathlessly. "Let's just do it."

The sex was just as good as either of them expected. Afterwards, they got dressed in silence, and Sebastian got ready to leave.

"I have to go home and get some sleep. We have a clinician coming to our early rehearsal tomorrow," Sebastian told him, making small talk as always. "We plan on beating you at Regionals this year, so you better bring your A game."

Blaine chuckled. Sebastian buttoned his slacks and walked up to Blaine, giving him a forceful kiss. "Oh, we plan on it," Blaine laughed.

"It shouldn't be hard for you," Sebastian said, lowering his voice. "You certainly brought your A game today…"

Blaine showed Sebastian out and went back up to his room. He sat down on the unmade bed, and looked around, not quite sure what he was feeling. He was uncomfortable, almost. He thought about how sleeping with Kurt had made him feel. He always felt a sense of security that he assumed would come after sleeping with anyone. Kurt always stayed when they were finished. They held each other. He didn't know what to expect from Sebastian. He had known the other boy wouldn't be able to stay too late. So why was he so disappointed?

A few days later, Blaine went to dinner at Breadsticks with all of the other show choir seniors. They'd decided the five of them needed to bond as a class, for some reason, and Blaine was secretly thrilled to be included.

"You know, we lost some talent, but I'm not worried," Sam was telling the group. "We won sectionals without Rachel singing a solo two years in a row."

"True that!" Artie nodded soulfully.

"She's always taken the lead at Regionals, though," Tina reminded the group.

"Beating the warblers has never been an issue." Sam said confidently. Blaine crossed his arms uncomfortably. "No offense, bro."

"Oh, none taken," Blaine said, although he was a little offended.

"Oh, I can assure you that it will be an issue this year…" The familiar voice set a wave of color to Blaine's face. He turned in his seat to see Sebastian approaching, out of his uniform. Apparently the Lima Bean wasn't the only place he eavesdropped on conversations. Blaine just couldn't believe he was still doing it.

"Hey!" Blaine said nervously, hoping that none of the New Directions could read his face and tell that he was sleeping with the enemy. "What are you doing here?"

"Yeah," Sam said meanly. "Do you seriously have nothing better to do but spy on your opposing team?"

"Don't flatter yourself, He Man." Sebastian snapped back. "I'm here with a friend; thought I'd come over and say hello to Blaine."

Every pair of eyes at the table traveled to Blaine. He could just tell that he was still being blamed for all of the trouble Sebastian had caused them over the years. A thousand questions raced through Blaine's mind. Who was Sebastian having dinner with? He didn't want the New Directions to know they were involved. Did Sebastian really have to single Blaine out?

"Hello…" Blaine said awkwardly. Seeing a guy he had slept with shouldn't feel so uncomfortable. Why was he so uncomfortable?

"Now, the old Sebastian would counter these underestimations with a clever plan to take you down, but why ruin the night," Sebastian grinned insincerely. "You guys have a great night. I'll see you later, Blaine."

The table was silent for a few minutes before Sam and Artie started going over ideas for guys numbers. Blaine had completely zoned out. Who the hell was Sebastian there with? Blaine finally got up the courage to look around. His eyes finally landed on a table for two, where Sebastian was sitting across from and attractive, muscular guy that Blaine had never seen before.

Blaine's heart shouldn't have broken like it did. It's not like he and Sebastian were exclusive. He should have known Sebastian was still seeing other guys. It was just something he would have to learn to be okay with.

But why had Sebastian come to the table? Did he want Blaine to know he was with another guy? Was he trying to hurt him? Was he trying to send him some kind of message?

The anxiety got too bad, and Blaine suddenly felt like he couldn't breathe. He stood up from the table abruptly. "I need air."

He stood on the sidewalk outside the restaurant, trying his hardest not to hyperventilate. He'd been so stupid, to think that Sebastian actually thought highly of him. He was just another one of Sebastian's conquests. The worst part was that somewhere, deep down, Blaine had always known. That was the reason he'd been afraid to talk about the relationship. He didn't want to get rejected.

"Are you okay?" Blaine looked up to see Tina coming out of the restaurant.

"Yeah…sorry…it just got stuffy in there."

"Something's going on with you two…" She said perceptively. "With you and Sebastian…? You turned bright pink when he came over."

Blaine couldn't help it anymore. He lost himself in a fit of sobs. Tina took control and went to hug him.

"I'm such and idiot," Blaine told her. "I thought I could just sleep with someone else…and I would feel better about everything…I didn't think…"

"You slept with him!" Tina asked with a trace of sympathy still in her voice. "Blaine, why…?"

"I don't know," Blaine told her. "He's charming, and witty and so cute, and he likes me…and what else was I supposed to do? I'm so pathetic!"

"You're not pathetic," Tina told him. "You made a mistake. It happens."

"What do I do now? He's dating that guy."

"You don't know that! He said it was just a friend."

"But, how am I supposed to face him?" Blaine asked helplessly. "I'm so humiliated."

"You have to be honest with him," Tina urged. "You can't pretend you want something you don't just to please him."

"I don't want to lose him."

"But do you even have him now?" Tina asked bluntly. "Blaine, you have to be fair to yourself. If you don't respect yourself, you can't expect him to."

Blaine swallowed the lump in his throat. Her words really got to him, and he wasn't sure why.

"You're right…" He nodded. "Um…I'll talk to him tomorrow."

"Good," Tina said gently. "Do you want to leave? I already gave them the money for your part of the bill. I figured you could use a free meal."

Blaine was surprised. He wiped tears away from his face. "You didn't have to do that. I can pay you back."

"I wanted to…" Tina smiled sincerely. "It was the least I could do for a friend in crisis."

Friend… The word sounded so good to Blaine. Maybe he wasn't so alone in New Directions after all.

"Hey, sexy," Sebastian said as Blaine held open his front door the next day. "I noticed that you and Blowin' Wang split from the sticks last night. Did you get lucky?"

"I'm surprised you were paying attention," Blaine said dryly. He closed the door as Sebastian came into the foyer.

"To you…?" Sebastian smirked. "I'm always paying attention."

"Really, because I thought your friend would have distracted you."

Sebastian paused for a minute. "I'm sorry, are you jealous of Paul?"

"I don't know. Who's Paul?"

"Like I said; he's a friend…he's as straight as a ruler, you can ask him yourself."

"I'll pass…" Blaine mumbled. Sebastian read his bitterness.

"I'm sorry, when did you get the right to care who I have dinner with?" Sebastian sneered.

"I never said I had any right!" Blaine snapped. "After all, we aren't dating!"

"No, we're not!" Sebastian yelled back.

The two of them breathed heavily for a minute, watching each other, waiting for one of them to crack.

"I don't get it," Blaine said, trying to keep his voice steady. "I always thought you liked me."

Sebastian swallowed, a cloud of regret passing over his face, "Blaine, I did. I do…you know I do."

"But you don't do relationships, do you?" Blaine challenged.

"Honestly, I've never tried." Sebastian admitted. "And honestly, I didn't think you were interested. You never brought it up."

Blaine had to stop and think. Was he ever interested in a relationship with Sebastian? He'd sort of just been going with the flow. Now, however, commitment felt like the only way to keep Sebastian away from other guys. "Neither did you!"

Sebastian bit his lip. "I always thought I was some rebound experiment," He told him, and Blaine felt extremely guilty, wondering if there was some sort of truth to that. "You were basically just offering me sex. I wasn't going to reject you. You initiated everything. I wanted to keep it on your terms. I wasn't going to make it awkward by asking for something more."

Blaine was shocked to hear this. "…Really?"

"Blaine, I've never done this before! When I heard you and Kurt broke up, the first thing I wanted to do was ask you out. But…you were vulnerable, and you'd never liked me before, and I thought I had to settle for being your friend."

"That didn't work out so well…"

"Yeah, and that's your fault," Sebastian kept on. "I've never had anyone want me for anything more then my body. I guess I'd convinced myself that it's all I had to offer…when you kissed me after that night at scandals; I guess I thought 'so much for friendship'…"

Blaine shook his head. "I'm so sorry..."

He quickly stepped toward Sebastian and stood on his tip toes to kiss him. They wrapped their arms around each other and went on for a few more minutes before Blaine broke away.

"Maybe we should just try it..." Blaine suggested. "We could hold off on the physical and just try to...be together, I guess."

"Really?" Sebastian seemed unsure. "Is that what you want?"

Blaine nodded. "Yeah. More than anything."