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Tak, being much faster then Dib as well as not having a full bag of clothes to carry, had probably already arrived at Zim's base by this point. Dib was so confused, it had been years since Zim's robot had plugged its i-Pod into the computer causing the galaxy to become a musical. How could it have happened again? But Tak was right, knowing Zim it was all to easy to re-activate it and he'd just forgotten. Now, Did hatred having to sing at random times during the day depending on his feelings, but now he was older, he understood from his diet with Tak that it wasn't all bad. He had the courage to say things he wanted, but couldn't in normal life. But that wasn't enough to make up for the embarrassment and stupid tunes that pretty much chose themselves. He had to hurry; he didn't want to end up singing a bunch of girls' songs again.

The front door of the base was already open so he didn't waste any time storming inside and activating the lift that sat under the desk next to the sofa. By the time he'd arrived in the base, Zim and Tak were at each others throats, Gaz rolling her eyes in the corner.

"Déjà vu, huh Dib?" she sighed, looking at her brother.

"Again? You idiot! Can't you handle one little SIR unit?" Tak cried, her human disguise fading as she shoved Zim in the chest.

"Do not come here blaming Zim!" he retorted, "It was not his doing!"

"It never is, is it?" Dib added, sarcastically.

Zims eye started to twitch threateningly just as a series of electric guitars started flooding through the pipes in the ceiling. They all groaned. Yes, it was well and truly back. Words flooded in their throats like vomit, but this couldn't be swallowed down. Instead, it poured out from their lips before they could stop it. This was going to take some getting used to… again.

Fat Lip – Sum41:


You're storming through my base like everything's my fault!


Oh well it would be the first time even you can admit that!


It was GIR!


Like before?


I took his i-Pod away!


Heard it was in your desk he found it all the same!


Zim knows that in hindsight it wasn't the best place,

But GIR is a moron I never thought he'd find it!


Well that worked so well!

Now we're stuck in song!

I'm sick of all this happening again!


Don't you dare waste Zim's time, Moaning about how this is inconvenience!

I will go get it fixed, Maybe it just needs one screw like before. Shut up!

Tak rolled her eyes and shoved Zim out of the way to examine the machine herself. Instantly, her pupils dilated. Everyone looked at her expectantly, apart from Zim, who just glared at her with distain. She tilted her head and thought about how to break the news to them…


Oh – kay, we're doomed,

No it's no screw, the back it totally fried,

But what would you expect with an Irken like you!


Oh really, that's rich!


She's got a good point…


Gazlene don't start!

It was GIR and not Zim!


So what can we do to fix this up and,

Stop all the song it's getting to me and,

While I'm on a rant, why don't you call her Gaz?

I'm sick of the dumb formality!


Zim hardly thinks that the point,

Right now we've got to get to GIR and then find out what,

He has done down here,

Then get it fixed before Zim takes him apart!

Hearing all the commotion, GIR dropped down from his hiding place in the tubes that snaked along the ceiling. He looked up as everyone stared down at him with a mixture of distain and expectance. He knew he was in trouble, he always was. And he thought he knew why… he grinned sheepishly.


Just wanted to, hear the singing,

I missed it so, I did it again!

But believe me, didn't mean to hurt computer,

But this is fun, cuz now we're signing!

Dib and Zim:

Well no it's not fun and I'm we're sick of this song and,

Now we're dueting this is just so wrong!

Can we please just figure out how to get this thing fixed again?


But this don't make sense how's it so broken this time?


It's Zim and GIR, you expected much else?

They're a hazard, wanted by crazy boy house!


I'm sure you meant Dib there.


Oh shut your mouth Space-Boy!


By the way computers burst into fire now!

GIR was right, sparks had started shooting from the screen and flames started to lick at the machinery. While they tried to extinguish them, their irritations were growing by the second.


This is just a waste of time! It just can't be fixed in a burning state like this!

There's another way, if we just order a new computer and then

Replace the old parts…

Retrieve the song cursed device,

By that point we could…

Get rid of this musical world once more!

They all gasped for breath, staring at one another in determination.

"So basically, get a new computer and swap a few parts over and it'll be fixed." Said Gaz, arching her brow.

"Simply put, yes." Zim answered.

"So why didn't we just say that to start with?" Dib cried, exasperated.

Tak shrugged, "It's not the weirdest thing that's happened in these musicals…" She had a good point there, "So how long will this computer take to arrive?"

Zim narrowed his maroon eyes in thought, "Zim suspects no longer than a day or two."

"And you're sure that it's not just a screw we need like before?" Dib groaned, raising an eyebrow.

Zim glowered at him and pointed to the flaming computer, "What does the Dib-filth think?"

Gaz smirked and rolled her eyes at her brothers failed attempt at sarcasm. But then she looked down and noticed the large bad that he had been dragging around. She nodded towards it.

"What's that?"

Dib looked down and reddened slightly, "Tak is moving in for a while…"

"Then I'm staying here for the night." She took a step closer to Zim, "I'm not listening to you two all night…"

Dib went full on scarlet. He and Tak had never even gotten close, what was that supposed to mean? No, he wasn't going to bite. He clenched his fists in an attempt to calm himself down.

"B-but, it's a skool night."

"And you're excuse is…?" she challenged.

Tak smirked, admiring the younger females power over Dib. She could see why her and Zim worked so well, she didn't take any of his crap and he was still in military mind-set so her orders were something he was willing to agree to. Strange, she thought, Gaz and Zim were very forceful with one another, not afraid to lay down the law. Whereas she and Dib, they were very cautious of one another, taking extra care to be gentle as if they were so fragile a single tap could shatter them… Was she that weak?

"Fine. But if there's any -"

"Jeez Dib, she's big girl now, she can handle herself." Tak snapped playfully.

Gaz stared at her defender questioningly before nodding in approval. She could never bring herself to call Tak a friend, they really knew nothing about each other for that, but they got along nevertheless. She was an ally, and that was a bug step for Gaz. For either of them actually.

Soon after they had attempted to put out the flames on the computer, and failed, Dib and Tak chose to leave as it was getting late. All of them took the elevator up into the living room where Dib gave a final attempt at convincing his sister to come home with them, to which he failed. He hoisted the bag onto his shoulder and left with Tak following behind. Gaz watched them leave and felt a hint of longing. Why was it that they were so open with each other and yet her and Zim barely said a word of caring towards one another. In fact, apart from the music, they never had. Zim sensed her hesitation and prodded her gingerly on the shoulder.


She turned to face him and took him by surprise by pressing her lips against his. He looked down on her with wide eyes before giving in and returning the kiss. But she broke away all to quickly.

"And that was for…?" he asked.

She sighed, "Does there need to be a reason?"

"Zim is confused."

"Me too…" she struggled to find the words, "It's just I've been thinking, we're not like other couples."

"We're not like other people, little-Gaz."

"Yeah but… We're really not. It's like we don't really care about each other if we have to wait for a stupid musical number where we have no choice!"

He recoiled from her words, "Is that it? What is it with humans thinking that compassion if dead if they do not talk about it at every opportunity? It's sickening. Zim does not say it, because he feels that he does not need to."

"Yeah, it is sickening." She nodded, seeing his point, but not sure if she believed it, "I'm not good with words Zim, and neither are you."

"Zim doesn't pretend to be."

Oh no, not again…

Awake and Alive – Skillet:


I'm at war with myself cuz this,

Tries to make me say my thoughts,

I struggle to fight it back,

I just can't seem to shut my mouth!


It's getting harder to stop the song,

And my mind is racing fast,

I'm not good expressing this…


It's awake and alive,

The music knows what we feel inside,

Now is the time, to say what we want, don't have a choice.


Right here, right now,

I'll say it once and leave it at that…


Zim knows how little-Gaz feels…


It's awake and it's alive!


Zim's at war with himself cuz he,

Really does care for you Gaz,

But finding the words is hell,

It seems you're the same without the song.


When I want to say I care,

The words just get so stuck,

You just get inside my head.


It's awake and alive,

And we know how we feel inside,

Now it's our time, lets say it all now the timing feels right.


Right here, right now,

I'm with you and wouldn't change…


Zim knows what he believes inside,


It's awake and it's alive!

He pulled her close to him roughly and pressed his lips against hers. Part of him felt weak that he was unable to tell her how much he was willing to protect her, destroy any being that dared upset her. Now here he was forced to say it through a computer malfunction. He remembered when this had happened the first time. So many musical notes had passed from their lips. Once the music stopped, he found that the words were harder to come by. He broke away from her. Part of him felt weak, but right now, it was like something inside of him was waking up…


In the dark…


I can feel you in my sleep,

In your arms I feel you breathe into me,


Forever hold his heart that I will give to you!


Forever I will live for you!

Zim produced his metallic PAK legs and bound her body to his so that there was no escape. She didn't fight it and pushed herself to him, wrapping her arms around his neck in turn so that he was not going anywhere.

I'm awake and alive,

Now I know how I feel inside,

Now it's my time,

I'll do what I want, cuz this is my life!


Right here, right now, I'll stand my ground and never back down!


I know what I believe inside.


I'm awake and I'm alive!

Something inside of them felt as though it was waking up for the first time. She forced his lips against hers and let his pointed tongue wrap around hers. Why couldn't she say things like this to him on a normal day? Why must she wait for stupid and impossible situations like this? She knew that she loved him, and she was sure that he cared about her, but it wasn't in their nature to say it aloud without help. Was that why she didn't mind the music so much? She wasn't sure. But right now, all she was sure about was that he wasn't letting her go, and in turn, she wasn't letting go of him. But time was taking its toll, and soon they both had to part for air.

He smirked down at her, "Does that answer your question, little-Gaz?"

She shrugged playfully, "Well if it's the best answer I'm gonna get, sure."

Just at the moment, GIR came screaming into the room, arms failing in the air as the tip of his antenna held a small flame at the top of it. Zim rolled his eyes and retraced the PAK legs, letting his mate slip away from him. Gaz bent over and casually blew a small puff of air over the robot, extinguishing the flame. He paused in mid cry and then started to giggle.

"Did you not listen to Zim when he said don't go near the flames?" Zim snapped.

GIR tilted his head childishly, "Did I listen when you said about the music?"

Gaz smirked and answered for the pair of them, "Nope…"

It had gotten pretty dark outside and Dib was starting to feel tired. He had just finished clearing out half of his closet to make room for Tak's things. It was strange moving her in with him, right… but strange. But then with tiredness, came an awkward predicament.

Dib swallowed hard and indicated to the bed, "Better get some rest, last day of freshman year tomorrow. You can have the bed, if you want."

He was so jittery, Tak thought, "Won't you be cold on the floor? I don't sleep remember."

"Oh, right, yeah…"

Come on Dib, snap out of it! He told himself, luckily keeping it in his head instead of blurting things aloud like normal.

"Share?" she offered breaking the silence so hard that they could almost hear it shatter.

"Okay." He said, panicking that he answered a little too quickly.

She gave a rare shy smile and pushed herself under the covers, pressing herself against the wall so that there was enough room for him in the single bed. She arched her brow in secret amusement at the little space-ships that were printed on the sheets. Dib tried to act cool, not an easy task for him at that moment, and casually shifted down next to her so that they were laying face to face. She chuckled quietly as she noticed he'd left his glasses on. He tried to hide his blush as she removed them for him and had to lean over him to place them on his table.

Without his glasses, her violet eyes blurred into her mint skin, but he could still make out her smile, soft yet determined, from years of not being allowed to smile, her muscles in her face were on constant guard to snap it away at the slightest moment. It was strange looking at her now, like he didn't ever want to make her smile go away. The he wanted to get rid of everything that dared try. He wasn't used to this really, only when she was around. Now she would be around all the time…

"Dib?" she asked, looking at his blank expression and starting to feel self-conscious.

"Tak…" he answered softly, cupping her cheek and leaning closer to her.

She was taken my surprise by his swift moment and for a moment thought about reacting on instinct and pulling back, but she ignored it. Instead she welcomed his touch, letting his lips brush against hers lightly before going to pull away. She stopped him by leaning forward and forcing their lips together with more force, opening his mouth with hers and letting his tongue slide around hers. She loved moments like this, it was the only time she felt normal, like she was good enough for him… human. She wrapped her snake-like tongue around his, holding it in place so that he couldn't move away from her and slide her un-gloved hand under his night top, tracing his abs with her fingers. Dib sighed blissfully and pulled her so that she had her stomach pressed against his. His hands also travelled, under the back of her shirt and caressing the small of her back up to her shoulders, their legs entangling around each other. She moaned over his lips as he reached up and started to stroke her antenna, making her press her body closer to him. It was bliss, but it wasn't enough. They both ached to discover more of each other but weren't sure how, it was new to both of them. All of a sudden, Tak froze and pulled away, unwrapping he tongue from his and rolling over to face the wall.

Tak hated herself for doing that her herself as well as to him, but she couldn't bring herself to go any further. She was still Irken, and he was still human. Not only that, she was a defect Irken. What good was she? When all was said and done, he needed to be with a human, not some freak like her.

Dib stared at her in surprise, which quickly faded into dismay. Had he hurt her? Did he go to far? Why had she spun away so quickly? He turned to replace his glasses before gently placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Tak? Are you okay?" he swallowed thickly, "Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry…"

She felt him slump down, she turned to face him, "It's not you. But you do need to be with someone like you. Me… I'm an abomination on this planet, I'm nothing like you…"

He eyed her and smirked, "Well, that's good, it'd be weird going out with someone just like me."

She smiled slightly, "I'm serious Dib, this… this isn't right, for either of us. We're not the same and pretending like this… it's only just temping a fate that isn't ours."

He sighed and took her hand under the covers, holding it tight to his chest, "You worry too much, and that's coming from me."

She smirked, "My obsessive compulsive Dib…"

"Exactly, your Dib."

"Thanks Dib…" she blushed a darker shade of green, "Did you want to… go from where we left off?"

She sounded forced, like it was a question she felt like she had to ask rather than looking for a genuine answer. Yes, he did very much want to pick up from before, but he couldn't bring himself to go through it. Right now, she looked lost. And being lost is never good under these circumstances. Instead, he smiled softly and traced the line of her jaw and pulled her close so that her head rested on his shoulder.

"This is good…"

A slow, lullaby of a melody that contained mainly piano floated around them. Before, they would have been irritated by the interruption that they could do nothing about. But for some reason, it just felt right, so they let it carry on.

Just a Kiss – Lady Antebellum: (I love how I hardly had to chance any words here XD (recommended byIZFanficReader4fun))


Lying here with you so close to me,

It's hard to fight these feelings when it feels so hard to breath.

But caught up in this moment, caught up in your smile…


I've never opened up to anyone,

So hard to hold back when I'm holding you in my arms,


But we don't need to rush this ,lets just take it slow…

Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight,

Just a touch of the fire burning so bright,

No I don't wanna mess this thing up,

No I don't wanna push too far,

Just a shot in the dark, that you just might, be the one I've been waiting for my whole life,

So baby, I'm alright, with just a kiss good night…


I know that if we give this a little time…


It'll only bring us closer to the love we wanna find…


It's never felt so reall


No it's never felt-


-so right!

Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight,

Just a touch of the fire burning so bright,

No I don't wanna mess this thing up,

No I don't wanna push too far,

Just a shot in the dark, that you just might, be the one I've been waiting for my whole life,

So baby, I'm alright, with just a kiss good night!

No I don't wanna say... goodnight…


Too bad humans need sleep…


But you'll be in my dreams…/I'll protect you in sleep







Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight,

Just a touch of the fire burning so bright,

No I don't wanna mess this thing up,

No I don't wanna push too far,

Just a shot in the dark, that you just might, be the one I've been waiting for my whole life,


So baby, I'm alright…


Lets do this right…


With just a kiss goodnight… A kiss goodnight…

Kiss goodnight…

To prove his point, Dib kissed her gently on the forehead. She nuzzled in closer to him and breathed him in. She looked up into his amber eyes and tilted her head questioningly.

"You're sure you don't prefer this?" she asked, her figure turning to static before morphing into her human form.

"Hmmm, well, that's okay…" he reached up to her indigo hair where he knew her disguised antenna was and stroked them, making her shudder and change back to Irken form, "But this is perfect."

Dib ducked his head to place a soft kiss on her lips to which she eagerly returned. By the time they pulled away, Dib was already half asleep. She smiled to herself and gently took his glasses off again, placing them on the window ledge next to her instead of risking waking him by putting it on the table. She looked at her mate and sighed, nuzzling into him. She wondered to herself: How could something so right… pick something so wrong. But she tried to shake it away, he wouldn't be happy if he knew she was thinking like that again. Enjoy him, she told herself, enjoy him before he comes to his big-headed senses!